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Phone Number Tracker Free Online, 10 Best Websites & Apps, Pros & Cons

Phone Number Tracker Free Online: The detection technology is based on measuring power levels and antenna patterns and uses the concept that a powered mobile phone always communicates wirelessly with one of the nearest base stations, hence knowledge of the base station’s location. means that the cell phone is nearby. Many online options like apps and websites will tell you the exact location of the mobile number.

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Trace Mobile Number Location / Cellphone Number Info in India: Phone Number Tracker Free Online helps you to find mobile number location and caller’s personal information like name, address, city name, location, network operator, state and search history etc.
Mobile Phone Tracker Provides the Latest/Current Location of any Cellphone/Mobile Number in India. Also, file a complaint against any mobile number in the reputation and monitoring section. Mobile Number Location Tracking is free of cost and also we do not collect or store any personal information. This service is applicable in all the states of India and the Union Territories. Mobile Number Tracker helps you narrow your search for the owner’s name, address and other details/information.

10 Best Free Phone Tracker To Track Mobile Number Location

NumLooker: Phone Number Tracker Free Online

No one is best at reverse phone lookup when it comes to NumLooker. It facilitates information about an individual without revealing his identity. You can view phone numbers and people collectively. Just one search reveals everything about the caller you want.

Through NumLooker you can verify the integrity of the caller’s claim. It gives you complete protection from fraud. It also helps you connect with old friends even if you have missed their calls. NumLooker is very easy to use. The site’s homepage has the option to reverse lookup the phone number.

The safety and security of the website are unmatchable Sometimes the information you receive can be misleading 
You can use it for free without paying s single penny The website takes a while in fetching the data you researched 
You can use it for free without paying s single penny 
Pros & Cons of NumLooker 

USPhoneLookup: Phone Number Tracker Free Online

Finding phone numbers is super easy with USPhoneLookup. You will no longer be a victim of scammers or spam calls. You can use this service to trace and identify the caller using a reverse lookup completely. The incredible advantage of this service is that you will get all the social media profiles for that particular person if present. You are not charged anything for providing the service completely free of charge. You can do multiple searches using USPhoneLookup. Popular searches include background search, public records search, address search and people search.

The platform is super easy, anyone can use it with zero skills A low number of data sources 
High encryption protocols keep you anonymous and secure while carrying out specific research Sometimes the information can be misleading 
It is super efficient and quick, you will get data about any person instantly 
The detailed reports include information on social media, criminal history, employment history, and name 
Pros & Cons of USPhoneLookup 
Phone Number Tracker Free Online

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WhoseNumber: Phone Number Tracker Free Online

Whose number one service is really worth it? When it comes to supreme safety and security, it really helps to know the unknown caller. You can find unknown callers in minutes by using whose number service is completely free. By doing this you can access their name and location, and conduct detailed research. Next, you can screen calls, avoid telemarketers, and face stalkers. You can search through the area code to pinpoint the location, using the phone you picked up from whose number. You can also search social media profiles, Google them, government websites and phone directories.

Whose number comprises of database that is not only huge but also reliableSometimes the information you receive is not in detail or you just get a phone number 
The interface is truly capable of to cater newbies The size of the database is less as compared to competitors 
24/7 help or support for all 
The detail report is another feature that strengthens the presence of WhoseNumber 
Pros & Cons of WhoseNumber

CocoFinder: Phone Number Tracker Free Online 

CocoFinder provides in-depth information about an individual including their photos, address, criminal history, property holdings, relatives, and more. So using CocoFinder is as simple as doing a Google search. Find out the details of any person by entering the information you have and clicking the search button. CocoFinder’s core mission is to provide people with easy and affordable access to public records information.

Have a huge database with billions of entries. Only can be used in the US nationally 
Only takes about a minute or two to focus on high-speed computing. 
None of your searches is tracked 
Leading to the highest accuracy 
Pros & Cons of CocoFinder
Phone Number Tracker Free Online

Spokeo: Phone Number Tracker Free Online

Spokeo laid its foundation in the year 2006. Serving for more than 16 years. He developed a socially active search engine that has about 20 million monthly visitors. Partnering with Deloitte’s Fast Tech 500 and 5000 incorporations, Spokeo has a record total of approximately $12 billion.

And this record comes from 1000 different data sources. These data sources provide authentic data about any specific person you need. Till now this service has played a big role in connecting millions of people especially old friends. Spokeo also does a remarkable job of preventing online fraudulent activities.

Speedy Sign up and start-up on the go No accreditation from FCRA  
User-friendly mobile app and site Providing its services only within the boundaries of the USA 
Different sources to assess data records accurately You cannot use this service for screening tenants or potential employees 
Positive feedback from 1000’s people in problem-solving 
Anyone can afford it 
Pros & Cons of Spokeo

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USPhoneSearch: Phone Number Tracker Free Online

UsPhoneSearch is providing a 100% free phone lookup service, and it gives people easy and affordable access to public records information. In addition to information from its own database, USPhoneSearch also collects data through partnerships with cell phone carriers, which make the database widely available. By just entering a phone number, you can get high-accuracy results in a minute, and even ask for reports online.

Enjoy a quick and efficient search of our database It does not provide the customer reports 
It can save the hassles of visiting hundreds of websites. 
Use Advanced Filtering and Updates to find out the target person.
Pros & Cons of USPhoneSearch

WhatIsThisNumber: Phone Number Tracker Free Online

WhatIsThisNumber accesses thousands of public databases at once and generates a detailed report about the caller in a matter of minutes. It gives you secure, easy-to-use phone lookup services. Do background checks and get accurate reports about people using only their phone numbers. If someone is calling you and either refuse to tell you his name or gives an incomplete name. For security reasons, it is best to do a number search to find out about their background.

Search results load very quickly.Sometimes the information will be misleading 
The interface is easy to understand and user-friendly 
Secure and accurate results 
Pros & Cons of WhatIsThisNumber 

CocoSpy: Phone Number Tracker Free Online

CocoSpy refers to spy software that works specifically for mobile phones. It enables you to keep track of offline as well as online activities that are taking place on your target’s device. The best thing about this software is that it works best in stealth mode. You can do any activity without specifically alerting the owner to anything. The features of this app really give the app a competitive edge. You can track texts or calls, social media profiles, and even geofencing. The app is popular in over 190 countries and has over a million users.

Very easy and simple to use No access to free trial 
Offer its users up-to-the-mark stealth mode IOS-compatible devices need iCloud credentials
Zero rooting or jailbreaking is needed when it comes to CocoSpy Less number of features are available on Android and iOS 
You can install it on IOS remotely 
Pros & Cons of CocoSpy

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Phone Number Tracker Free Online with location

Spyic: Phone Number Tracker Free Online

The Spyic is an app that you can use to monitor iOS and Android devices. The app focuses on parental controls to spy on the child’s behaviour and whereabouts. You can use this app to spot suspicious partners, spouses and even employers. The company is present for more than 10 years and is fully functional in over 190 countries

Incredible features of spying on Android Technical support is very slow 
Zero rooting is needed and simple to install 
Updates quite often almost once every hour or less 
Actively spy on Social media activities 
Pros & Cons of Spyic

Spyine: Phone Number Tracker Free Online

Spyine is a well-known device tracking software. You can use it to assess the activities of your children, employees, spouses or anyone you know. You need to complete device access and setup to get the most out of Spine. And installing the app is a very easy process. You don’t need to be tech-savvy. With this worthy app, you can do tracking on multiple Android and iOS devices at once.

You need zero rooting or jailbreaking of the target device Less a number of features especially on IOS 
Excellent Support and SIM tracking have also lain among its benefits No trial offering for free 
Built-in keyloggerMissing some useful features
Extremely user-friendly 
Pros & Cons of Spyine

FAQs on Phone Number Tracker Free Online

How can I know the location of a phone number?
Look at the area code from the phone number, then Google the area code to find out where it is. You can also try a reverse phone number lookup program to find out the source of the number.

Is there a free app to track someone’s phone?
Google Find My Device is a free phone tracking application. The app lets you track any device on your Android phone. You can set a password to secure the data. Also, the app supports remote lock and erase features.

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