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Trace Mobile Location By IMEI Number Online In India

Trace Mobile Location By IMEI Number Online In India: Track Your Lost Mobile Phone by IMEI Number?

Trace Mobile Location By IMEI Number Online In India:- Have you ever wondered what your phone’s IMEI number is? To put it plainly, it’s a tool to aid in the recovery of your phone if you misplace it. Losing your cell phone is like losing a vital aspect of your existence. You suffer a huge loss in addition to losing your pricey smartphone and all of your crucial data and pictures. Fortunately, there are methods for finding your misplaced phone, such as tracing its IMEI number. For those who don’t know, each phone has an IMEI, which is a unique identification number. Every device you use, regardless of operating system, has an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

Even if you turn off your SIM card, mobile network, and phone location, this number won’t change. Furthermore, the IMEI number will not change even if someone were to factory reset your phone. This 15-digit number is quite helpful in tracking down your misplaced phone. Here’s how to find your misplaced phone using IMEI number tracking.

You can refer to this page for guidance if your phone is stolen or misplaced and you don’t know what to do. How to Handle a Stolen Phone: 8 Easy Steps to Get You Help


What Is IMEI Number?

Your phone’s IMEI number functions similarly to an identity certificate. But it may also be incredibly helpful for tracking down a misplaced phone. To extend their services and uniquely identify a mobile phone on the network, network operators employ the IMEI Tracker

Trace Mobile Location By IMEI Number Online In India

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Where Can You Find The IMEI Number?

The back of the smartphone, either on the back panel or under the battery, is where you may find the IMEI number. Additionally, the device’s box and invoice both have the device’s number.

IMEI Number Tracking In Progress:

The goal of the phone tracking project, which has been under development for some time, is to lessen theft and the sale of fake mobile phones. Expecting a good result, the Indian government has committed around Rs. 15 crore to this project. Here’s how to locate your misplaced or stolen phone using the IMEI number tracker:

How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Phone Using IMEI Number – IMEI Number Tracking Via IMEI Tracker

  • Step 1: Before monitoring an IMEI number, you must report a lost or stolen phone to the authorities and retain a copy of the report.
  • Step 2: Next, get in touch with your service provider to get a second SIM card. You will receive an OTP on this number when you ask to have the IMEI number blocked. This will make it completely worthless for the person who finds it maliciously and prevent you from tracking your missing phone.
Trace Mobile Location By IMEI Number Online In India
  • Step 3: To block the IMEI and attach the necessary paperwork, go to this page. A copy of the police report, identification, the purchase invoice, and other information are required.
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  • Step 4: The number will provide you with an OTP. Before the phone disappears, this should be the same number that is active on it.
  • Step 5: After receiving a request ID, you can check the status of the requestor and unblock the IMEI if needed later.

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IMEI Tracker – What Next?

The network provider will disclose the phone’s IMEI number when you report a lost or stolen cell phone. Despite removing or replacing the SIM card, the device will remain unusable on any network due to its inclusion in the central database’s blacklist and subsequent device bans by other operators. The Department of Telecom’s new project has a lot of potential and should benefit a lot of users.

Note: In theory, it is not possible to track a misplaced device using your existing phone. Nonetheless, you can get in touch with the network provider to add the phone to the alert list. This is the method by which the phone within a certain network may be recognized. You can accomplish this by utilizing the previously mentioned procedure to add the phone IMEI to the blacklist and filing an FIR. Every step aids in the efficient tracking of the IMEI number.

This is also how you ensure that you are reachable by network operators and law enforcement when they locate the device.

Checking The Status Of Complaints On The CEIR Portal!

After submitting a blocking request, people can easily follow these steps to verify the progress of their complaint on the CEIR portal:

  • Step 1: Following the submission of your request for blocking and reporting a lost or stolen phone. Click the “check request status” button on the CEIR website’s home page.
  • Step 2: After clicking the “Check Request Status” button on the front page of the CEIR website, a new page will open and ask you to input the special request ID that you gave when you filed the locking request.
  • Step 3: After pressing the submit button, you can see the status of your complaint. One of three options will appear: Pending, Processed, or Rejected. If your request is granted, you will get more details, including the day and the operator who restricted your smartphone, the block’s duration, and other details.

Find My Device

For those who wish to track or locate their stolen or misplaced smartphones, Google’s “Find My Device” feature is a very useful resource. If you have enabled the “Find My Device” feature on your phone and linked your Google account to it, you can easily find your phone by tracking its most recent locations. Remember that this is only functional when the smartphone’s internet connection is active. Remarkably, my smartphone can also be located using its IMEI.

All you have to do is visit the “Find My Device” webpage to track your smartphone. Subsequently, a list of devices connected to your Google account appears. After selecting the device to track, you can see its location highlighted on a map on the side panel by clicking on its name. Additionally, there are three options available to you: either secure the device, play a sound on it, or wipe its data.

What Are The Benefits of IMEI Number Tracking?

Trace Mobile Location By IMEI Number Online In India

1. IMEI Number Cannot Change

The IMEI number is unchangeable, which is particularly helpful in tracking down misplaced cell phones. Not even the robbers who took your cell phone can alter that number. A person can disable their location or SIM card, but they cannot replace their IMEI number. It is comparable to the unique device’s identification. It is crucial to save the phone’s IMEI number as a result. This makes tracking an IMEI number simple.

2. You Can Block The IMEI Number

By blocking the IMEI number, the device’s hostage taker will be unable to utilize it. There won’t be any phone functionality. Your device is virtually worthless even if the criminal manages to take it hostage, and he won’t be able to access the IMEI number either. However, you will require police assistance to block the IMEI number tracker.

We have some great apps, like Find My iPhone and Find My Phone on Android, but they are useless if there is no internet connection on the phone. Without an active internet connection, none of the phone’s apps, first or third, function. When having your IMEI number tracked, you must be aware of this information.

Trace Mobile Location By IMEI Number Online In India

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To Sum It Up

You may locate your phone with amazing assistance by using IMEI number tracking. But first, you need to be aware of your IMEI number. It is essential to report the loss to both the police and your cell service provider as this initiates the process of getting your device back. You can make sure your service is suspended in the interim by following these procedures. Keep in mind that law enforcement and mobile carriers must work together.

An effective weapon in the fight against cell phone theft and loss is the IMEI tracker feature. Recall that it is more than simply a phone—it is a storehouse of your data, professional history, and memories. Thus, if it disappears, protect it and make use of all the resources at your disposal to guarantee its safe return.


Q.  What is tracing an IMEI number?
Mobile phone IMEI number tracking facilitates tracking and unique phone identification. By blocking the IMEI and rendering the phone unusable, it helps locate misplaced or stolen phones.

Q. How can I use my phone’s IMEI number to track it?
To trace an IMEI number, you must report it to the authorities, get a replica SIM card from your service provider, and then go to the CEIR portal to block the IMEI with the required paperwork. Your phone will then be located by law enforcement and operators to assist you in “finding my device with IMEI.”

Q. For missing phones, what are the advantages of IMEI number tracking?
Benefits include a fixed IMEI, IMEI blocking capabilities, and countrywide tracking provided by CEIR. For recovery, it’s especially important if the phone doesn’t have an internet connection.


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