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Number Location Check, Type in Phone Number and Find the Location Free

Number Location Check:- For a variety of use cases, including criminal investigations, online dating, employment surveillance, child safety, and others, finding the location of a phone number may be essential. It facilitates figuring out the area or nation where the number is located. For instance, if you choose a business phone number, it will be helpful to your search to be aware of the company’s geolocation.

When you don’t know where a phone number is located, searching for it online can be challenging and time-consuming. On the other hand, there are several methods for looking up a phone number. Using the GPS position tracking feature on your phone is the best option in this case.


The Best Free Applications for Entering Phone Numbers and Locating: Number Location Check


With the use of the location finder software, you can look for a gadget by phone number. It is among the best programs for tracking phone locations covertly.

With the help of this program, which is compatible with all operating systems, you may find anyone on the globe by only entering their phone number. It is also preferable if you keep in mind that you need to install this program on the specific device you are trying to find.


  • A text message with discretion: The recipient gets a message with discretion that includes the location.
  • Locate anyone anywhere: Anyone can be located anywhere because it is compatible with all networks.
  • Receive email notification: You will immediately receive a notification in your inbox along with a map of the area.
  • Determine the precise location: Use this to enter a phone number and locate the precise position, or use the free web app to find the location.
  • Number Locator: Enter a person’s number to find them.
  • Device compatibility: It works with both iOS and Android.
  • Craft messages for customers: Allows you to craft personalized greetings.


  • Who tried to find the phone owner won’t be known to them.
  • Installing anything on your end won’t be necessary.
  • Requires no jailbreak to operate.
  • To locate them, you don’t need to know the model of their phone.


  • There aren’t many features available.
Number Location Check

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2) Spokeo

Best for Providing Detailed information on caller ID

One of the best apps for finding the location of phone numbers online is Spokeo. Important details on the owner of the phone number are available. It displays information such as the precise location, the name used to register, and the current address.

Additionally, you may look for locations using email, name, address, and phone number.

With the use of this app, you may look for millions of phone records, including cell and landline numbers. In a matter of seconds, it searches phone lookup results and notifies you when it locates records that match, including name, address, country, state, and so on.

Spokeo’s unique filtering tools save you time when searching. This makes it possible for you to locate the individual or information that you’re seeking.


  • Free quick search: A free quick search is available.
  • Generates precise data: It takes only a few seconds to generate precise data.
  • Find spam callers: You can quickly identify spam callers with the help of our mobile location tracker.
  • Compliant gadget: It works with both Android and iOS.
  • Analyzes 12 billion public records: 12 billion public records and more than 100 social media networks are available for analysis.


  • Spokeo processes search requests quickly.
  • It contributes to your loved ones’ protection.
  • With a paid membership, it provides limitless searching.
  • Offers their users excellent privacy and security.


  • Exclusive to the United States.
  • It doesn’t provide detailed instructions on how to follow a number.

3) Social Catfish

Best For Getting the Name of the Caller with a Detailed Report

When it comes to monitoring tablets and cell phones, Social Catfish is the most convenient and secure mobile application. You can remotely review all call logs and contact lists with this tool.

Discovering important details about your caller, such as their age, location and address, email address, and many social media sites, is another benefit of using Social Catfish.


  • Services for looking up phone numbers: With this function, you can find out who called you from a particular number.
  • Public record: Divorce, marriage, and criminal records are searchable.
  • Address search: Provides information on the owner’s contact details and who resides at a specific address.
  • A business directory: It offers contact details for both domestic and foreign companies, including firm addresses.


  • Both utilizing and accessing it is simple.
  • The search results are shown right away.
  • Gives local and foreign businesses access to business information..


  • Due to its increased emphasis on company profiles, the person search is restricted.

Number Location Check:

4) GEOfinder

Best for overall finding phone number location

With the help of the web-based tool GEOfinder, you can find a location by entering its phone number. Additionally, it includes a sharing link in a persuasive SMS message. It’s a really easy system that doesn’t take much work. For a mere $1, users can start a two-day trial of Geofinder which offers unlimited SMS.

One of the location finder applications that work with all phone models and setups is this one. This web service allows you to track a device by phone number.


  • Operate on multiple platforms: It is compatible with all mobile network providers.
  • Track phone location by number: This feature makes it easier for you to find the targeted phone location.
  • Customise message: You can choose exactly what message you would like to send.
  • Sends a location request: Allows for infinite requests for geolocation.
  • Detailed Location: The map will show you the exact places.
  • Compatible devices: iOS and Android gadgets.
  • Unlimited Geolocation request: Sending infinite geolocation requests is possible with this feature.


  • You may find anyone by entering their phone number.
  • Cell phone location tracking is anonymous.
  • Works with all mobile network providers to find anyone’s phone number.


  • Geofinder takes a while to return the targeted device’s coordinates and location.
  • If the owner of the target phone doesn’t click on the link, you won’t be able to track their whereabouts.
Number Location Check

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5) PeopleLooker

Best for Offering high-level customer security and privacy

Well-known for offering comprehensive information searches, PeopleLooker is a people search engine. In addition to providing phone number lookup services, the website helps customers learn more about protecting themselves from scammers by providing them with informative articles and material.


  • Anonymity: When you conduct a phone number search, users’ anonymity guarantees that your identity stays private.
  • Name: You may seek up persons by name using the people search feature.
  • Safe Anonymous Lookups: Look up phone numbers without having to worry about privacy or data security.
  • Large database: To assist you in looking up unfamiliar phone numbers, PeopleLooker’s database has billions of data points from sources.
  • Background report: People Looker offers a thorough background report with 13 categories to give the most information about a particular individual that is publicly available.


  • Promised security and privacy for users
  • Instantaneous search outcomes
  • Includes several helpful background check tools.


  • To gain full access, you must subscribe.
  • Not as thorough as other reverse phone number lookup services, sometimes

6) mSpy: Number Location Check

Best for location tracking

All iOS versions and the majority of Android phones can use the parental control app mSpy. Numerous sophisticated phone lookup search features are available in this reverse phone search program. Keylogging, location tracking, internet blocking, and encrypted data access are some of its features.

Additionally, you can verify the device’s GPS location. Every five minutes, it also offers activity updates for the designated phone.


  • Real-time location tracking: You can limit geodome so that the user receives a notification when someone exits the zone.
  • Background mode: This mode of operation is background.
  • Encrypting and safeguarding your data is what this application does.
  • Platforms supported: All Android and iOS devices.
  • Activity updates: Sends forth five-minute updates on the targeted phone’s activities.
  • Read texts: You can peruse both sent and received text messages.


  • To secure and safeguard your data, you can monitor your child’s activity.
  • Allows you to view deleted images and texts.
  • Provides immediate alerts when a target family member’s phone is using certain prohibited terms.


  • Not a very affordable app for family tracking.
Number Location Check

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FAQs On Number Location Check

Q.) Which apps use a phone number to track a person’s location?

Ans. To find out someone’s whereabouts, try these top phone number tracker apps:

  • Intelius
  • Spokeo
  • mSpy
  • Social Catfish
  • Eyezy

Q.) Is it possible to track a phone by its IMEI number?

Ans. If you misplace your phone, the authorities or your service provider can help locate it by using the IMEI number on your phone.

For every phone, this 15-digit number is different. The IMEI number aids in tracking down misplaced or pilfered phones. Recalling that different devices store their IMEI digits in different places might be beneficial.

Q.) Is It Allowed to Find Out Someone’s Phone Number?

Ans. Indeed, there is currently no mention of phone number tracking being illegal in any nation or area. Legal action may follow, depending on the jurisdiction, if the phone owner is not aware that he has violated someone’s privacy.

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