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Find a Phone Number

Find a Phone Number, Top 9 Tools to Find Someone’s Phone Number

Find a Phone Number:- In the past, you would pick up the local phone book and leaf through the listings until you found the number you needed to contact. These days, the phone books are substantially smaller in size and, for the most part, contain just landline or business phone numbers.

There are several situations in which you could need to locate the phone number of someone. Perhaps you scribbled down a number but neglected to include context, you’re receiving calls from a number you don’t recognize, or you misplaced your old friend’s contact information.

The websites on this list will assist you in finding a phone number for anything from popular search engines to more specialized (and esoteric) websites like Zabasearch.


Top 9 Tools to Find Someone’s Phone Number

Now that you are aware of the various ways to locate someone’s phone number, let’s discuss the tools in more detail. Finding someone’s phone number is a lot quicker and simpler when you have the right tools.

Thus, these are the top 9 tools that you ought to think about and look into.

1. Swordfish AI

Find a Phone Number

More than 50,000 professionals use Swordfish AI because it’s a unique tool in the sales intelligence space that’s extremely helpful for locating someone’s phone number.

It provides exclusive access to cell phone data and premium business emails and is well-known for its precise, instantly confirmed contact details.

Additionally, Swordfish AI connects users to over 200 network data partners with over 100 million cell phone numbers and offers users access to the most up-to-date and accurate contact details of 3.5 billion data profiles.

Apart from that, you can work on the most prominent social media profiles on the internet by interacting with the free Google Chrome extension plugin with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, Meetup, Stack Overflow, Dribble, Xing, Bing, Gmail, and Google.

Furthermore, Swordfish AI’s connection with a range of sales and marketing technologies guarantees consistent data usage and successful strategy execution on several platforms.

Swordfish AI provides real-time alerts and global data coverage, among other capabilities, to keep users up to date on market movements. Gaining a competitive edge through the integration of Bombora® Intent Data improves comprehension of buyer intent.

Swordfish AI is, all things considered, a useful tool for professionals who want to get in front of important decision-makers.

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  • Proven efficaciousness for professionals to establish direct relationships with influential decision-makers.
  • It offers data that is current, guaranteeing accuracy and relevancy.
  • Respects privacy laws and place a high priority on data protection.
  • Easily and quickly identify unknown callers.
  • Searches and navigation are simple thanks to the intuitive design.


  • There is no indication of the price. About that, you will need to get in touch.

2. AnyWho

AnyWho is great if you’re looking for toll-free numbers or something to create leads. You can use it to search the White Pages for phone numbers. Its reverse lookup function also enables you to find the owner of a particular phone number.

It’s quite simple to use. Input the zip code and first and last names of the leads into the website.

If you would like more results, you can search for the last name and zip code to conduct a comprehensive personal search of users with that last name in that place.


  • Look through an extensive directory to find people by name, address, or phone number.
  • Provides a frequently updated database of up-to-date, trustworthy national phone numbers.
  • Easily navigable with a straightforward search UI and options.
  • Makes use of nationwide coverage for a variety of contact information queries.
  • Features a reverse phone lookup function for speedy information retrieval.


  • AnyWho has a limited amount of information, some of which might not be up to date or correct.

3. Whitepages

Founded in 1997, White Pages is a well-known website for locating contact information. With a vast database of over 250 million Americans, it’s the go-to resource for locating phone numbers and other contact details.

Additionally, the website instantly performs background checks using data from around the United States. If you need to learn more about someone’s past for security or professional purposes, this is beneficial.

More than two million people use White Pages each day to obtain information. The fact that it trails well-known websites like Whitepages, 411, and Switchboard demonstrates how widely used it is for locating contact information.

White Pages is an excellent resource for a variety of searches. Regardless of whether you want to reconnect with someone, see who someone is, or do a detailed background check, it’s a useful and trusted tool.


  • Offers broad access to contact information across the country.
  • Provides thorough, dependable background check features.
  • Efficiently manages millions of searches every day.
  • Has a user-friendly, intuitive UI.
  • Ties in with reputable, well-known search domains.


  • It might be necessary to subscribe to some services.
  • It is inefficient elsewhere and only functions properly in the United States.

4. Linkedin

LinkedIn is a great resource for making connections and networking in the business world. You can use it to search a database of over 950 million members, including businesses, professionals, and other organizations, from 200 different countries.

One excellent resource for learning how to locate someone’s phone number and other contact details for free is LinkedIn’s search engine. They need to approve your request to connect, thus it would be beneficial if you did so first.

Following receipt of your request, their business profile contains their phone number and email address.

But this will only work if the professionals or leads have added their phone numbers and made them publicly available. If it is hidden, use tools or services to find alternatives.


  • Vast international database of businesses and workers.
  • Presents accomplishments and abilities to possible employers.
  • Makes it possible for job seekers to find and apply for employment.
  • Promotes professional networking and industry information.
  • Uses thorough profiles to assist businesses in finding the best applicants.


  • It requires publicly shared numbers to find them.
  • Requires cautious privacy setting monitoring.

5. Google

Find a Phone Number

Google is an excellent resource if you’re seeking a company’s phone number online. You can use the company name and the keyword “phone number” to search for a person’s phone number, as shown in the screenshot above.

If a business is big enough or has a Google profile, Google will display its phone number or profile.

Although it’s a free service, it won’t function until Google lists your lead. Moreover, it will probably only provide their company’s phone number as the only option for getting in touch with them.


  • Provides thorough contact information in business profiles.
  • Google’s extensive accessibility guarantees user comfort.
  • Free Google access makes it the best option for economical searches.
  • A quick search for a phone number produces simple results.
  • Frequently results in more pertinent information.


  • Not every phone number will provide relevant details.

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6. SpyDialer

Author and trained private investigator Robert Scott created SpyDialer to help people find phone numbers online.

SpyDialer has become an extremely popular tool for looking up phone numbers and conducting internet personal searches thanks to the assistance of his team of experts and the numerous publications and investigations he has worked on.

When utilizing SpyDialer to get someone’s phone number, you have three options: their name, address, zip code, or email. You may also use it to find the owner of a mobile phone number by using a reverse phone lookup.


  • A free basic version of SpyDialer is available.
  • Permits anonymous searching for the privacy of users.
  • Effectively uses reverse lookup to identify callers.
  • Most of the time delivers information quickly.


  • It’s only effective in the USA.

7. BeenVerified

You may get both personal and business contact information by searching through billions of public data with BeenVerified’s reverse phone number lookup service. When attempting to determine the identity of the person making a strange call or text from an unknown number, this tool comes in quite handy.

BeenVerified can provide more information on the caller than just their identity. This contains details on their age, location, email address, and social media accounts. You may even learn of possible kin or other relationships that will help you get to know the caller better.

The site stands out from many others because it provides a variety of intriguing features in addition to reverse phone searches. BeenVerified goes above and above, whereas other websites only offer the caller’s name and address to validate a phone number.

BeenVerified lets you look up phone numbers using usernames and VINs (vehicle identification numbers), but it also lets you look up unclaimed money associated with your identity or other people’s names. Because of its many features, BeenVerified is an adaptable solution for a range of lookup requirements.


  • Gives a lot of different personal information.
  • It’s simple to use and navigate the platform.
  • In addition to phone lookup, it offers further background check services.
  • Provides a range of subscription choices to meet diverse needs.
  • This platform is secure since you can only access information by using VINs.


  • Its manual searches could make it take a while.
  • Numerous sophisticated functions demand a payment or subscription.

8. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is an effective web-based tool for prospect generation that finds potential customers and obtains their contact information. Users can use it to save, export, and move data to Mailchimp, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zapier.

This is an expert in prospecting and sales intelligence; it integrates with websites like AngelList, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn with ease and lets users submit lists.

The platform is a flexible tool for professionals and organizations looking to grow their network and generate leads because it offers multiple pricing tiers to suit different demands and budgets.


  • Efficient in boosting lead generation organically.
  • Using a browser extension makes web browsing simple and convenient.
  • Access to a sizable database of possible customers.
  • Has an email address verification feature.
  • Integrates with CRM systems with ease.


  • Not every search could produce exhaustive results.

9. LeadIQ

Find a Phone Number

One of the best lead-generating tools is LeadIQ, which gives customers access to millions of contacts with verified emails and lets them search through its database to get the best leads.

During your sales prospecting efforts, you may quickly locate phone numbers and contact information on an Internet company page by using its extension. Just install it, then get searching.

Following that, you may save your leads into campaigns and save their data by using the extension.

If you want to use LeadIQ’s extension to get a phone number, this method could be costly.


  • Lead-finding integration with CRM is excellent.
  • Integrates seamlessly with popular CRM systems.
  • Provides leads with accurate contact information.
  • Enhances lead data for more focused outreach.
  • Permits filtered searches using predetermined standards.


  • There may be contacts without phone numbers.
  • Dashboards may be sparse and unreliable.

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FAQs On Find a Phone Number

Q.) How can I ascertain the legitimacy of a phone number?

Ans. Making a direct call to the number is the easiest way. If it’s invalid, you’ll probably get a voicemail or an error message. This may come at an extra expense, but it validates every number against both proprietary and public databases, giving essential details regarding their authenticity.

Q.) How can one determine whether a phone number is in service?

Ans. Phone validators obtain complete details on a phone number, including the current state of availability. You must speak with your phone service provider to arrange for the acquisition of the number once you’ve determined that it is appropriate.

Q.) How can I make sure that phone numbers that I find utilizing lookup tools are accurate?

Ans. Even while lookup programs like Swordfish have a high degree of reliability, it’s crucial to double-check information wherever feasible. To ensure accuracy, cross-check information using authoritative sources or use several reliable lookup tools.

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