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Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map, Detailed Overview of them, Conclusions, FAQs

Do you know how will you respond assuming you lose your telephone? Or on the other hand, assuming your number one individual goes out without illuminating you where they are going? You can follow your versatile’s area with the assistance of Google Maps. Likely you will not know about these applications. Google map gives you administration to follow any telephone number’s area, however, you want an outsider application for this. So how to Track numbers with Google Map and which are the best mobile number tracker update for this assistance are given beneath.


How to Track a mobile number on Google Maps?

These are three straightforward ways of following any gadget without utilizing outsider applications.

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Google Maps App:

Perhaps you are ignorant, yet Google Maps itself can without much of a stretch recognize where the client is and the area and additional data about a cell phone. For this procedure to work precisely, the area administration’s trademark should be permitted, and the telephone ought to be turned on. To follow the mobile Google Maps:

  • Open the Google Maps application on the gadget you need to follow.
  • Begin your record by choosing the symbol on the upper right half of the window.
  • Pick ‘Add another Account’ from the inventory of options.
  • Select Google Accounts and sign in by the email address of the connected individual which telephone you want to follow. It is vital that the email address ought to be on Google Maps is being utilized in someone else’s application.
  • Yet again the ensuing step is to begin the application and select the ‘Record’ sign. Pick the record that you newly added.
  • Select the menu and pick ‘Your Timeline’. Presently the area of the gadget should be visible on the telephone right away.
Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map Update

Find My Device:

This component is one of the most mind-blowing ways of tracking down your telephone and deleting your significant information when you lose the telephone. I realize this may not seem like you are so horrendous, however, your information can be utilized against you; and for this reason, deleting information from the phone is significant. In any case, one most significant thing to see is that you can utilize this component when your telephone is turned on with dynamic web and your Google account endorsed (which generally is significant for perusing) in the gadget you are following. It might likewise require The Location and Find My Device administrations. You can utilize the application “Track down My Device” straightforwardly, or with the assistance of the web, you can follow your telephone by following these means.

  • As a matter of some importance, Open com/find in the program and afterwards sign in to your gadget’s Google Account.
  • Assuming you are utilizing different gadgets with a similar record, you want to pick which telephone you are attempting to follow. By picking the gadget, you will come to know where your gadget was last known (just the area which is accessible for Google), however, it might advise the telephone.
  • Presently you approach to lock your gadget, or you can eradicate the information of the versatile however consistently recall, eliminating information will consequently eliminate the Google account, and your gadget won’t be open from Find my gadget any longer.
  • This assistance is great for somebody who as of late lost their telephone and can assist the client with saving their information from taking or abusing.

Location Sharing:

This is the simplest and most superb method for knowing where your friends and family are (obviously, with their consent or information). You can undoubtedly follow anybody’s telephone by opening the “Area Sharing” in Google Maps. How? These are the means.

  • You, first of all, need to begin the application on the individual’s telephone you need to track and realize you need to smack the ‘Cheeseburger’ symbol (Given on the upper left); or in different forms of the application, you can click profile given on the right side.
  • Presently pick the ‘Area Sharing’ decision from the menu list.
  • You can press ‘Begin’ when the spring-up becomes apparent on the screen.
  • Therefore you need to recollect that this help works temporarily, so you possess to pick the energy for which you are empowering the help, and later the connection will be shared as an instant message.
  • You need to choose the Contact which you need to message. Continuously recollect it will request consent through a discourse box where you need to click Ok.
  • Eventually, you need to tap on ‘Send’ and will get the connection on the other number and track the telephone with the assistance of Google maps.

List of Best Mobile Number Tracker Apps with Google Map:

  • Truecaller
  • Phone Tracker by Number
  • Handy Tools Phone Number Locator
  • Spyier
  • Teen safe
  • Neet spy
  • MobiStealth
  • iSharing
  • Find My iPhone
  • mSpy

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Nitty gritty Overview of them:


Truecaller is one of the most well-known applications on the lookout. Most individuals use it, and by simply opening a record on the application, you can follow who is calling you and what is the area of the guest or the proprietor of the telephone number in the application (he may likewise have a record on the application).

Phone Tracker by Number:

Very much like the genuine guest, it is additionally one of the most famous applications on the web, where above 50 million individuals are utilizing this application on the planet. This application works impeccably with Google Maps, and close to 44 dialects are being utilized in the application for the solace of clients.

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Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map Update


  • One of the most mind-blowing realities is you don’t have to pay a buck to utilize this application.
  • It will inform you when your telephone is out of battery.
  • Assuming you lose your telephone anyplace, you can undoubtedly find out where it is just with the assistance of any companion or family’s ensured number with next to no difficulty on the Google map.

Handy Tools Phone Number Locator:

Handy Tools Phone Number Locator (effectively accessible on Google Play) is an application that can help you in learning the area of the client on Google Maps simply by composing their number. This apparatus fills in as the organization signal, which can help you in knowing where somebody is residing (generally current areas), and if the other individual additionally has similar devices, you can find them on Google Maps too.

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This application works on the web; with its assistance, you can covertly find the telephone online on Google Map; and for this reason, it is one of the most incredible applications. It has Google Map includes that can show the live place of the individual and their past (not excessively old) areas moreover. This application is so natural to utilize; simply by one-time settings; you can follow a telephone for as long as you can remember and conceal this from the clients.

Teen safe:

This application is principally intended for young kids and their folks so these guardians can watch out for where their children are going or how they are doing with the assistance of Google Maps. TeenSafe is a parental observing application that can show you the area of your kids on Google Maps. It is explicitly planned so guardians can ensure that their posterity is not in hazardous places and be cautious for the entire day. It makes for the guardians; therefore it is truly simple to utilize and has a decent UI with the goal that nobody needs to invest a lot of energy learning it.

Neet spy:

It is one of the most incredible applications for following, which works with the Google Maps application. Additionally, this application can undoubtedly use with both iPhones and Android telephones. It offers you astonishing convenience, and any individual who needs to utilize this application can utilize it effectively with no specialized information or abilities. This application works on the web, and you should simply snap to utilize Neet spy. Likewise, a vital element to refer to about the application is that assuming somebody faces any issue; you can without much of a stretch ask their group because of the great client support connection point of the neet spy.


The explanation which makes Mobistealth best is that you can utilize it in any event; when the GPS administrations come up short; and it makes this application more helpful than another Mobile telephone following administrations. It too gives you additional PDA perception arrangements with the goal that you can likewise watch out for what your kids or labourers are doing during working hours. It is additionally simple to use as you should simply introduce and the telephone following programming begins following the gadget; therefore it likewise sends you all the data on the Mobistealth account so you can take a look at every one of the calls; messages, or even email chronicles of the gadget.


  • It helps you in really taking a look at all Incoming/Outgoing calls, messages, and Emails
  • You can likewise audit what they are doing on the internet browsers or did before.
  • You can beware of the Pictures which are on the noticed Cell Phone
  • The best element of Mobistealth is it works in any event when GPS doesn’t.


iSharing is an ideal application for individuals who are connected with cell phones as it furnishes you with a help of private area sharing done through telephones and sends you a warning when individual leaves or shows up at the spot or close by spots of the objective you have set apart for them.

Find My iPhone:

Somebody who has previously lost their telephone ought to involve this application decisively as there is no requirement for the application on the taken gadget as it deals with the “GPS”. This application chips away at the GPS, and to this end; it effectively tracks any telephone which is anyplace on the planet (it should be the in-network region); you can find this application on the play store without paying cash for it. It is fundamentally intended for lost or taken gadgets, so it is not difficult to utilize.


  • The application works regardless of whether your gadget is on quiet mode.
  • Generally, it assists you with exact areas.
  • Your telephone is protected while utilizing this application.
  • The GPS following works impeccably and is expedient.
Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map Update

mSpy: Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map Update

mSpy is one of the most incredible applications to track anybody’s Mobile Phone, and it is a web program that gives you admittance to follow any Android and iPhone telephones from an even distance with the assistance of anything that net program you need. One more benefit of the application is that a global positioning framework can be utilized without educating the client regarding the telephone that their telephone has been followed. Regardless of whether you are not near the telephone and you need to follow; you can in any case utilize the application from a distance; regardless of any place, you are on the planet.

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This application is magnificent for individuals who need to ensure where their companions or family are and on the off chance that they are lying or not about their areas, but rather we prescribe you to utilize the application with care and obligation. This application works just under GPS areas and can follow whatever is on the application and help you in knowing where or how your cherished one is doing. You can likewise check their area on Google Maps just with a tick and can contact them any place you need.


  • The application offers you the element of Geofencing; which helps you in concluding how far you are ok for your adoration once and if they cross the limit; you will get a notice right away.
  • You can likewise know where they went simply by opening the area history on the application.
  • mSpy has an element of the live area following; which can help you in understanding what they are doing around then.
  • It is one of the most straightforward applications to utilize, in any event, for first-time clients.
  • One of the significant utilization of the application is its protection; the client won’t get any detail of the following.
  • mSpy doesn’t assemble the data that doesn’t protect and can annihilate any security of the client.
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