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Location of a Mobile Number

Location of a Mobile Number: Type in your mobile number and Find the Location Free

Location of a Mobile Number: For a variety of use cases, including criminal investigations, online dating, employee monitoring, child safety, and others, finding the location of a phone number may be essential. It facilitates figuring out the area or nation where the number is located. For instance, if you choose a business phone number, it will be helpful to your search to be aware of the company’s geolocation.

When you don’t know where a phone number is located, searching for it online can be challenging and time-consuming. On the other hand, there are several methods for looking up a phone number. Using the GPS location tracking feature on your phone is the best option in this case.


How do I track my mobile number’s location?

Although it might initially seem impossible, it is not always impossible to track a mobile phone’s location using its number. It’s actually very easy to do, and there are two acceptable methods:

  • utilising a phone lookup app. Using this service, you can find the general area of the phone.
  • making use of a spy app. With the phone number, this service can pinpoint the precise location of the device.

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Location of a Mobile Number

Location of a Mobile Number: 10 Best Websites to Track Mobile Number Location for Free

1. NumLooker

An excellent tool for tracking mobile numbers is NumLooker. It is very simple to use, even with all of its features. The navigation is simple and clear, thanks to the clearly labelled search options. This website allows you to locate your target by entering their mobile number, which will reveal their last known address.

  • Easy to use
  • customised searches
  • You might have to pay for thorough searches.

2. WhoCallMe

WhoCallMe is an excellent tool for thorough social media searches and deep web scanning. In order to give you as much information as possible, the website will search public records, data brokers, government agencies, corporate databases, and any other online data sources that it can find when you enter a mobile number.

  • precise and trustworthy outcomes
  • quick processing speed
  • Board and comprehensive database
  • It could be difficult to track if there are too many options.

3. USPhoneSearch

When tracking a mobile number, USPhoneSearch has all the essential features you require. Furthermore, the outcomes are current and fairly accurate. In addition, the service offers some unique features, like the ability to look up people by alias or maiden name. To narrow down your results, you can also make use of the site’s sophisticated search features.

  • The data is current and accurate.
  • fairly priced
  • Not checking social media

4. USPhoneLookup

Another great service that helps you find out who is calling in minutes is USPhoneLookup. Our database is constantly updated and is compiled from all public records, including those maintained by governmental entities, so you can be sure the information is correct and up-to-date.

  • An extensive background report is available.
  • 24/7 customer service staff
  • It’s possible that some features require a premium subscription to access them.

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Location of a Mobile Numbe

5. Lookup by Number

You can rapidly identify the caller and get all of their information, including contact and personal details, with TheNumberLookup.

  • incredibly user-friendly
  • functions flawlessly in stealth mode
  • There are restrictions on the free plan.

6. What’s this number?

WhatIsThisNumber is the most widely used and useful reverse phone lookup service. Like all the other tools on this list, this one starts working as soon as the numbers are located. It helps you find out all the information you need about your unknown caller.

  • The outcomes are very precise.
  • capable of tracking five devices at once
  • Expenses for in-depth searches may apply.

7. Spoko

One of the most affordable options for tracking a mobile number is Spokeo. For an astoundingly low $0.95, you can give it a try for seven days. Whichever plan you select, Spokeo will offer you the same amount of control and personalisation over your search results.

  • Practical, sophisticated filtering instruments
  • notifies you of any changes to your profile
  • only functions within the United States

8. CocoSpy

You can use Cocospy to get access to a phone spy app that can follow an iOS or Android smartphone without the owner’s knowledge. The reason Cocospy can accomplish this is because of its extremely powerful stealth mode, which gives you total invisibility so you can monitor cell phone activity without drawing attention to yourself.

  • Many features
  • Simple registration procedure
  • round-the-clock support
  • There isn’t a free trial available.


Another excellent online tool for tracking mobile numbers is Spyic. This online tool allows you to locate a device based on its mobile number.

  • You are able to track several devices.
  • iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, can use it.
  • costly

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10. Spyine

The majority of people consider Spyine to be the top phone spyware app on the market. It is possible to install its spyware method on iOS and Android devices without jailbreaking or rooting them. With a dashboard that is accessible from anywhere using an internet browser, the application starts surreptitiously monitoring the targeted device and sending you real-time information.

  • There is no need to jailbreak or root
  • incredibly user-friendly
  • There is little social media monitoring

Location of a Mobile Number: Conclusion

Finding a phone’s location can occasionally prove to be difficult. For instance, a spouse may want to know if their significant other is honouring their commitment, or a parent may need to know where their kids are in order to ensure their safety. For whatever reason, you will find all the information you require in this guide to successfully track a phone using its mobile number.

Any of the suggested approaches ought to work. However, you might have to test a few before deciding which one is best for you.

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