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Call Trace: Top 9 Call Tracker Apps In 2024

Call Trace:- Having a phone call has simplified things. It is the quickest method of communication with loved ones, coworkers, and friends. Making a phone call is so simple that anyone can just dial the number and speak with someone, no matter how they are feeling at the time. Everybody is reachable by phone. Individuals believe that phone conversations are more convenient and productive than in-person ones. As parents or guardians, you might be interested in finding out who your child/ward is talking to on the phone and what they are saying if they are always on it, even when they are unhappy or need to be sleeping. Thus, the application of call monitoring software. Here’s a summary of the top call-tracking applications for 2024. Continue reading to learn more!


Part 1. What Is The Best Call Tracker?

You can keep an eye on both incoming and outgoing calls with the finest call tracker. It should also meet specific requirements. The following are things to think about when selecting the top call tracker.

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Call Tracker Features

When selecting the finest call tracker, the tracker feature is crucial. The app should have the ability to record calls, trace the source of your calls, support DNI (dynamic number insertion), and interface with other applications you use for campaigns.

UI Design

It should be simple to download and utilize the app. The user interface ought to be tidy and uncluttered. It is important to present the collected data in an organized manner. It should be simple to access the functionalities. There shouldn’t be too much interoperability between the settings and options. Everything ought to be straightforward, user-friendly, and navigable.


The tracker’s overall performance ought to be excellent. The application needs to be dependable and operate flawlessly at all times. The performance of the program should be up to par, regardless of its features and UI design.

Customer Support

The next item on the list is customer support. There are tutorials available for certain call-tracking applications. Some have in-app contact support features. In addition, customer service must be open 24/7 to address concerns and questions.


You should get value for your money when selecting a call tracker. After you’ve paid for the subscription, the app ought to function as you please. While some apps have free basic plans, others offer free trials for demo operations. Before switching to the advanced plan, use the trial period to determine whether the app is worthwhile.


Verify the rating before purchasing a membership or downloading a call tracker. What comments do other users have on the program or app? It is not what you want to download the tracker and then feel guilty about it. Check out the tracker’s rating and review by going to the app store.


Not every tracking program works with your device. A tracking app that is incompatible with your gadget is effectively useless. Certain call-tracking apps are made specifically for iOS devices, while others are made for Android smartphones as well. Certain programs work with both operating systems. Think about the operating system version as well. Older operating systems are incompatible with certain call-tracking software. Before moving further, make sure the program and device are compatible.

Part 2.  9 Best Call Tracker Apps In 2024


One-stop shop for call tracking software is Hubspot. Via the internet, it schedules, prioritizes, and records calls. Furthermore, it synchronizes the gathered call information with CRM.

Call Trace


  • Email autopilot or series
  • Just one click can initiate automatic call recording.
  • Adaptable dashboards
  • Chat forwarding
  • Email tracking and scheduling


  • Place calls straight from the desktop site
  • Automatic call tracking and logging


  • It is web-based and cannot be downloaded


A call operations organization tool is 800response, a sales and marketing solution. It keeps track of, routes, and monitors calls. It employs fictitious 800 numbers and tracks call locations.

  • Speech analytics tool
  • Lead management
  • Customer analytics solution
  • Real-time call tracking


  • Monitoring and recording phone calls
  • Excellent client service
  • High-quality call tracking


  • It is challenging to use, particularly for inexperienced users.
  • There are times when the call recording feature is unresponsive.
  • The tracker is somewhat pricey.
  • The dashboard appears to be out of date.


Call tracking is a feature of the integrated marketing platform ActiveDemand. It also generates campaign leads and handles social media marketing.

Call Trace


  • Track calls in real time
  • cross-platform and cross-channel
  • Campaign oversight
  • Automation of marketing
  • Features of online and email marketing (email editor and dynamic content)
  • Setting a phone number instantly


  • The user can port their current phone number.
  • Salesforce integration is possible with it.
  • Calls are recorded by it.
  • Country-specific number insertion and DNI (dynamic number insertion)
  • Outstanding client assistance


  • Bugs in the software
  • Reports don’t update on their own.


CallRail is a call-tracking SaaS product. Both iOS and Android smartphones can use its mobile application. For improved results, it links call and conversation data.


  • Call recording
  • Call monitoring
  • Management of contacts
  • incorporated with Hubspot, Google Analytics, and so forth.


  • It keeps track of calls and caller information.
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface
  • Setting it up is simple.
  • accessible via an app and website


  • Integration isn’t always smooth.
  • inadequate client service
  • unable to view text history

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WhatConverts is an additional call-tracking tool that monitors leads and conversions. It provides reporting in real-time. On its dashboard, it also maintains reports.


  • Tracking calls, forms, and chats
  • Find, sort, and export leads.
  • Personalised reports and real-time marketing
  • Google advertisements, analytics integration, and dynamic number insertion


  • Simple to use and configure
  • It offers effective tracking options.


  • There is room for improvement in customer service.
  • To one account, you can only add one email.
  • It lacks a mobile application.


For 2024, there is also CallFire, a call tracker. Large-scale calling tracking or businesses are the ideal uses for this incoming call tracking software.

Call Trace


  • It keeps track of toll-free, international, and local numbers.
  • SMS is included with call tracking.
  • Activated email and call notifications.
  • Call broadcast Dashboard for Team Monitoring


  • It also monitors SMS.
  • There are two payment options available: pay as you go and pay per minute or text.


  • It is not downloadable and is cloud-based.


Convirza is a call-tracking program for businesses that incorporates phone analysis. As a marketing solution program, that was its original purpose. Nevertheless, it remains among the top call-tracking apps for 2024 thanks to its call-tracking features.


  • Recognition of Speech
  • Personalised language monitoring
  • Tracking of local numbers for DNI insertion
  • Geo-routing and call details


  • It continuously monitors and logs calls.
  • The user interface is simple to use and comprehend.
  • DNI is simple to use.


  • Reviewing the report viewing is necessary.
  • Dynamic call tracking is absent.
  • A bug in the online interface.
  • The system regularly locks people out for lack of use.
  • On Safari, the performance is not fluid.


CrazyCall is a call-monitoring app that runs in the cloud. Its purpose is to increase inbound and outbound calls for call centres and sales/marketing teams.

Call Trace


  • Free call recording, scheduling, and campaign administration
  • Secure SSL conference calling


  • There is nothing to download.
  • Automatic dialing of numbers occurs.
  • Users have access to numbers from more than 60 nations.
  • Support call recordings are available.


  • It’s a little complicated to use.
  • Sometimes there are glitches in the system.
  • Reports from the cloud take a while to download.

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Call tracking is another feature of CallAction. Its user-friendly automation makes it easier to record and respond to incoming emails, texts, and phone calls.


  • SaaS, online, and cloud-based
  • Management of calls and contacts
  • Client list
  • tracking of referrals
  • able to accommodate two users
  • System for recording phone calls
  • Campaign oversight
  • For information services, text


  • Automated emails and messages
  • traces the location of the caller
  • Phone numbers are captured.


  • a little challenging to set up
  • There is confusion in the user interface.
  • There is some confusion with the features.

 How Do Call Tracker Apps Work?

All that the call tracker app does is gather and log caller information. The call tracking software assigns a number to the target number when you set it up and link it to a number. When a call is received for the target number, it is then forwarded to that number. Call tracking software gathers location and caller details. Additionally, it gathers call information such as the time, date, and duration of the call as well as the timestamp linked to it. Using call-tracking software is an excellent way to find out who calls the target number and when.

Final Thoughts

Your children are the centre of your universe as guardians or parents. It makes sense to worry about their security and welfare. Everyone benefits from cell phones, even children and teenagers. By using call monitoring software to monitor their call, you can safeguard both their device and themselves. The best program for monitoring your child’s calls is AirDroid Parental Control, which also functions as a call tracker. The best call-tracking software with parental control features for 2024 is this one.


Q. How Am I Able to Monitor a Call?
You need to set up a tracker to trace a phone call. Incoming calls intended for the target number are diverted to your number once the tracker is configured. Install the call tracker app on your phone first, then connect the target device to yours and enable call tracking for that particular number.

Q. Does a Free Phone Tracking App?
Asn- Indeed, a free phone tracker is available. There are websites for some, and downloadable apps for others. While some downloaded trackers—like the AirDroid app—offer free trials, others provide free basic programs. Most tracking functions, including call recording, caller location tracking, and timestamp, are available with the AirDroid phone tracker software.


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