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Free Online Mobile Location Tracker

Free Online Mobile Location Tracker: 7 Best Mobile Trackers for Any Purpose

Free Online Mobile Location Tracker:- There are a tonne of free smartphone location tracking apps available on the Internet these days. A once-specialized tool for logistics firms and other related enterprises, this software has become essential for anyone concerned about the safety of their loved ones. However, how can you determine which free cellphone tracker program is worthwhile to use? Be at ease! For you, our staff has completed every task. Our seven top choices are the result of extensive testing through dozens of various free options. Give yourself five minutes to go over our findings and decide which smartphone tracker app best suits your requirements.

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What App to Choose to Track Someone’s Phone Location?

Free Online Mobile Location Tracker

A few important considerations to make while choosing a mobile location tracker app include compatibility, feature set, cost, and user interface. It’s actually difficult to get a free online tracker that satisfies every requirement. While some apps may have fantastic features, their compatibility may suffer. Other programs may lag slightly in the interim, but they make up for it with multi-device functionality. Continue reading our evaluation to discover the features offered by free cellphone tracker applications and select the most suitable tool for your needs.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps provides a reliable, cost-free method of tracking someone’s cell phone on a map, even though it’s not quite an internet mobile tracker. You should have permission to track someone on their Google Maps account.

You can manage this yourself, though, if it’s your child’s phone and you know their password.

Permission-holders will be able to keep an eye on the following information:

  • Name and picture from the profile
  • GPS location in real-time even without using Google
  • The power and state of the phone’s battery
  • the precise moment of departure or arrival at a specific place

Although this approach is completely free and compatible with any device that supports Google services, it does necessitate the person’s consent. This implies that you won’t be able to trace their phone going forward if they disable this option.

2. Mobile Tracker Free

Following extensive testing, our best pick for spyware with an “all-in-one” approach is Mobile Tracker Free. With its excellent Android performance, this top mobile tracker with Google Map overview allows you to have constant remote access to a person’s phone. It offers you more details like phone logs, SMS, images, screen captures, and more in addition to giving you access to someone’s coordinates. Furthermore, Mobile Tracker Free monitors interactions with the most widely used social media and messaging services. This spy software is therefore definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a respectable Facebook or WhatsApp tracker. The app does a great job tracking mobile devices. Once installed, the following information will be visible to you:

  • updated position frequently even when the GPS is off
  • Location history on a mobile device
  • Screen grabs of online activity Social media posts
  • installed apps on the phone, among other things
  • It’s a great free mobile tracker that doesn’t skimp on features by giving you only a few.
  • For customers who are sick of upgrading to try premium services, this is wonderful news.

3. Find My Device

Google is without a doubt the functionality king, earning a spot in our ranking of the best free smartphone trackers.

Google created the Find My Device app, which lets users locate an Android smartphone. While its main purpose was to assist users in recovering misplaced or stolen gadgets, it can also be utilized for other tracking requirements:

  • using Google Maps to follow someone’s smartphone
  • Location access without the necessary GPS enabled
  • the capability to remotely lock the phone
  • feature for removing data

You must enable the “Location History” feature in the target device’s settings and sign in to Find My Device using the same Google ID to use this service. The fact that you can use this phone tracker online for free with Find My Device is its biggest feature. It is a built-in feature of Android and doesn’t need a membership.

Free Online Mobile Location Tracker

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4. Glympse

Glympse is a free mobile tracker app that emphasizes sharing real-time location information with friends, family, and coworkers. You can invite someone to view your geolocation using the software for a set amount of time. The recipient doesn’t need to download the app because you may share the location with them by pasting a shareable link into any messenger.

Glympse is ideal for large corporations as well as families. What to anticipate from this mobile tracker is as follows:

  • Location sharing that automatically expires
  • Adaptive map
  • Public tags for several individuals in the same group
  • Option to share ETA

Glympse functions flawlessly on iOS and Android. Overall, with more than 5 million downloads from Google Play alone, it’s a dependable mobile tracker software in the niche.

5. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a smartphone tracker program that lets you find your friends and family, as the name implies. It offers amazing features, is simple to use, and is free:

  • Your intended recipient is currently seeing the historical locations on a map.
  • pathways leading to the location of interest
  • Version accessibility on the web
  • Alerts are issued in the event of an emergency
  • You can safely download Find My Friends from the official app stores, and it works with both iOS and Android smartphones.

6. Family Locator

With a slight twist, Family Locator is another free tracker that lets you keep an eye on your friends and family.

It offers alarms, geofencing, and real-time geolocation tracking. Other noteworthy characteristics consist of:

  • current position as of right now on a map
  • History of locations
  • instant alerts
  • Option to check in
  • Zones of safety and danger
  • SOS button in case of emergency
  • You can download Family Locator for free on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

7. Locate My Children

Find My Kids is a must-have software if you’re looking for a free phone tracker with extra monitoring capabilities. Find My Kids offers more sophisticated features than just standard phone tracking, like the ability to track screen time for Android users.

What to anticipate when using this phone tracker app is as follows:

  • Sharing current location with parents
  • Previously seen locations
  • Loud signal if calls go unanswered; surround sound recorder
  • Statistics on the use of mobile applications
  • The function of the panic button
  • Find My Kids is available for free download from the Google Play Store or App Store; in-app purchases are required for access to premium features.
  • If parents wish to monitor their child’s online and offline activities, we suggest this mobile phone tracker.
Free Online Mobile Location Tracker

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How to Track a Cell Phone in 5 Simple Steps

It’s time to discover how to use the best 7 free phone trackers available now that you are familiar with them. In most situations, the following generic phone tracking steps apply:

  • Set up the tracking app on your phone. Certain applications function through a web browser and necessitate installation solely on the monitored device, while others also demand installation on your smartphone. The monitored device may need to be jailbroken or rooted to use certain apps.
  • Create a personal account and use your login information to access the application.
  • Give the required authorization to access contacts, calls, locations, and other information.
  • Set the parameters based on your tastes.
  • Use the website or dashboard of the mobile tracker to begin tracking a mobile device.

As you can see, tracing a mobile phone is not hard at all. When you have the appropriate free mobile tracker app on your phone, you may stay updated on the whereabouts and activities of the people you care about.


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