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Free IMEI Checker: According to its abbreviation, IMEI refers to International Mobile Equipment Identity, IMEI code is a number printed on each GSM mobile device and serves to distinguish each mobile device, IMEI code is not identifiable. This code is sent by the device when a connection to the network is made. It is characterized by 15 points. So if your device’s IMEI code is greater than 15, only the first 15 digits will be relevant. And they are regularly found in a specific area of the device, but if you don’t have this information, there are ways to get this number from your device, by dialing a simple code.

And the IMEI code is composed as follows, the first six digits refer to the assignment code of each device, digits seven and eight identify the manufacturer of the device, the latter six numbers represent the serial number and the last one acts as a verifier. So this type of license plate makes your equipment distinctive, unique, and easy to identify.

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How do you check IMEI?

The fastest way to check the IMEI code of your device is by following the code. *#06#, type in your mobile and select the call option, wait for a moment and this code will appear on the screen of your device, irrespective of the type of phone, country, brand, model, or operating system, this code gives you the mentioned information.

If for any reason you have a problem with your device and you can’t access it, make calls or even see the screen, there are other ways to check the IMEI code, one of them being the location of your mobile phone. Checking inside your device’s battery will give you a lot of data including the IMEI code when you remove it.

So another way to check IMEI although not everyone can choose it is through the box where the team came from, they not only have the main data on the characteristics of the team but you will also find the IMEI code.

I’m going to buy a used mobile phone – how to check if it’s stolen
If you are thinking of buying a used device, we recommend checking its IMEI code before purchase, some websites offer some paid and some free, so you need to ask the seller for the IMEI code Please verify that this is indeed your device to purchase. So you can check the IMEI and if it hasn’t been reported stolen, you should have no problem making the purchase.

And it is very important that you do this verification because if you make a purchase and it turns out that it has been reported, you will not be able to make calls, receive messages or use internet service from the device, you will only be able to use Wi-Fi

Free IMEI Checker

What is it and how do you check IMEI on your mobile phone?

Nowadays it has become important to have the IMEI code of our devices at hand. This is because when there is a problem with our mobile, the service centers you visit request this information to verify the status of your device and ensure that the device is not stolen, IMEI code is easily available. If you want to know what is its function on your device and how to check the IMEI of your mobile then here we tell you how to do it.

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Free Online IMEI & ESN Checker

Confirm the authenticity of the device and its specifications

Every sale of a gadget comes with a risk of being counterfeit or not matching the specifications advertised – this can either occur intentionally or by mistake. And checking the IMEI lets you determine whether the phone matches the brand and model you purchased and that it is also registered on the manufacturer’s database. So in addition, it can indicate whether you received the wrong variant of the device, such as a different color or storage capacity.

Devices are subject to activation locks and SIM restrictions

Most manufacturers implement security features into their devices, which can protect the user’s data in case of loss or theft, and prevent anyone else from using it. Many mobile users don’t realize this feature is active by default, or forget to disable it when selling the device. And phones may also have a SIM lock, which restricts the device to only working with a single carrier in a specific region. So an IMEI check can detect both of these restrictions.

Accurately evaluate a gadget before you buy or sell it

You can assess the condition and functionality of a device yourself, but that’s only half the picture. And there are many other factors that you can’t physically assess, which can drastically affect the value of a device. So that’s where IMEI checks can help! By taking into account the age of a phone, warranty period, blacklist history, specifications, and the presence of activation or SIM locks, you will know exactly what a gadget is worth on the market.

IMEI Number

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IMEI Tracker Online Free for any possible IMEI number

There are many reasons why one would want to track a phone device by IMEI Tracker using the IMEI number! We all know that this tool is very useful from time to time, especially if some of us lose our cell phones. Then the finder doesn’t return the device to the police and the rightful owner has a huge problem.

This problem can arise from the possibility of misuse of some personal data that we all keep on our cell phones. Some of you may want to use IMEI Tracker. Because you want to follow the activity of your wife, husband, son, daughter, or any other family member. This might not be the best way to test the loyalty of your family members, but it sure gives results! No meter is your personal reason why you need to use the IMEI number tracker service, you can get it without any excuse.

IMEI Tracker

The IMEI Tracker service from this page is a unique tool that everyone can use for free. This tool works if download the required software. You must first install it on your computer where you want to complete the IMEI tracking process.

You will also need to provide the actual IMEI number that is on your cell device. The cell phone you need to track. So please make sure you have the IMEI number with you before starting the process. So if you are ready then don’t wait any longer. Begin the process that is in front of you below:

  • Download IMEI Tracker from the main download section of this website,
  • Then install the software on your PC,
  • Open the tool from your desktop,
  • Then enter the IMEI number on the cell phone device you want to track online,
  • press on the track button,
  • The location that you will find accurately on the map

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Free IMEI Checker

FAQs on Free IMEI Checker

How do you check if a phone is stolen for free?
Every mobile phone has a unique IMEI number that can be used to identify it. So if you run this IMEI number through a phone checking service like MobiCHECK. You’ll be able to find out the phone’s history, whether it’s been reported or lost and stolen. And whether it’s blacklisted or blacklisted. have been blocked.

Does factory reset delete the IMEI number?
Factory reset does not remove IMEI unless the phone is rooted and some IMEI settings have not been compromised. You can restore IMEI easily. The IMEI will be on the back of the battery or phone.

Can a blocked IMEI be tracked?
No Tracking of Lost or Stolen: Your mobile network operator cannot track the location of a lost/stolen. Handset using IMEI blocking programs.

Can I use the blacklisted phone?
If you choose to have a device with a blacklisted number. You most likely will not be able to access cellular services. And in other words, you won’t be able to use your device as a phone. However, you’ll still have the ability to play music, movies, or games.

What is Blacklist IMEI?
Blacklisting works by blocking your phone’s unique identifier (IMEI number). When a phone is blacklisted because it is lost or stolen, it cannot make or receive calls or use data.

Can I be removed from the blacklist?
You should contact the blacklist provider and appeal to have your IP removed from the blacklist. Depending on the reasons for blacklisting your IP, they may or may not approve your request.

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