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IMEI Number Tracking Location Online India

IMEI Number Tracking Location Online India: How to Track Phone Using IMEI Online?

IMEI Number Tracking Location Online India: All parents want to give their children a good start in life and to keep them safe. You can use IMEI number tracking to follow your children via their phones. Using the IMEI, you can track your phone online. Alternatively, you can use a location tracking app by IMEI number.

We will discuss an app that can be helpful for tracking a phone in addition to explaining IMEI online phone tracking. We will first discuss the necessity of tracking your phone online for free using its IMEI.


What is IMEI?

An attached sticker behind the battery contains the phone’s IMEI number. Get this IMEI number down on paper as quickly as possible, because you could need it if your phone gets lost or stolen. If you do not write down this IMEI number as soon as possible, you will not have one to enter in the IMEI Online Website Tracker. For International Mobile Equipment Identity, use the acronym IMEI.

Each phone has an IMEI number that is unique to it and cannot be changed, but the SIM card may. Whereas the SIM number of the subscriber account identifies the subscriber account, the IMEI of the device does. The maker of each phone gives each gadget a unique code, or IMEI code.

IMEI Number Tracking Location Online India

How do I find the IMEI number?

Keep in mind that every smartphone is distinct from the others due to the fact that no two devices will have the same IMEI number. Let’s examine each method for locating the IMEI number. We have discussed that the IMEI number can be found on a sticker situated behind the battery. The common method to obtain the IMEI number is to launch the phone dialer app and dial the following if the number is hazy or has some scratches on it:


and the figure will show up on the screen. Opening the phone’s “about” section is an additional technique.

For Android:

To access Status, go to Settings > About Phone. On the report, the IMEI number is mentioned.

For iOS:

Navigating to Settings > About > Phone > Status on your iPhone or iPad will reveal the IMEI number on the report.

The IMEI number, however, is located in the box the phone came in, if you misplaced it. Look for the product data sticker, which usually has the model and serial number pasted on it.

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Types of Online IMEI Tracking

IMEI trackers come in two different varieties. IMEI-based mobile tracking apps and websites for online tracking. It is now possible to track any IMEI online without the use of a third-party service provider.

IMEI Number Tracking Location Online India

How do I track a phone using IMEI online?

1. Track Phones with IMEI Tracker Online

To start, search for “track phone using IMEI online” on Google to locate a suitable service. Technology is available to you for social services and parental control. But if you use this service excessively, exercise caution. The owner of the phone might find it too intrusive.

Using an online IMEI tracker is simple. But can your lost phone be located using the online IMEI tracker? You must fill out the relevant online form with a valid IMEI number. You then enter the country in which the cell phone was first registered.

IMEI Number Tracking Location Online India

Then, you should anticipate receiving an accurate status update on the phone from the IMEI tracker. That is, you can determine if it has been stolen or lost right away. We have attempted a number of IMEI tracking websites, but after completing certain surveys, they never display any results or updates.

2. Track Phones with Online IMEI Tracking App

In certain situations, mobile apps might not be as appropriate as online platforms. Installing a mobile tracking app on your device is the first step to using it. You can try Numeotis’ “Find My Phone—IMEI Tracker” if you don’t mind installing apps.

Review of “Find my Phone: IMEI Tracker”

The website is overrun with advertisements, and users have left the app with very unfavourable evaluations. Numerous users expressed dissatisfaction over the app’s complete malfunction. Nonetheless, some users left a few complimentary remarks.

A user claims that the app is “completely fraudulent. only drawing attention to getting more downloads. It’s not even functional. The data loading animation takes only three seconds, after which the message “sorry, couldn’t find” appears. Someone else commented, “App doesn’t work; developer, please resolve the issues if you genuinely want to help others find the lost phones.”

Steps to Use “Find my Phone: IMEI Tracker”

The simple-to-use interface of the free app asks for the IMEI or phone number of the device you’re looking for. The Find button to continue your search is located next to the text field where you can enter these details.

Users will be able to find their mobile device’s precise location if the search is successful. On the other hand, if the search is unsuccessful, users will be notified via the “Sorry, nothing found” prompt. They’re also redirected to the website so they can register.

The page explains how to find one’s phone using the phone number and IMEI, but it looks similar to the app’s interface. Users can also add phone information to their database, such as the IMEI, phone number, email address, and comment. These particulars will be used to contact the user if the phone is found.

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3. Track Phone with IMEI Tracker Online for Lost Mobile

The Telematics Center of the Government of India launched the comprehensive Central Equipment Identity Registration (CEIR) system. Every mobile provider has its own central database where all of the IMEI numbers are kept.

Customers can get free online IMEI tracking support from CEIR when they report a lost or stolen mobile device. Additionally, it can track and blacklist the device using its IMEI number, protecting it and deterring illegal use.

Here are the steps:

1: Go to the “Block Stolen/Lost Mobile” option on the official CEIR website.

2: Enter details about the occurrence and the gadget, such as the location and time of the loss, the brand, model, and 15-digit IMEI number.

3: Enter your details and click “Submit” to get a special Request ID number.

4: Go to the ‘Check Request Status’ page on the CEIR website and enter the Request ID to see the status of your request.

You can directly monitor the status of your request on the CEIR portal. If the IMEI number is removed and your request to block it is accepted, your phone will stop working on any network. However, you can unlock your device’s IMEI number using the same method if you find it later.

IMEI Number Tracking Location Online India: Conclusion

Online IMEI phone monitoring is still a simple way to find your misplaced phone.Although they require setup, apps are also beneficial.

But the correct parental control software may really make a difference when it comes to tracking your child’s Android phone. It’s a fact that you adore your children. It helps a lot to know where they are at all times of the day. Knowing they are secure is a pleasant feeling.

There are more functions in the AirDroid Parental Control App, as we’ve said. Thus, have a look at the features of the AirDroid Parental Control App to see how it may help your family and kids track their phones more effectively. It’s also worthwhile to try AirDroid Parental Control’s online version. In order to make sure your children are safe everywhere they go, it also provides effective tracking.

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IMEI Number Tracking Location Online India: FAQs

Q.) Can I use an IMEI number to track a phone?

Ans: Although an IMEI number cannot trace a phone by itself, service providers and law enforcement agencies may use it in conjunction with the manufacturer to assist in tracking down misplaced or stolen devices.

Q.) IMEI Tracker: Is It Real?

Ans: There are lots of IMEI tracking websites available online, but use caution as some of them might not function properly or find a phone as advertised. Some could charge for providing a precise location.

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