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Find Location of Phone Number

Find Location of Phone Number, Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number Easily, Best Apps to Track Someone’s Location With Phone Number

Find Location of Phone Number:- Because there are always unforeseen risks and dangerous threats in our world, you could need to track the position of your lost or stolen phone or want to know what your child is doing with their smartphone and where they are. With today’s advanced technology, you may quickly find out a mobile number’s current position by using internet phone location tracker tools and applications, in addition to being able to monitor an unknown number when it regularly calls you.

As a result, this post will provide you with all the details you need to locate a cellphone number precisely on a map, including links to the best websites and third-party apps. Furthermore, you may obtain further information on the phone numbers for free in addition to the location by utilizing these websites and apps. You can use this service frequently to determine the legitimacy of the individuals in your phone contact list because it is free of charge. It will also prevent you from falling for pranks or tricks from others. However, if the phone number you need to track down was misplaced on your device, you will first need to use this Android Phone Data Recovery program to recover the deleted or misplaced phone number.


Find Someone’s Location With Phone Number

We’ll examine a couple of these tools that have made it simple to track someone’s phone in this article. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to use these kinds of tools. We will take you through a step-by-step tutorial to show you how easy it is to install and utilize these apps.

Find Location of Phone Number

Expert Advice:

  • Please be aware that spyware is the category that includes programs that let you track a location based on a phone number. So, before using an app, make sure you do your homework to validate it.
  • Select equipment that is simple to assemble and operate.
  • Turn off specific security features on the phone you want to install to simplify the process.
  • Seek for sophisticated features that provide real-time location warnings, such as Geo-Fencing.
  • To ensure that you have no issues installing these kinds of apps, we think it would be ideal if you turned off Play Protect in the Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Select apps that fit into your spending limit.

The Greatest Apps for Phone Number-Based Location Tracking

Here’s a list of some well-liked applications for finding someone’s location by phone:

  • mSpy
  • Phonsee
  • Spynger
  • eyeZy
  • Cocospy
  • uMobix
  • Mobilespy
  • Minspy

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How Does Tracking Phone Number Location Work?

Few people are aware of GPS’s amazing feature, which is that it functions even when the phone is not connected to the network. These days, every handset and mobile phone has a GPS capability that allows the user to locate the device. The phone location tracker websites and apps listed below essentially use GPS to track the locations of the phone numbers they reference. They get the GPS coordinates and provide the phone number’s location. Hence, regardless of whether the gadget is online or offline, you may trace any number.

Text messages and WhatsApp messages allow for GPS tracking as well. When using them, you can let anyone know where you are. In terms of security, it is quite helpful. You can easily track your child’s mobile phone location if you want to know where they are going or if they are safe. These location trackers offer a plethora of additional features. You can use the options below to enjoy free limitless tracking.

6 Location Tracking Website to Find Location of Phone Number

Free Phone Tracer

You may use this website to trace the location of a mobile number online for free. You must first register to utilize this online tool. Its user-friendly interface features a search box where you can type in a phone number and, by hitting “Find Now!”, locate the number’s location. After that, you will receive details on the gadget using the number you have been looking for.

This monitoring website makes it simple to track landline lines in addition to mobile phone numbers. Because McAfee Security powers the website, using and browsing it is safe.

GPS Cell Phone Locator

Further, free phone number tracing is another feature of GPS cell phone locators. It is freely accessible to you. Enter the phone number you wish to trace along with the country code, then click “Find Phone Now” to get the results. This program is user-friendly and allows you to track down any phone.

The user interface of this website is simple to use. It’s a free website, but since it doesn’t have any phishing or deceptive links, you can use it to track the exact location of any smartphone. It also functions with Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry.

Online GPS Phone Tracker

Here’s another website that offers a free internet phone number tracker. Online GPS Phone Tracker is a website that tracks phone locations and can allow you access to the owner’s name, phone position, and other pertinent details.

You only need to enter the mobile phone number you want to trace, select the desired country and SIM operator name (if applicable), and then click “Search Now” thanks to its clear and simple interface. The website will then begin scanning and displaying the data for you. Additionally, landline numbers can be located with the Online GPS Phone Tracker.

Free Cell Phone Lookups

This website, Free Cell Phone Lookups, is an excellent resource if you want to track the phone number of someone you don’t know. You only need to enter the phone number to locate the owner of the phone’s current position; the tool will then pinpoint their precise location. You will receive a comprehensive report on that phone number’s location, particularly when you sign up as a member of this website.

Buddy Locator

This mobile location tracker by number, one of the few authorized GPS finder online services, is compatible with nearly all smartphones and operates in many different countries. It makes it simple to locate a phone by phone number right now. To track a phone’s position, you don’t need to create an account; all you have to do is enter the phone number and select the nation the device is in to find its precise location.


Even if you don’t physically own the phone in issue and you received an anonymous call, you can still use a reverse phone lookup service to find the actual location of the phone number. One of these services to follow an unknown caller is Whitepages.

Find Location of Phone Number

You can get the house address connected to the phone number by utilizing Whitepages. All you have to do is type the phone number into the input field on the website, and it will display the outcome. But because it can’t track location in real-time, it’s not a live mobile location tracker on the internet. Furthermore, you will only be able to determine the broad area from whence the phone originated while attempting to determine the owner’s precise address because this site limits location information sharing.

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5 Third-Party Apps to Find Location of Phone Number


You may find the location and other details associated with any phone number by utilizing this well-known mobile location tracker program, which is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. You can use it, for instance, to find out the owner of a phone number, locate your present location by phone number, and even block numbers that you find offensive or spammy. In summary, if you want to block unsolicited or malicious calls, Truecaller might be your best option.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

A popular mobile location tracker app for iOS and Android users, Mobile Number Tracker Pro allows you to find the current position of your device by phone number. Please be aware that tracing phone numbers necessitates a strong internet connection.

This program can assist you in tracing a phone number by searching its database of over 200 countries, as well as by checking the number for ISD and STD codes. Additionally, it will notify you when the tracking is finished while operating in the background.

Mobile Number Locator

This is an excellent and free smartphone location-tracking app. For your Android device, you may download it from the Google Play Store. This software is far better than others at providing the tracking information of any phone number for free because of its sophisticated features and easy-to-use interface.

Find Location of Phone Number

When an unknown call comes in, you can use this software to identify the caller’s cell number and get their details. Additionally, you may look up any number to find the owner’s information and whereabouts. This website also allows you to look up international landline and mobile phone codes. With the help of this program, you can locate a mobile number precisely on a map. The tracking result includes a 3D Google Map that shows the actual location of the phone and makes it simple to navigate the area. The greatest feature of this app is that it can be used without an internet connection on your device.

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GPS Phone Tracker

You can track a phone number you know with apps like GPS Phone Tracker. Even without an internet connection, this GPS phone tracker is excellent for tracking mobile phones and providing real-time data.

The app will tell you the phone’s exact location at all times when you install it. In the unlikely event that the phone disappears, you can use the connected device to locate its last location. Alternatively, if the phone was stolen, you can ask police enforcement to retrieve your phone by providing them with its position. Therefore, GPS phone trackers are a great way to track your spouse and locate a lost or stolen phone. But the app isn’t covert, and won’t help you a cell phone location anonymously.

This mobile number locator program offers helpful features like location sharing, movement tracking, and emergency support in addition to phone location searching.


With the help of the parental control and security app Spyzie, you may follow your child’s mobile location without resorting to hacking. This dependable mobile location tracker program lets you monitor phone data, such as contact lists, instant messaging, and internet usage, in addition to tracking phone location from another distant device via GPS access. It also locks the phone remotely.

FAQs On Find Location of Phone Number

Q.) Is it possible for me to locate a phone number for free?

Ans. With the Google app Find My Device, you can locate a phone for free. The majority of Google-powered tracker apps are intended to help find misplaced phones, but they can also pinpoint a location with extreme precision. Once the target Android device has enabled its Location permission and logged into a Google account, it will function.

Q.) Is it possible for someone to find me using my phone number?

Ans. Regretfully, the answer is indeed. Anyone with your phone number can stalk you and track down your exact whereabouts, from finding your actual location to discovering personal details. It’s also quite difficult to know if you have your phone traced or monitored.

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