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How would I add my different gadgets to my telephone so I can follow them?

Track Number Location should be introduced on every gadget you might want to follow. First download the application on your different telephones and the tablets and ensure that you have made records for every single one of them (approved the email addresses, and so forth.) At this point you can begin adding them to your telephone to follow.

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There are 2 different ways to follow a gadget:

Track somebody from your telephone:

To set this up, include them in the rundown the “Find Others” tab. At the point when you are including them, try to utilize a similar email address that they used to enroll their record with Track Number Location (the one they have on the “Settings” tab). When you hit spare, the other telephone will get a Family Tracker warning (in the notice bar). Snap on it. That will give you a message with two catches: “Acknowledge” and “Deny”. Hit “Acknowledge”. Now you would now be able to follow that telephone from your telephone. You will see that the orange question mark close to their name will go to a green check blemish on your telephone.

Track somebody by means of the web:

Introduce the Family Tracker application just on the telephone you need to track and afterward utilize our site to follow it and send free messages. To do this, your email address should be included under the “Find Me” tab of the Family Tracker application on the telephone you need to follow. At that point you will consequently get an email with guidelines how to follow the telephone by means of the web.

Do I need to buy and introduce the application on each telephone I need to follow?

The appplication should be introduced on each telephone you might want to follow. In any case, you don’t need to buy it for the entirety of the telephones given that you are introducing it on gadgets having a place with your family memebers. With one buy for each stage (Android or iOS) you can introduce it on all family gadgets:

  • Guidelines to set up a family bunch for Android
  • Guidance to set up family sharing on iOS
I processing plant reset my telephone (or I purchased another telephone). Do I need to purchase your application once more?

No. When you have bought the application you can introduce and uninstall it the same number of times as you need. On the off chance that you reset your telephone or purchase another gadget, as long as you utilize a similar Google Checkout Account (Google email) to set the telephone up once more, you can download all applications you had bought before for nothing, including Family Tracker.

On the off chance that you set up your telephone with a similar record once more, simply discover the Family Tracker application on the Play Store again and it will say “Bought” at the upper right of the screen. Snap on that catch and it will download to your telephone.

You can have more than one Google account on a similar gadget. In the event that your old record that you used to buy the application with is not, at this point your essential record, you can at present add it to the gadget. If it’s not too much trouble adhere to these directions. When done you will have the option to download and introduce the application again from the Google Play store without paying.

In the event that out of the blue you no longer approach the Gmail account you initially used to buy the application with, at that point buy it once more, and let us know. We will drop the old buy and issue you a full discount. That way you won’t need to pay twice and you will even now be getting all the application refreshes.

The followed gadget doesn’t dependably report its area at the customary stretches set. What’s up?

Ensure that the “Auto report area” checkbox is chosen in the settings screen of the Family Tracker application.

In the event that the followed gadget is running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or more, the Family Tracker application ought to be avoided from the battery streamlining on the telephone. To do that you have to add the application to the battery “Not improved” rundown of uses. Go to Settings – > Battery – > Battery Optimization, select “All applications” , discover the Family Tracker application in the rundown and snap on it, at that point select “Don’t enhance” and hit “Done”.

How might I improve the exactness of the detailed areas?

From the home screen of the telephone go to:

  • Menu – > Settings – > Location and Security
  • furthermore, ensure that both “Utilize remote organizations” and “Use GPS satellites” are checked.
  • Other than utilizing the GPS and Cell Tower Triangulation, the application can acquire the current area utilizing the accessible remote passageways around also. Empower the Wi-Fi on the gadget at whatever point conceivable.
For what reason does the revealed exactness shift?

Family Tracker acquires the best exactness the gadget (telephone or tablet) can give at the time it was mentioned. A gadget can acquire its area by means of the GPS radio, through the cell towers (cell tower triangulation) or by means of its Wi-Fi radio utilizing the area of the passageways around.

The GPS is precise yet moderate and problematic. It needs to speak with 4 distinct GPS satellites so as to have the option to compute its area. It probably won’t have the option to get a lock on its area if there are a great deal of blocks of the sky. An area announced by means of the GPS will be demonstrated with a little circle (assuming any) on the guide, since its exactness is extremely high.

My pings are done being gotten by the far off telephone?
  • Ensure that the information is empowered on the far off telephone and that it approaches the Internet:
  • From the home screen (hit the “Home” catch to arrive) of his telephone go to:
  • Menu – > Settings – > Wireless and Networks – > Mobile Networks
  • furthermore, ensure that “Information Enabled” and “Information Roaming” both checked. Presently start a program and ensure that the telephone approaches the Internet.
  • On the off chance that the above finished, and the distant telephone actually can’t get your pings then in extremely uncommon circumstances it is conceivable that the other telephone’s Google Notification ID was unregistered. Tail one of the two potential approaches to restore the Google Notification ID.
  • Uninistall Family Tracker and introduce it again on the distant telephone (your settings will kept and you don’t need to restore the following solicitations once more).

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Clear the application information:

Menu – > Settings – > Applications – > Manage Applications

Discover Family Tracker in the rundown and snap on it. At that point in the new screen click the “Reasonable information” fasten and affirm with “alright” in the affirmation discourse. Last, start the Family Tracker application!

I sent a following solicitation to my other telephone, yet I can’t get it to work?

To begin with, ensure that the other telephone has Track Number Location introduced and that the email address used to enlist it has been approved.

In the event that the above finished, yet the telephone actually doesn’t get the solicitation; it would be ideal if you adhere to the guidelines in the inquiry over; “My pings done being gotten by the far off telephone?”

I am not getting the check email?
  • Check the “spam” envelopes in your letter boxes, on the off chance that your email supplier moved the messages there. In the event that they’re not there, either attempt to include the location “” in your rundown of permitted senders; or take a stab at utilizing an alternate email address to check whether you get them.
  • Despite the fact that it sounds self-evident, check the spelling of your email address in Menu – > Settings.
  • On the off chance that you might want to have the email loathe to your email address once more; when you resume the Track Number Location application it will introduce an exchange that will give you the alternative to “Resend Email”.
How might I tail somebody clandestinely without cautioning them?

“Family Tracker” implied as an instrument to monitor relatives and companions. It’s anything but an instrument to keep an eye on clients.

Averyone you solicitation to follow needs to expressly permit you to do as such by tolerating your solicitation. The application likewise presents a relentless notice, which unmistakably shows the client that the Track Number Location on the telephone is available and it shows the status of the application; empowered or impaired. See the response to the inquiry “How would I add my different gadgets to my telephone so I can follow them?”.

I am getting an organization mistake. I don’t get this’ meaning?

The Netowrk Error discourse will shown just if the application had an issue associating the worker.

This will regularly occur because of an issue with your web association. If you don’t mind ensure that your gadget has an admittance to the web and attempt once more.

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