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Call Number Tracker: 15 Best Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps by Number [2024]

Call Number Tracker:- Yes, there are several reasons why someone would like to track a mobile device. For instance, tracking might assist with phone recovery in the event of theft or misplacement. Sometimes, parents may want to follow and keep an eye on their children, and you can occasionally get calls from unidentified numbers. Using tracking software has made it simple to track cell phones these days. Generally, you install a tracking program on the phone you want to monitor; but, with the advancement of technology, you may now track a cell phone quickly without doing so.

Finding a user-friendly, effective free phone number tracking website from the plethora of options available online can appear to be an insurmountable task. We’ve put up a list of the top free cell phone tracker applications to help you relax. Let’s get going and discover the ideal fit for you and your family.


What Are Cell Phone Location Tracker Apps?

Could you believe it? In addition to their reliable smartphone, almost 170 million Americans also possess a location-tracking gadget. But for the majority of people, our mobile devices serve as their primary tracking tool. Applications for tracking a mobile device’s exact position in real time are available on smartphones. These applications can determine your precise location by using Wi-Fi networks or GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies.

You may rapidly check whereabouts and access other information from their cellphones or linked devices thanks to an intuitive UI. After school, watch over your kids or oversee a fleet of work cars. There are many different demands that these apps can meet.

Call Number Tracker

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Our Top Picks for FREE Cell Phone Tracking Apps of 2024

  • For Phone Tracker by Number Apps: Number Tracker Pro
  • For All-In-One Monitoring: Family Orbit
  • For Family and Friend Locator Apps: GeoZilla
  • For Reverse Phone Lookup Apps: Whoscall
  • For Lost Phone Recovery: Google’s Find My Device

Types of Location Tracking Apps

Nobody desires to misplace a smartphone, much less a close companion. Applications for tracking phones aid in times of need or can stop theft. There is an app available for just about anything you want to monitor.

Following our evaluation of several dozen apps, we’ve divided them into five main categories:

  • Features for tracking that are pre-installed on cell phones are called built-in features. Nothing additional has to be installed or downloaded.
  • Family and Friend Locator Apps: These apps are great for monitoring family members or close friends, as opposed to aiding in the recovery of misplaced phones. Keep an eye on your children as they board the bus, or find out when your guests will arrive.
  • Phone Tracker by Number Apps: Have you ever needed to use only a person’s phone number to find a misplaced phone or locate it? These applications find a device’s location using unique linkages connected to IP addresses or phone numbers.
  • Apps for Reverse Phone Lookup: Identify unknown numbers with these useful applications and wave goodbye to mystery callers. They can even use the cell carrier to look up information or locate addresses connected to phone numbers.
  • Complete Monitoring Packages: If you need more than just simple location tracking, these are the apps you should use. They meet different tracking needs with features like location history, geofencing, and parental controls.
  • Which one suits you the best? That is dependent upon multiple factors. Let’s look at a few of the most downloaded apps to choose which one best suits your needs.

The Best Cell Phone Location Tracker Apps

Fifteen free apps in five categories. Everybody can find something they want on our list. Despite having all been evaluated for usefulness, usability, and quality, they are not in any specific order.

The best of the best is this. Although their interfaces and looks may vary slightly, all of them will provide you with the information you require.

Built-In or Pre-Installed Tracking Features

These days, we hardly even need to call them phones. There is so much more to smartphones than just making calls. These little computers are your reliable location-tracking companion.

Nearly all of them now have integrated location monitoring technology. With features like the ability to locate a misplaced phone among cushions on a couch or track its movements on a map throughout a hectic day, the device and its owner are never really out of reach.

Find My Device (Android)

Take the stress off of searching for your lost phone by using Google’s Find My Device app. It is built into Android devices and tracks a device’s exact location using GPS technology (provided that the device is signed into a Google account and that Location Permission has been granted). Once set up, you may use it to locate a device remotely, activate a ringer to find it, or even remove all data from any possible thieves.


  • GPS technology tracks the device’s current location in real time.
  • Device Management: Provides remote control capabilities to lock, wipe, and ring the device.
  • Remote Access: Needs Location Permission enabled and a Google account logged onto the target Android smartphone. Once configured, you can use a remote locating system to find the device.

Find My iPhone (iOS)

Call Number Tracker

The majority of Apple users have at least once needed to utilize the Find My app. They will all concur that it has saved lives. This official tracking tool makes sure your device stays safe and secure, regardless of whether you have an iPad, iPhone, or Macbook.

Find My is compatible with all devices running iOS and employs a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and cell tower signals to pinpoint the exact location of your device. With Find My Friends, you may even share your location with your loved ones.

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  • Cell phone tracking: Use the Find My Friends feature to track quickly and securely.
  • Integration: Easily accessed from the Find My iPhone app or the iCloud website, native to iOS devices.
  • Remote Management: When necessary, remotely wipe a device’s data, lock it, or display a message.

Samsung Find My Device

In the unfortunate event that your priceless smart device is lost or stolen, Samsung’s SmartThings Find seems like a blessing. It features all the bells and whistles to keep your Samsung device safe and sound, just like Google’s reliable Find My Device. Similar to other free applications, GPS allows you to know precisely where your Samsung phone is located. Samsung Find My Device protects your private information by remotely locking and deleting your device. Additionally, you can track your missing device quickly thanks to the smooth SmartThings Find connectivity.


  • GPS tracking: Retains precise track of a device’s location, even in offline mode.
  • Remote management: This technique protects personal data by remotely locking a device, displaying a notice, or wiping its contents.
  • Integration: Easily accessed via the Find My Mobile app or the Samsung account website, seamlessly integrated with Samsung devices.

Family and Friend Locator Apps

You’re having a blast downtown with the gang. Abruptly, the place is crowded to capacity. A friend loses track of her son, and panic ensues. He was here only a moment ago!

Thank goodness, you have one of these applications installed to find your family and friends. The heroes you did not realize were necessary.

With fast, real-time updates on everyone’s whereabouts, staying in touch is now easier than ever thanks to family and friend locators. After school, are you checking up on the kids? Observing your grandparents while they stroll around the community? You’re covered by these apps.


Call Number Tracker

Use Glympse to share your whereabouts in real time. Glympse has been revolutionizing communication since 2008 by enabling users to share location data with anybody they choose.

Seems overbearing? Glympse guarantees the safety and security of your location-sharing experience with minimum data retention and dedication to privacy. Share your position and an estimated time of arrival (ETA) with friends and family without jeopardizing your privacy when necessary.


  • Glympse Private Groups: Establish exclusive, private groups with family, friends, or colleagues to coordinate and share locations.
  • Glympse Tags: Use public tags to quickly browse and share locations on a single map with several friends.
  • Glympse Premium Tags: Perfect for events and community gatherings, premium tags allow you to personalize and brand your location-sharing experience.


Feeling a bit left behind? That is the Life360 route. You can store and share all of your favourite locations with this family locator software, which also offers real-time locations, journey maps, and ample cloud storage. You may keep tabs on the whereabouts of your dear ones and have real-time conversations with them.

But there’s still more! Concerned about the adolescent driver to whom you recently rented the car? Life360 is capable of both crash detection and driving skill analysis. Select between free and premium programs to get all the benefits you require.


  • Location tracking: With a thorough location history, you may go back and discover your most used routes.
  • Get alerts about potential data breaches and assure your protection and privacy by finding out if any information about you or your family is on the dark web.
  • Driver Safety Monitoring: Keep an eye on your family’s driving practices and get notifications for things like speeding and inattentive driving.
  • Life360 + Tile Integration: To view everyone and everything on your Life360 map, connect your Life360 and Tile accounts.
Call Number Tracker

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To Sum Up

For example, you may simply find your loved ones or shield your kids from cyberbullying with the finest phone tracker applications listed above. These effective tools can quickly assist you in ensuring your children’s safety is above and beyond what is required of them or in determining whether your staff members are fulfilling their job duties.

The free cell phone tracking apps listed above are all capable of effectively tracing a phone by its number. As a result, it will be simple for you to find out where your friends, family, and coworkers are. A few of them will also divulge the owner’s basic information. The Family Orbit app is the greatest option if you’re looking for more precise information. Family Orbit will not only assist you in finding a phone, but it will also keep an eye on and manage all of the user’s phone activity. For this reason, you should try this incredible software if you’re a parent.


Q. Is It Possible to Track Someone’s Phone Without Their Consent?
Even though installing a GPS tracker on your own smartphone is lawful, you might want to disclose this to your child or employee in order to prevent future problems.

Q. When tracking a phone’s location, what should I think about first?
Ans-It is important to utilize all GPS location-sharing applications and software carefully, and if you want to install an app or other special software on someone else’s phone that will track their position and activities, you should ideally first acquire their consent.


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