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IMEI Lock Checker

IMEI Lock Checker, Run IMEI Checker for Free, Decoding the IMEI Number, Difference between Locked & Unlocked Phone

IMEI Lock Checker: Mobile device manufacturers have to comply with a number of regulatory rules regarding their products. While many of these rules may vary between regions and countries, the IMEI number is one of the few internationally accepted identifying characteristics that all manufacturers are required to add to their mobile devices.

An IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a 15-digit number used to identify mobile devices. Before we get into where you can find your device’s IMEI number and why you should use an IMEI checker tool when buying a used device, let’s start by understanding what an IMEI number looks like.

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What is the IMEI number?

The IMEI of a device is a unique 15-16 digit number that helps to identify it. And the full abbreviation of IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity. So the first 13 or 15 digits are part of the phone’s identity while the last digits use the Luhn algorithm to keep a check. Also, the IMEI number originated as a means of device identification because SIM cards are usually issued to users and not devices.

Therefore we can find out the IMEI number printed on the battery of the phone. And most modern phones do not allow easy access to the battery compartment. Hence, you can check your IMEI by dialing *#06# or through the About section from Settings.

Network carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Boost, AT&T, Sprint, Cricket, and others use a device’s IMEI number to verify its legitimacy. This enables carriers to block these phones from using their SIM cards if they are reported lost or stolen. As mentioned above, the IMEI number is registered to a device, and replacing the SIM card on a stolen phone will render it unable to function or access the network. Before buying a device from an untrusted source it is best to check its IMEI.

Decoding the IMEI number: IMEI Lock Checker

As mentioned earlier, an IMEI number is made up of 15 digits. These numbers are divided into four parts. Each part is separated from the others by a hyphen. IMEI number looks like this:


  • Here each letter represents a numerical digit. The first two parts of the IMEI number (AB-CDEFGH) constitute the TAC of the device.
  • TAC stands for Type Allocation Code and TAC of any device is used to identify the manufacturer and model of a device. This means that many phones of the same make and model will have the same TAC.
  • However, there are some exceptional cases where a single phone model has multiple TACs. This is due to a change in production location or other manufacturing-related changes.
  • The third part of the number (IJKLMN) is unique for all devices. This number is used to identify different devices and is fixed by the manufacturer. The last digit (O) is known as the ‘Check Digit’ and is used to check whether the IMEI number follows the required rules or not.
  • Now that we have understood the IMEI number, let us see how you can find the IMEI number of any mobile device:

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IMEI Lock Checker

How to find the IMEI number on the device?

The most popular way to check the IMEI number of any device is by using its dialer. Simply open the dialer and dial *#06#. As soon as you type the last #, the IMEI number of the device will be displayed on the screen.

Another way to check the IMEI number is in the device’s settings. For Apple devices, tap the ‘Settings’ icon, tap ‘General’, and then the ‘About’ tab. The subsequent screen will have all the basic information about the device along with the IMEI number.

For Android devices, the process is very similar. Simply tap on the ‘Settings’ icon and then tap on the ‘About phone’ option and you will be taken to a screen that displays the device’s IMEI number along with other general information.

What is the IMEI checker tool and why should you use it while buying a used phone?

  • Law enforcement authorities use IMEI numbers of devices to track stolen and lost devices. Whenever a device is reported lost/stolen, the authorities block the IMEI number so that the user cannot access the device.
  • IMEI Checker Tool is a tool that will return all the information about the device when the user enters the IMEI number. This tool is important because it can tell you if the device you are about to buy is stolen or blacklisted.

This way, you can rest assured that you’ve bought a genuine device that won’t invite any hassle to your doorstep.

Check Your IMEI for Free: IMEI Lock Checker

Dial *#06# to get the device IMEI number

IMEI is a unique number assigned to your phone. This identifier is used by manufacturers and carriers to record model, warranty, and blacklist information.

Enter IMEI in the field below

We need the IMEI or serial number to look up the device with the manufacturer and carriers globally so that we can generate a report for you. Once you have entered it below, simply click on Check IMEI!

Get information about your gadget in seconds

Instantly access your report for free, and learn much more about your mobile, including model specifications, warranty status, and blacklist status!

IMEI Lock Checker

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What is the difference between a locked and unlocked cell phone?

When someone purchases a cell phone from their wireless provider, the phone is almost always assumed to be locked. This means that it only works on the wireless provider’s network. An unlocked cell phone works on any network.

The lock is actually a code written into the phone’s software. Network companies buy phones from manufacturers with their code installed in the software to ensure that the devices cannot be activated on their competitors’ networks. This is a tactic used by wireless companies to prevent people from frequently changing networks. Since the phone cannot be used with the new provider, no matter how much the customer likes the phone, if they want to change networks, they must purchase it again through their new wireless provider.

Some phones can be purchased unlocked, meaning the software does not contain the wireless network provider’s code when sold; However, not all phone models have this option. Unlocked phones can also be found for sale on sites like eBay. However, anyone who uses an unlocked phone may find that the provider is less likely to help resolve any problems with the phone because it is not owned by the network.

How do you run IMEI Carrier Check for free?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity code, or IMEI, uniquely identifies each mobile phone. To get the IMEI of your device, simply dial *#06# on the dial pad. Alternatively, check if it is printed on the battery compartment of the phone. The IMEIs of mobile phones connected to GSM or UMTS networks are registered in a special database called the Equipment Identity Register, which contains information on all valid mobile phone devices.

Information that can be obtained about a phone from the IMEI number includes the phone’s brand and model, manufacturer, SIM card size, phone’s band, and operating system. The IMEI check also reveals whether the device has been blacklisted, which is when the owner reports it as lost or stolen.

The IMEI code consists of four main parts. The first and second sets of numbers denote the allocation body and the Type Allocation Code or TAC, respectively. The third set is the device’s serial number, and the fourth set is the Luhn checksum.

How to get an IMEI number without a phone?

In such a situation, you may need your IMEI number on Sunday for many reasons.
You may need to get your phone’s IMEI number for a number of reasons. This serial number is equivalent and identifies the make and model of your device. It may be needed to prove your information to your insurance company that you own the phone, it may be needed to acknowledge your fascination with its manufacturer or you may need it for personal reasons. There are several ways to get the IMEI number without a phone.

See the packaging box for the phone. IMEI is recognized outside each box A sales representative will help expedite the process of setting up your wireless benefits.

That contract you signed over the phone. If you haven’t signed the contract, refer to the sales receipt for the phone. If you bought it from a wireless dealer, the device’s IMEI is on the contract and/or receipt. It allows you to track tips to various.

View your online account. Every major wireless provider offers you the ability to set up an online account to check your plan details, and usage, and get help with a better understanding of how to use your devices. The website also lists the type of device and the IMEI number associated with your account.

Contact Customer Care. They create detailed records for every device you go through. Tell the representative what model of phone you have and they can provide you with the IMEI number.

IMEI Lock Checker

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FAQs on IMEI Lock Check

Can you check the IMEI number if the phone is locked?
The IMEI may also be printed on the back of some Android models. Check on or below the battery. The IMEI is printed on the bottom of some Android models with removable batteries. You can also find the IMEI under the battery cover.

Can I check the IMEI number online?
IMEI is written on the packaging box of the mobile. This can be found on the mobile bill/invoice. You can check the IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your mobile, IMEI number will appear on a mobile screen. If the status of the mobile is shown as Blacklisted, Duplicate, or Already in use, please avoid buying the mobile.

Can You Hack IMEI Number?
Unfortunately, it is possible for someone to hack your IMEI. So if this scenario plays out then you will face various problems. Though, if someone has the IMEI of your smartphone or cell phone, they can clone your mobile device.

Can you check if the phone is locked?
The best way to quickly check if a mobile phone is locked is to remove the SIM card and insert it from another network. If it can make calls, send texts, and connect to the internet, your phone is unlocked. Just make sure that both the SIMs are not actually connected to the same network.

Can the IMEI of the phone be fake?
Every genuine mobile phone has a serial number to register it to a carrier’s network. And this number is called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. Also, the IMEI number can be used to verify the validity of the phone. Often counterfeit models do not have an IMEI number or fakes are used.

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