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Phone Number Tracker Location

Phone Number Tracker Location: The best phone number tracker apps with location data

Phone Number Tracker Location:- Regardless of the platform, anonymity offers a certain level of security while also granting you a certain amount of flexibility. However, the only feelings that are associated with getting anonymous phone calls on your mobile device are worry and curiosity. Phone number tracker applications are necessary since there are many reasons to wish to know the whereabouts of a specific number you’re getting calls or messages from. You can even establish virtual phone numbers.

Finding the approximate position of a phone number doesn’t require you to be James Bond, even though precise location monitoring is only available to federal authorities and network operators. First of all, each international call has a unique Country Code that makes it simple to determine the caller’s location. In addition, there are a tonne of apps available in the Google Play Store (APK) that let you simply triangulate the caller’s geographical position in addition to assisting with phone number tracing.

Phone Number Tracker Location

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How do you track phone number location?

The most often used methods for tracking a phone number and location are IMEI and GPS. Numerous applications, like “Locate Any Phone” and “GPS Phone Tracker,” offer excellent tracking capabilities and yield real-time data. Furthermore, these monitoring apps are still capable of deducing a phone’s location smartly even in the absence of an internet connection. All you need to locate a location is its GPS coordinates, which these applications can track in a matter of seconds.

Another method of tracking is to send a message using various messaging apps, including WhatsApp. You may be wondering how a text message can be used to track a mobile and its location. It is feasible, yes. How? You may check if the recipient of a text message you send using WhatsApp has received it or not. In addition, is it known if the recipient has perused the text message? Thus, even while the communication is being read or received on the other end, your apps can still follow that information. This is how tracking apps can monitor the location of devices.

How to find the location of origin of a phone number

These fantastic Android apps can assist you with this, though.

1. TruthFinder Background Check & People Search

TruthFinder is the most complete background check software available, which contributes to its stellar reviews and ranking at the top of the list. You begin by registering for the service, after which you can search for someone by name, phone number, email address, or location to obtain personal information about them.

You can find surprisingly much information about a person, even with the free version of the TruthFinder app. This information includes the person’s given name, location, email address, and even their related contacts and potential relatives. The app even goes so far as to identify potential registered sex offenders in your neighbourhood, so you can be safe at all times. With the premium subscription activated, you may use a person’s name to learn about their social media accounts, wealth, credentials, and much more!

Phone Number Tracker Location

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2. Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer

Truecaller, arguably one of the most well-known phone number monitoring apps available on the Google Play Store, has been assisting users in identifying unfamiliar calls and avoiding scammers and spammers for years. This program functions similarly to a Caller ID on steroids, building a user database and assisting in the process of connecting the dots among all users to retrieve caller information such as name and location.

Truecaller is a phone and SMS program that you may choose as your default, and it will automatically block and reject incoming calls and messages. You may use the Truecaller Search tool to look up a number, get the name connected to it, as well as their geographical location, including the country and state they’re in and related information like their email address. You can also utilize the Block option right away.

3. Reverse Lookup – Caller ID and Block

Reverse Lookup stays true to its core functions, while the other two predecessors on our list provide a plethora of capabilities beyond caller and location monitoring. Even if you can look up a number straight from your recent calls or enter it manually using the Manual Entry option, the app’s streamlined UI makes it more approachable. To find out the caller’s identity and location, just copy and paste the number into the search box and press the Search button.

You have several options now, including Dialling the number, Saving Contact, Sending Future Calls To Voicemail, and even using the Expanded Search Options to look at the phone number in more detail. You can even post questions or share your experience with the caller on the Discussions tab, where you’ll typically get comments from other users when talking about a common spammer.

4. Showcaller – Caller ID, Call Blocker & Tracker

The majority of call tracking apps available also tend to take over call records and messages since caller ID and preventing spam callers are components of the communication category as a whole. One such software is Showcaller, which not only alerts you to spam calls so you don’t even have to answer them but also provides you with an improved way to find out who is calling you from a phone number you may not have recorded in your contacts.

With their extensive network of over 4 billion contacts, you may search for specific information about a contact by name or phone number using the dedicated Search area of this caller ID software. You can select Save the contact, Block and Report it, and even locate the number directly from the contact interface. To further assist other users in avoiding possible spammers, Showcaller even provides you with a whole Comments area.

Phone Number Tracker Location

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5. Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

Comparable to the Truecaller software, which keeps a user directory to assist in locating numbers and identifying spam callers, Whoscall also has an integrated SMS and Phone app that can replace the default apps to improve your ability to handle unfamiliar callers. When we compared it to the others, we did find that Whoscall was very effective at locating business or professional contact numbers, but not so good at identifying personal contacts. Not only can this call tracking tool make it simple for you to identify who is calling, but it can also provide you with the caller’s location, public store opening and closing times, and even community-based reports for the listing.


Which of these phone number tracker applications is your favourite for quickly obtaining a contact’s location information, or do you have a better one in mind? Please let us know about it in the comments section below, and we’ll make sure to give it a try.


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