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Type In Phone Number And Find Location

Type In Phone Number And Find Location: Free Online Easily & Legally

Type In Phone Number And Find Location:- When we talk about “tracking a phone number,” we mean locating the device in real-time or in the past. Whatever your particular requirement, we can help you in several ways.


Track a lost phone’s real-time location

Many individuals look for ways to monitor their phones, particularly if they’ve misplaced them. Similar to this forum user, who is searching for an app to use their phone number to locate their pilfered Optimus G.1. In situations such as these, you can locate the phone using its built-in GPS. Now here’s the thing: a phone number is unable to activate the built-in GPS, regardless of whether it is an IMEI or serial number.

Thankfully, a built-in mechanism that helps locate misplaced devices is present on both Android and iPhone handsets. Users must use their device accounts—Google accounts for Android smartphones, and Apple IDs for iPhones—to access real-time device location. You can locate your misplaced phone by using the Find My Device tool after logging in on another device. However, you must move swiftly. You cannot track a device if its battery runs out or if someone else turns it off.

Type In Phone Number And Find Location

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Install tracking apps after consent

Safety concerns might also be the driving force behind tracking a phone number, based on help-seeking forum posts. This account comes from a forum user whose spouse has memory issues, necessitating the tracking of their phone when they are out of the house.2. Installing a tracking app on the device can offer real-time location sharing in these circumstances. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to have an honest conversation and get consent from the one you’re worried about, be it a spouse, relative, or another person.

One option available to iPhone users is to use Family Sharing to share their location. This requirement gains a personal touch from a touching Reddit user who recounts how her daughter voluntarily agreed to location sharing, showing her love of sharing and sense of community through the shared family location.3.

Apps & Websites

What about websites and programs that promise to track a phone location simply by entering the number? Do they function? Are they OK to use?  Well, it’s possible that the ability to enter a phone number and retrieve a real-time location existed before 2019. Major carriers including T-Mobile and AT&T reportedly sold their customers’ real-time phone location data to third parties for profit in that year, according to the media4. This disclosure suggests that there might be websites or apps that allow users to enter their phone numbers and instantly find out someone’s current location.

The 2011 post verified the existence on the side: A user describes how, in just ten seconds, their acquaintance was able to locate the location by typing in the phone number. The user initially believed it to be only the GPS position, but subsequently, their friend divulged everything, save for the app’s name.5. Regarding allegations that the carriers had sold consumers’ real-time location data to unaffiliated third parties, the FCC suggested a $200 million fine in 2020. Six There shouldn’t be any apps or websites that allow users to follow a phone number’s current position in real-time, notwithstanding the major carriers’ promises to stop selling consumer data.

However, by entering the phone number, you can find out the general location. Here are 3 methods to ascertain:

  • Free general searches
  • Use People search services
  • Track by links

Method 1. Free general searches

  • The easiest and most cost-free way to determine the location of a phone number is to type it in and search for it on Google or other search engines.
  • A list of relevant search results for the phone number will appear. It can be a dubious spam call or the official number of a store or organisation.
  • You can enter the first three digits of a phone number, which is the area code for the United States, if there is no other helpful information about the number. You can find out where the phone call is from by looking up the 3-digit area code.
  • It is not possible, as some articles claim, to look for a phone number using Google Maps.
  • The following methods do not provide free searches, so you will need to invest time and energy in doing them yourself.
Type In Phone Number And Find Location

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Method 2. Use People search services

Person search services are phone number trackers that offer a morally and legally acceptable means to obtain information about an individual via their phone number, such as their residence, place of employment, assets, and more. By just plugging in the phone number, you may find out the owner’s potential location and learn their past whereabouts.

For those who wish to learn more about an unknown phone number, this method is ideal.

One of the best reverse phone number services is BeenVerified, which can tell you vital details about callers you are not familiar with. With the help of this service’s extensive phone number database, you can quickly identify callers and obtain personal details like name, address, and public records. BeenVerified can help you keep informed and safeguard your privacy, regardless of whether you want to know where and who is calling before you answer.

  • Go to BeenVerified.
  • Enter the phone number and search.
  •  Find out the phone number location and get a report about the owner.

Social Catfish

Reverse phone number services like Social Catfish, which may help you identify unexpected callers and safeguard your privacy, come highly recommended. Intelius provides you with access to a large phone number database that contains details about the phone number owner, such as name, potential address, and public records. Its prompt and precise results assist you in choosing communication partners wisely.

  • Visit Social Catfish.
  •  Search after entering the phone number.
  •  Get a report about the owner and the location history of the phone number. You must purchase the membership level that best suits your needs to view the report.

Method 3. Track phone location by URL

While some websites and applications allow you to search for locations and enter phone numbers, their tracking technique is quite different from that of people search services. You must include a link to the phone number for them. The owner can track the geolocation of the phone number and provide you with an exact response on a map by clicking the link on the phone.

To put it another way, you can find out the owner’s precise location if it succeeds, but it is not an anonymous approach.

As the greatest tracking tool for pinpointing someone’s precise location, makes this claim. It enables users to find the phone numbers of others from a distance. Simply search for their number on the website to begin tracking them without having to install any apps on other devices. But, you’ll have to message the intended recipient and get authorization. You’ll be aware of the precise location once the owner clicks the link.

This allows you to easily track any kind of phone anywhere in the world.


GeoFinder presents itself as a powerful phone number tracker that works with any mobile network to pinpoint the exact location of a phone number on a map. On their official website, you can look up the location and enter the phone number. If you don’t already have one, you’ll receive a link after paying for the service. Make the owner of the phone number click on the GeoFinder-generated link. You will be able to pinpoint their exact location on the map if they do click. You are unable to find them if they do not click.

Type In Phone Number And Find Location

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Are these services legit?

Indeed, these are genuine services that perform admirably. After using a few services for a few days, I can recommend them. You can find out someone’s whereabouts with a trial version of most of them, even though they are not all free. Thus, you are not required to purchase their plan right now.

There are good reasons to follow someone around with their permission, such as monitoring a family member’s safety or locating a misplaced or stolen phone. When this occurs, it’s critical to have the subject’s express consent and track their whereabouts using morally and legally acceptable methods, including employing applications or phone features with built-in tracking capabilities.


In conclusion, even if a variety of internet resources offer free phone number location services, it’s crucial to use caution and think about privacy concerns. Certain tools could impose restrictions, including asking the other party to click on a produced link or demand their consent. It’s also important to keep in mind that not all of these services are reliable or current. As a result, it’s best to use these technologies sparingly and give privacy and consent priority. Ultimately, when utilizing any type of phone number locating service, it’s important to respect other people’s privacy and limits.


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