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Mobile Number Tracker Online Free: 5 Best Phone Number Location TRACKER Apps In 2024 

Mobile Number Tracker Online Free:- We did our research and found that LocationTracker is the greatest phone number location tracker for 2024! The best phone number location tracker apps covertly track device locations by utilizing GPS technology based on satellites. These apps alert users right away in situations where a child crosses boundaries that have been set. We’ve identified the top 5 tracking applications after carefully evaluating over 50 choices. Prioritizing features that were simple to set up, offered free trials, and had robust location monitoring capabilities were among our selection criteria. The top apps for tracking phone numbers without requiring permission are listed below. They work flawlessly.

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Best Phone Number Location Tracker Apps in 2024

Mobile Number Tracker Online Free
  • LocationTracker
  • Geofinder
  • Phones
  • Eyezy
  • UMobix

1. LocationTracker

Use LocationTracker, a sophisticated application for tracking Android and iPhone devices, to discover increased online security and easily detect cheating occurrences. Explore this powerful online number tracker’s most recent features to learn the nuances of excellent phone monitoring.


s IP-Logger

By recording and logging IP addresses linked to internet-connected devices, the IP-Logger is an invaluable instrument in the field of digital tracking. This feature gives users the ability to keep an extensive record of individual IDs, providing information about online activity and device presence on a network.

Real-Time Location Tracker

The Real-Time Location Tracker is a state-of-the-art tool that lets users track and monitor whereabouts instantly. Ensuring real-time tracking using this feature makes location-based information available promptly and with accuracy.

For a variety of uses, this real-time feature improves location tracking’s overall accuracy and efficacy.

Wi-Fi Tracker

One tool that is particularly useful for locating and keeping an eye on Wi-Fi networks is the Wi-Fi Tracker. This feature allows users to monitor and assess the strength, characteristics, and availability of Wi-Fi signals in a specific area.

This tool is very helpful for maximizing Wi-Fi coverage and learning about network patterns in a given area.


  • Interface That’s Easy to Use
  • Positive Comments Regarding the Features
  • Sufficient Tracking Skills


  • Restricted Customer Service and No Free Trial Period
Mobile Number Tracker Online Free

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2. Geofinder

Regardless of the network, Geofinder is an advanced phone tracking tool that displays phone numbers on a map with accuracy. In addition to identifying phones, this flexible solution offers remote monitoring and customized SMS capabilities for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Because it works with so many different phone models and brands, it’s a dependable choice.
For convenience, Geofinder also offers a free trial.


Customizable Alert Messages

Users of Geofinder can customize alert messages to suit their requirements and tastes. Personalization allows users to receive notifications tailored to their preferences, whether it means changing the tone, language, or content.

Location Tracking by Phone Number

With the help of the connected phone number, users can utilize this Geofinder tool to locate a specific device. Users may easily monitor the location of their devices and the devices of other people in their network by using this feature, which increases users’ sense of control and security.

Seamless Compatibility Across All Mobile Networks

Geofinder’s perfect integration with all mobile networks guarantees users a trouble-free and seamless experience.

By removing potential connectivity problems, this universal compatibility aims to give customers a dependable and consistent tracking experience across many carriers and guarantee accessibility for a larger user base.


  • Unidentified Monitoring
  • No Need for a Jailbreak: Simple Location Finding


  • Delayed reporting of location

3. Phonsee

Phonsee is a sophisticated parental control app that works on the cloud and makes monitoring easier. It does away with the necessity for intricate installations, in contrast to conventional methods. You don’t need to install any software to track your child’s activities with Phonsee.

The app is an easy-to-use and useful option for parental control because it transmits recorded data to your online Control Panel, which is available from any web browser.


  • Very Easy-to-Use Dashboard
  • AI-Powered Notification Platform
  • Monitoring in Real Time


  • You get one subscription per tracked device

4. Eyezy

Eyezy is a great software that lets parents watch over their kids’ phone usage. It offers a light touch of supervision over what they do online. It lets parents view calendar event details, images, videos, and apps on their child’s device. Eyezy is compatible with iOS, Android, and iPads and has an easy-to-use dashboard GPS tracking feature. It also offers a 14-day refund policy to guarantee client satisfaction.


  • Retrieves Erroneous Messages
  • Unobtrusive Surveillance
  • Modern and sleek dashboards


  • Financial Concerns

5. uMobix

One flexible monitoring program that is particularly good for tracking calls, messages, GPS locations, and internet activity on the targeted phones is Mobi. Its five-minute real-time updates increase efficacy.


  • offers thorough call logs with contact details and timestamps included.
  • enables access to the monitored device’s photo gallery.
  • incorporates a display of the live application to improve user understanding.


  • The standard edition has fewer features than the other edition, which limits functionality.
Mobile Number Tracker Online Free

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After reviewing several phone number location tracker apps, we’ve identified several excellent options for covertly tracking the whereabouts of devices. Among the greatest choices is Locationtracker. mobi and Geofinder. mobi, which offers cutting-edge capabilities like IP-Logger and Real-Time Location Tracker. While Eyezy focuses on minor supervision features, Phonsee streamlines parental management with GPS tracking and text message monitoring.

When it comes to accurate location logging and real-time call monitoring, uMobix excels. Every app addresses a particular requirement and provides customers looking for the best phone number location tracker apps with a balanced combination of benefits and drawbacks.


Q. How Reliable Is Tracking a Cell Phone?
With GPS technology, tracking through cellphones and other electronic devices can reach up to 10 meters with great precision. Nevertheless, factors like signal strength, satellite position, and atmospheric conditions may have an impact on how precisely the tracking occurs.

Q. Is Tracking a Phone Illegal?
When done legally, tracking someone using a GPS gadget is acceptable. Nonetheless, it is against the law for someone to track another person using an electronic GPS device without their permission. A pattern of behaviour involving the unauthorized use of a GPS tracker to monitor someone without that person’s consent is what defines stalking.


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