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Best Mobile Number Tracker App

Best Mobile Number Tracker App: 5 BEST Phone Tracker App without Permission (2024)

Best Mobile Number Tracker App: By secretly turning on the GPS tracking system, phone tracker apps enable you to pinpoint the precise location of the targeted device. When your child crosses the boundary you’ve set geographically, you can receive an alert via geofencing.

After studying over 50 tools, we have carefully chosen 8 phone trackers based on features like location tracking capabilities, ease of installation, and a free trial period.


Best Mobile Number Tracker App: The Phone Tracker App without Permission

NameKey FeaturesCompatibilityLive DemoFree Trial/Refund Policy
mSpyDetailed Route HistoryAndroid, iPhone, and iPadYes14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
InteliusIt works on all phone typesAndroid, iOS, and WindowsYes5-Days Free Trial
SpokeoFast in processing search queriesAndroid, Windows and iOSYesBasic Search Results: Free
EyezyGet location alert when they arrive or leaveAndroid, iOS, and iPadsYes14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
uMobixPrecise Location TrackingAndroid and iOSYes14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
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Best Mobile Number Tracker App

1. mSpy (The best phone tracking app overall)

Best Mobile Number Tracker App: One of the greatest cell phone tracker apps is mSpy, which provides round-the-clock, multilingual customer support along with over 20 useful and eye-catching features. It can be used to spy on a number of social media sites, including Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. Because it operates in stealth mode, you can send, receive, and delete messages in real time without being noticed.


  • You will have immediate access to your routes and current GPS position.
  • All incoming and outgoing calls are displayed, along with their durations and timestamps.
  • It monitors routes taken by travellers.
  • There is a background mode for the app.
  • You can record the phone’s screen with mSpy.
  • It assists you in keeping an eye on a variety of online activities in real time.
  • provides tech support and doesn’t require the target phone to be jailbroken or rooted in order to function.
  • Provide brief location updates within a predetermined window of time.


  • tracking of text messages that have been deleted.
  • offers the ability to monitor instant messengers.
  • provides simple WiFi tracking.
  • A jailbreak is not necessary.


  • If the target device is erased, you may lose the data you have stored in mSpy.
  • Only one smartphone can be used at a time with a mSpy licence.

Key Specs

  • GPS Location Tracker: Yes
  • Live Screen Recording: Yes
  • Pricing: Plan starting at $11.66 a month when booked for a Year
  • Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

2. Intelius

With Intelius, a phone monitoring app, you can easily and remotely monitor your kids’ activities. When your child enters or leaves a designated area, you can set up a geofence and get alerts. Using Google Maps, you can easily and visually track the location of a targeted device with this tool.


  • Files on your phone are easily accessible from anywhere at any time.
  • Real-time data syncing is possible via Wi-Fi or 3G, 4G, and 5G networks.
  • oversight of corporate secrecy and security
  • You can record phone calls on your child’s phone.
  • Support a variety of languages.
    It facilitates remote screenshot capture.
  • Anyone using it can provide you with their passwords and data.


  • It is possible to research possible partnerships.
  • provides address lookup and reverse phone lookup features.
  • Maintaining your current contact list is beneficial.
  • Both criminal and public records are searchable.


  • On its website, the prices are nowhere to be found.
  • fails to provide a correct address and name.

Key Specs

  • GPS Location Tracker: Yes Live Screen Recording: Yes Pricing: The plan starts at $0.95 per month. Free Trial: 5-Days Free Trial

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Best Mobile Number Tracker App

3) Spokeo( Best for Providing Detailed information on caller ID)

With the help of Spokeo, a feature-rich platform, users can locate individuals by using their names and phone numbers. The fact that Spokeo reports a person’s wealth profile and unearths personal information like their birthdate and marriage anniversary is one of its distinctive features.


  • Spokeo offers a free, quick search for reverse cell phone lookups.
  • It generates precise data in a matter of seconds.
  • A business management suite for enterprises
  • notifies subscribers of any changes to the data
  • Its people search capabilities guarantee that you can easily avoid scams by promptly identifying email and phone senders.


  • Spokeo processes search queries quickly.
  • It offers comprehensive details about an unidentified number.
  • With a paid membership, unlimited search


  • Available only in the United States

Key Specs

  • GPS Location Tracker: Yes
  • Live Screen Recording: No
  • Pricing: Plans start at $0.95 for 7-days
  • Free Trial: Basic Search Results are Free

4) Eyezy (the best budget-friendly Phone Tracking app)

One of the greatest phone monitoring apps for parental control is Eyezy. You can view images, videos, and apps without the targeted phone user noticing you. You can view the events in their phone’s calendar, along with their name, location, and time, by using this app. It provides a clear dashboard with an attractive feature arrangement that displays all of the important details about the intended phone.


  • It facilitates keeping track of erased text messages.
  • offers a geofencing feature.
  • They can visit websites that you can see and manage.
  • It lets you view the browsing history of the target continuously.
  • enables WiFi monitoring for you


  • Doesn’t require jailbreaking Crucial Performance Measures
  • It facilitates keeping track of erased text messages.
  • To maintain parental control on the phone, it makes use of the newest technology.


  • For numerous devices, it becomes costly.

Key Specs

  • GPS Location Tracker: Yes
  • Live Screen Recording: Yes
  • Pricing: $9.99 a month if booked for 12 months
  • Refund Policy: 14-days Money-Back Guarantee

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5) uMobix (Best Location Tracking)

Without authorization, it is among the best phone tracker apps that can quickly access messages on the target device. uMobix makes it easier to track targeted phone activities in real time by updating its dashboard data every five minutes.


  • Give users access to a live call tracking feature.
  • Along with the user’s history of visited locations, you will be able to determine their precise location in real time.
  • It’s beneficial for you to watch your kids when on family vacations.
  • Five minutes to connect the intended device
  • You can use it to locate stolen or lost phones.


  • You will receive contact details and timestamps.
  • gives access to a specific device’s picture gallery.
  • Provides a Live App Demo
  • Simple installation procedure with only a few clicks
  • It aids in the detection of additional spy apps installed on the intended target.


  • The basic version has fewer features than the other.
  • For various devices, a different subscription is required

Key Specs

  • GPS Location Tracker: Yes, Live Screen
  • Recording: No
  • Pricing: The plan starts at $12.49 per month for the annual payment.
  • Refund Policy: 14-Days money-back Guarantee

Best Mobile Number Tracker App: FAQs

Q.) Which phone tracker apps are the best?

Ans: The top phone tracker apps are as follows:

  1. mSpy
  2. Intelius
  3. Spokeo
  4. Eyezy
  5. uMobix

Q.) How does the app for phone tracking operate?

Ans: 1: Visit the spy website and click the “Try Now” button.

2: Create an account.

3: Decide which phone tracker gadget to use.

4: Choose a subscription plan for a mobile tracker.

5: Log into the newly created account.

6: Install the mSpy app by following the setup instructions.

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