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SIM Trace

SIM Trace, Track a SIM card and monitor SIM activities

SIM Trace:- A SIM card is required for a mobile phone to connect to a mobile network. It is therefore trackable when it is active on any type of phone.

Both SIM tracker apps and the general mobile network provider might assist you in finding a SIM card. We also provide the optimal method for tracking a phone’s position without a SIM card. See the article below for further details.


How to Effectively Track a SIM Card Online

Cell phone location tracking and SIM location tracking are very similar. For normal network provider tracking, the phone’s IMEI number is necessary, although it may be difficult to locate or recall. Therefore, if you want to quickly locate a SIM card number, KidsGuard Pro is our top pick for a sim tracker.

Features of KidsGuard Pro in SIM card tracking:

  • It is feasible to determine both the previous and present locations of the SIM card. The phone will also display the most recent data it has.
  • It also has a Geofence function that alerts you immediately if the device breaches an imaginary border on the map.
  • Plugging in the SIM card allows you to verify facts like the phone’s type, battery life, on/off status, WiFi enabled/disabled, and more.
  • With the smartphone that has the SIM card loaded, you can use it to monitor the call and text history. Remote listening is possible for the phone conversation.
  • It also makes chats on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other platforms visible.
  • You have the option to record keystrokes so you can see what is typed on the device. Moreover, you can take live screenshots of the intended gadget.
  • To find out what people search for online, you can look through their browser history in detail.
  • Additionally, it allows surround recording, which lets you hear the live environment of the phone. Screen recording and call recording are also accessible.
  • KidsGuard Pro allows you to monitor and set up keywords, as well as receive notifications when someone enters them.
    Monitoring on TikTok and YouTube is currently available.
  • Due to the App icon’s lack of visibility on the target device, the tracking is 100% invisible.
SIM Trace

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How to Use KidsGuard Pro to Track the Location of a SIM Card Online: SIM Trace

Step 1. Create an Account

Complete the required fields first, and then choose a plan as needed. Next, you register for a KidsGuard Pro account. To begin, click the button below.

Step 2. Download KidsGuard Pro

Now, on the device you need to find, download the KidsGuard Pro Assistant app. After that, hit the downloaded file to start the setup and finish the process. This stage should just take three to five minutes.

Step 3. Visit the Dashboard                               

Following setup, the application’s icon will vanish. You can now use your account to access the dashboard from any other mobile device. If you choose the “Location” option, you can see a map with the target device’s present and past locations. Navigate to the “Wi-Fi Logger” to get the precise location of the device even if the GPS is off.

You don’t even need to use the SIM number tracker method to monitor your phone with ease utilizing this method. Additionally, the greatest sim tracker program available for you to use is KidsGuard Pro.

Find My SIM Card Using My Mobile Provider: SIM Trace

Using the SIM card number of a lost or stolen phone is one method of locating it. All you need to do is talk to your cell network provider. Now let’s look at the requirements and best practices.

SIM Trace

Requirements for using a mobile network provider to track a phone by SIM card number:

  • It is necessary to first insert the SIM card into the gadget to track it.
  • Additionally, a network coverage area must contain the SIM automobiles.
  • Thirdly, a phone that is turned off cannot be tracked.
  • Not to mention, you must know the IMEI number of the phone.

How to use a mobile network operator to track a SIM card:

Step 1. Call your cell phone.

The network provider will be able to determine its last known position in this manner.

Step 2. Look for the International Mobile Equipment Identity number or the IMEI number.

This is a very distinctive number that the GSM network assigns to each device. To stop any other party from joining the same network, your network provider also utilizes this number.

Step 3. Call your network provider.

Now is the time to provide them with your account data. Ask them for the SIM card number that matches your IMEI and phone number.

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Step 4. Track down the location of your lost or stolen SIM card.

You must now ask for their assistance. They can track the replacement SIM card by utilizing the IMEI number of your phone if they can identify the signal of the old SIM card.

You still need to perform one more thing. You can log in to your network operator and lock your SIM card if your handset was stolen. Your phone will be blocked right away, preventing the thief from sending any signals at all. They can even send a notification to the device that was taken.

How to Use SIM Card Tracker to Check SIM Details

You may also find a lot of SIM trackers that allow you to get the whereabouts of your SIM card. They are easy to use if you want to quickly find your phone after losing it. It’s also useful in case someone steals your phone. Here, we’ve selected the best SIM trackers for you.

Requirements for Using SIM Trackers to Track SIM Card Location Online:

  • First, the target device needs to have the app installed.
  • For location, the target mobile device must be on.

A Well-liked SIM Card Tracker You Could Try:

Mobile, SIM, and Location Info

If you’re curious about SIM card tracking. You can monitor your SIM information with the popular SIM tracker app, Mobile, SIM and Location Info.

These are the two main benefits:

  • Additionally, you will be able to figure out the current address and location, which could aid in the recovery of your misplaced phone.
  • To examine device information at any moment, it can also track information such as the name, brand, model, and IMEI number.

Disadvantages: SIM Trace

  • Please note that it is only compatible with Android devices.
  • Too many adverts requesting permissions prevented this app from functioning properly.
SIM Trace


All things considered, the traditional way of monitoring an IMEI SIM card is extremely complicated and depends entirely on the network provider. As mentioned earlier, you can use a SIM tracker to monitor a phone by SIM card number. Using KidsGuard Pro is the easiest and safest way to achieve the aim quickly. More than thirty excellent monitoring features are provided in addition to the location tracking.

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FAQs On SIM Trace

Q.) Can you trace a SIM card?

Ans. While tracking a lost SIM card is not possible directly, you can use the device’s GPS to track the lost SIM card. Apps or tracking tools might help in this procedure.

Q.) How can I track my SIM details?

Ans. You can now find a tonne of SIM tracker apps if you search the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You are also able to utilize these apps. On the other hand, if you have an Android phone, Google’s Find My Device will be your savior if you want the undeniably finest app for tracking your SIM card.

Q.) Can we trace blocked SIMs?

Ans. No. You are invisible to the cops if you take out the SIM card. It depends on what kind of technology they have to track individuals, though it might depend since you might use WiFi to access the internet on your phone and they might still be able to follow you using GPS.

Q.) Can we use a SIM to track our location?

Ans. A SIM card is required for a mobile phone to connect to a mobile network. It is therefore trackable when it is active on any type of phone. Both SIM tracker apps and the general mobile network provider might assist you in finding a SIM card.

Q.) How does tracing a SIM card operate?

Ans. SIM-based tracking tracks a device’s position by using the cellular network. A SIM card works by connecting to a cellular network and transmitting data, including location data, into a device like a GPS tracker or smartphone.

Q.) Are there any traceable SIM cards?

Ans. An interface that enables a device to connect to the cellular network is the SIM card. Tracking is not possible with SIM cards alone. Once a SIM card is installed in a phone, GPS and cellular network data can be used to follow that device.

Q.) Is it possible for SIM to monitor browsing history?

Ans. Do SIM cards record browser history? Sorry, but SIM cards do not store your browsing history. Your web browsers, such as Firefox or Safari, are the only ones with that kind of information.

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