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The most annoying thing within the world is getting frequent calls from unknown numbers. Sometimes, we receive non-stop out in odd times and from strange or foreign numbers which put you in trouble. We are here with the answer to the present problem. There are many apps and websites which help in tracking the mobile location tracker alongside the caller details.

Here, during this post, we are getting to share the simplest mobile number tracking websites, Android and IOS based applications. And before that permit me to tell you about Find My Kids app. This application is employed to trace the situation, target mobile user’s activities and also the history of previously visited locations. Here We discuss Mobile Location Tracker:

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Mobile Location Tracker Websites:

There are many websites that provide a variety of tracking services. You’ll identify the small print like name, service provider or location of the unknown number. You only got to type the target number and press enter. It’ll show you the available data for that entered number. Here are a number of the simplest Mobile Location Tracker websites that provide free service.


The top and commonly used Mobile Location Tracker website are So it’s one among the leading India based number tracking websites. It tracks the amount through its location and also provides the service provider name. It doesn’t matter where you’re tracking.

  • It also can be wont to track the landline number for free of charge alongside the mobile number.
  • It assists you in getting the list of top-ranking websites through its Page Rank feature.
  • It has compatibility with mobile phones like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Nokia.
  • So it is totally freed from cost and has no download or other charges.
  • It causes you to ready to trace mobile, landline, and also vehicle numbers. This vehicle and landline number tracing features add a plus point to its popularity.
  • It is easy to use because it has a beautiful and user-friendly interface. A less educated person also can use it with none problem.
  • The output is displayed in seconds.
  • It is often used just for Indian mobile numbers.
2: Trace telephone number

Another mobile number tracking website on our list is the Trace telephone number. A bit like the previous one, it also provides services like mobile and landline number tracking. So it allows you to urge the name of the user/ owner of that focus on the number. You only got to enter the amount then press enter to fetch the small print.

  • Have an aesthetic, simple, and user-friendly interface.
  • Provide an enquiry choice to fetch information about the target number.
  • It has a database of the phone numbers which makes the search easy and fast.
  • The searched results provide the network service provider name, owner name, and therefore the location of the amount.
  • This website provides a free service.
  • Along with the mobile number, you’re allowed to trace the landline number.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface.
  • This website cannot differentiate between the old number, replaced, or new numbers.
3: Free Phone Tracer also provides number tracking services. It assures its customers the entire security of their data. you’ll track the target mobile number easily together with your phone or website.

  • It uses McAfee for security.
  • Free landline and mobile number tracking facility is provided.
  • The simple interface makes it easy to use for the purchasers.
  • It is available free of charge.
  • Simple and direct methods are used for tracking the amount.
  • You need to register first only then you’ll avail number tracking service.
  • It is US-based so you’ll only track US-based numbers.
  • It provides phone type, service provider, and line type details of the target number.
4: GPS telephone Locator

This GPS telephone Locator allows you to seek out the situation of the target mobile number in only 2 or 3 clicks. It’s a free online service for the overall public. You are doing not got to buy availing of its features and no got to install any app.

  • Clean, simple and attractive interface.
  • It is not necessary to be from a technical background.
  • No application and no installation is required.
  • In a browser, simply A website name and begin using it.
  • 24×7 service is out there and maybe accessed from anywhere.
  • It is compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobiles.
  • It uses a GPS feature for tracking.
  • It is not compatible with browsers like Firefox, Symbian, etc.
  • You need to modify on the device for tracking.
5: Online GPS Phone Tracker

Here comes subsequent Online GPS Phone Tracker which is additionally available on the online. It is often wont to track the mobile number from your mobile. So it also provides you with the situation of the target telephone number. It supports various telecom service providers and provides free service to its customers.

  • It uses a GPS feature to trace the situation of the mobile and may be accessed remotely.
  • Operators like Airtel, AT&T, Reliance, etc are supported by this tracker.
  • You can track landline number also through its tracking website.
  • It provides 24×7 service and three hundred and sixty-five days a year with none left.
  • Users can use avail this service without spending one bug.
  • It tracks as long as the mobile is actively working. you can’t track the stolen or transitioned mobile.

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6: Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile Number Tracker app allows you to trace the mobile number in your local area. It’s also freed from cost service.

  • Simple and straightforward to use. So you’ll track numbers in few steps.
  • GSM, CDMA, and state service providers are supported.
  • It has an inbuilt GPS feature which makes the tracking process less difficult and clear.
  • Number tracking doesn’t depend upon the service operator.
  • You can track mobile in 2 steps only.
  • Service is freed from cost.
  • The target number should be India based because it supports only Indian numbers.
  • An unsatisfied customer rate is high due to quality.
  • It can only track variety if the web is functioning.
7: caller ID & Number Locator

If you’re seeking a mixture of caller name and site tracker then you want to choose caller ID & Number Locator. Like other applications, it also provides free service. You’ll get the caller’s identity and his location by employing a single app. You are doing not got to download two different applications.

  • It has a database of approx. 12,985 cities.
  • The searching process becomes easier with a database of contacts.
  • Also, it provides a call blocking feature.
  • The name of the caller is displayed on the screen.
  • No internet is required to look at the situation of the amount.
  • The target number is often searched in over 200 different countries.
  • Caller’s identification and therefore the caller’s location both are often fetched.
  • Calls are often blocked easily through this app.
  • You can get the precise location of the caller via Google Maps.
  • It works just for the Android versions above 4.0.
8: Truecaller Phone Tracer

Truecaller is that the most ordinarily used applications. So you’ll globally track the caller’s name and mobile location.

  • It allows you to dam the unknown number which you are doing not want to select.
  • It also shows the caller’s picture alongside the name.
  • Its database of the numbers makes the search process easy and accurate.
  • You will be notified if someone tries to trace your number.
  • Your data is secure. So your phonebook numbers won’t be used online.
  • A true caller allows you to form calls.
  • So it is a trusted application and has quite 220 million users with high satisfaction.
  • It needs an online connection for its proper working.
  • So you need to register first to avail of its services.
9: Trace Mobile Number

This mobile tracking app specially developed for Android-based mobiles. So trace Mobile Number helps you in tracking the situation of the mobile number. This application supported by several mobile service operators. So, there’ll be no problem while the target number tracking. a bit like the previous one, it’s also compatible with the 4.0 or above Android versions.

  • It provides an accurate location of the searched target numbers.
  • It works without an online connection and therefore the location often fetched offline.
  • Modifications within the app done at regular intervals in order that they will provide better output.
  • The contact database updated from time to time.
  • You will be ready to see the service provider’s name while calling or receiving a call.
  • So you do not need any technical or computer skills to use this application.
  • It doesn’t provide global service. So it often utilized in India or some neighbour countries only.
  • Advertisements within the app make the user irritated.

Google Android offers to trace of your lost Android mobile with a web tool at So you’ll find your mobile with details like battery status, and site details. It also shows WiFi details that mobile is using. You’ll play a sound for five minutes. This feature is useful just in case if you’ve misplaced the mobile anywhere in your home. It makes the sound albeit you’ve kept the mobile in Mute. You’ll also remotely lock or erase all the mobile content which traced this manner.

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