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Tracking Phone Number Location

Tracking Phone Number Location: 8 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location by Phone Number

Tracking Phone Number Location:- The most potent invention of the century is the cell phone. We now can communicate with the rest of the world from anywhere thanks to mobile phones. Cell phones link us to the outside world through cellular data and the cellular network. Smartphones allow you to talk to anyone in the world via all of the social media apps in addition to making calls. An extremely useful device is a cell phone. You can make calls, check emails, connect with pals on Facebook or Instagram, stream live video, and watch films online while you’re on the go.

An IMEI number is specific to each cell phone. An International Mobile Equipment Identity Number is what IMEI stands for on its whole. iDEN and satellite-connected phones are identified by their IMEI number. Using the phones’ distinct IMEI numbers, you can identify the phones. To prevent misuse, the primary purpose of the IMEI number is to ban the phone if it has been lost or stolen.

Is there, however, a way to find a lost or stolen cell phone’s location? In actuality, there are numerous methods for finding a cell phone location. There are several approaches. Some techniques use the GPA, while others use the phone number to find the location of the device. Using the number makes it the simplest to locate the cell phone. There are numerous ways to use a cell phone number to track a position. I’ll go over eight different methods in this post for using a phone number to track a location. Here are 8 ways to track a cell phone location through the number:

Tracking Phone Number Location

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8 ways to track mobile phone location using the number

TTSPY Tracker App

A spy app, TTSPY is available for iOS and Android. It has many amazing capabilities that parents can use to monitor their children and adults may use for espionage. Not only can TTSPY assist you with monitoring WhatsApp conversations, call records and messages, but it can also pinpoint the precise position of a targeted phone by using its number. To follow the location of your cell phone wherever you go, all you need to do is install this spy app on the phone you want to spy on, enter its number, and link the device to the app. This program allows you to not only monitor your children’s mobile phone location but also install Use this app on your phone to find its whereabouts if it is stolen or lost.

TTSPY locates the location of the cell phone using the device’s GPS tracking mechanism. In addition, TTSPY displays the locations of neighbouring areas so you can determine the whereabouts of your phone if it is lost or stolen. One of the most popular espionage apps is TTSPY. Parents use it to enforce stringent rules, while adults use it to catch their adulterous partners or spouses cheating. The ability to track a cell phone’s precise position in real-time and even spy on its users is the largest benefit of utilizing TTSPY. the call records and text messages from your partner or kids.

GPS and IMEI call trackers

Has the constant phoning from an unknown number ever annoyed you? If so, you can use the cell phone number to locate that phone’s position. Simply entering the phone number, you may locate the position of the phone with the aid of numerous apps that are accessible on the Google and Apple stores. Some apps, like GPS Phone and Locate Any Phone, are so great that they can locate your phone even when you don’t have an internet connection. How fantastic is it that you can now use the phone’s cellular number to find the location of the device?

These applications use the GPS to give you your phone’s location in a matter of seconds. These kinds of apps additionally enable you to track the position of the phone using merely SMS or WhatsApp messages. This is a dependable way to find the position of the cell phone because it doesn’t require an internet connection.

Tracking Phone Number Location

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Prey is a suitable app in case you need to locate a cell telephone for nothing. android and iOS users can get this app. Prey is essentially a free mobile place tracking program that can be downloaded and used on three special devices. each PC and cell gadget can use prey. in case your cellphone has been stolen or lost, this app is the quality to apply. Your telephone isn’t lost or stolen, so do not panic. you could locate the phone’s function in a depend of seconds by sincerely finding a PC nearby, Logging into your prey account, and tracking it down.

Additionally, the Prey mobile location monitoring software uses GPS to determine the exact location. When the phone is in your possession, it does not violate your privacy. Unless authorized to do so, it does not track the position of the mobile device. You don’t need to worry if your phone has been stolen because this app operates in the background and keeps the thief unaware that it is tracking their whereabouts. It also can highlight movements. It implies that you will be able to find out where your phone is being taken. Simply download the app, input your phone number, and proceed to use it.

Lookout Tracker

Lookout is a comprehensive mobile location-tracking app that runs on both iOS and Android platforms. The Lookout app is equipped with security, location-tracking, and anti-malware technologies to keep your phone safe at all costs. Lookout has a tonne of features and advantages. It has an easy-to-use UI, to start. Secondly, it tracks the last location of your phone immediately after the battery runs out by using your cell phone number.

It also offers other features like the ability to snap a picture of the thief and email it to you just in case your phone is stolen, and the contact sync tool, which syncs your contact data before resetting the phone. Conversely, this app’s drawback is that it doesn’t display your phone’s current position in real time. Simply said, it displays your phone’s last known position before the thief turned it off.

Phone Tracker Geek

A popular online resource for finding a cell phone location is Phone Tracker Geek. This website is comparable to Maps on Google. Just browsing the website will allow you to track the location of the mobile device. The cell phone is located using the phone number. You can find out where someone is if they are phoning you under false pretences by following the location of their phone.

It is compatible with all carriers and phones, Android and iOS. It works with Blackberry, Siemens, Apple, Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola devices. Furthermore, they utilize a region mobile finder to ascertain the phone’s precise position. There are numerous operating systems that this mobile monitoring program is compatible with, including Windows and Mac.

Mobile Tracker For Free

With the help of cellular networks or operators, you can use the mobile tracker free website to find the location of your phone. The ability to follow your phone’s position in real time is the main feature of this free phone tracking service. This app allows you to use Google Maps to find the position of your mobile device. This software provides us with your phone’s precise, real-time location. It quickly and accurately extracts the date, live position, and GPS coordinates from your phone.

Additionally, parental control and surveillance are two other uses for this program. You may see call records, SMSs, instant messaging, recordings, gallery photographs, WhatsApp communications, and much more using this software.

Tracking Phone Number Location

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There’s Phandroid, which is another free mobile location-tracking app. It tracks the cell phone’s current position by using its phone number. To use this app, all you have to do is establish an account. One of Phandroid’s best features is that all it takes to utilize it is the phone number—you can use it for free.

If your phone is missing or stolen, you can even use it to locate its whereabouts. This app’s sole benefit is that it is incompatible with the iOS operating system.

Find my iPhone

This feature allows you to find your Apple device’s location. It functions via iCloud. To find out where your phone is, you have to log into your iCloud account. On the other hand, creating an iCloud account requires a mobile number.


These are some of the most effective ways to find the location of your phone. Numerous free techniques are available. Nonetheless, the majority of them receive compensation. Using the phone number makes it easier to find the phone than using a reliable WIFI connection.


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