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How Track Mobile Location

How Track Mobile Location, 10 Free Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

How Track Mobile Location:- Did you ask yourself a question similar to this one? Would you like a free “locate my phone” app? Nevertheless, you’re not the only one who is considering this subject. Almost many parents these days want to know where their children are and what they are doing with their gadgets. The possibility of dangerous dangers is the reason behind this. We’ll discuss the top ten free phone tracker applications in this article, which will enable you to follow a cell phone for nothing.


Why Are Mobile Tracking Apps Useful?

Here are a few rational and useful arguments for using tracking applications in 2024. These justifications should be plenty to encourage you to download and install one of the tracking apps right away.

  • Find Lost Devices: Find your stolen or lost phone quickly.
  • Watch Over Kids’ Safety: For your peace of mind, keep tabs on where your kids are at all times.
  • Supervise employees’ use of company-issued electronics.
  • In case of an emergency, provide your location for assistance.
  • Route History: There are a few reasons to look back on your past travels.
  • Receive alerts using geofencing when a device enters or exits a designated area.
  • Protect your phone from theft by remotely locking or wiping it.

The Greatest Tracking Apps for Smartphones: How Track Mobile Location

We’ve found the best apps after painstakingly sorting through a large number of them and removing the less useful ones. These have undergone extensive testing, and people have left favorable evaluations of them on websites like Reddit and the Google Play Store. These programs will give you the greatest added features in addition to serving your goal.

How Track Mobile Location

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Google Find My Device

One of the greatest phone trackers available for Android phones is this one. This is an inbuilt Google service that comes with the Android operating system. All you have to do is choose “My Child will be using this device” and connect in with your Google ID when configuring your child’s phone. That’s it. You may now monitor the gadget directly from your phone.

Best Features:

  • Included in the majority of Android phones.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Functions with consistency.
  • No requirement to create an additional account.

Apple Find My Network

Find My Network, a feature of Apple, is among the greatest mobile monitoring apps available. It is compatible exclusively with Plle devices, however it functions best with Apple smartphones. Find My Network allows you to add many devices and monitor their battery life, location, and other details directly from your device. It operates faultlessly and is simple to use.

Best Features:

  • Seamless process of adding a device.
  • Functions even while the phone is not in use.
  • Provides you with current stats.
  • Compatible with every Apple product.


with more than four stars across several platforms Of all the third-party programs accessible, Connected is one of the best and most trustworthy. It provides parents with a real-time position by using the GPS on the phone. To the admin devices, it also displays a range of statistics, including battery life, connectivity, and call history. Both the iOS and Android operating systems support the linked app.

Best Features:

  • Location departure and arrival information.
  • Chat rooms for private groups on linked devices.
  • Use the Driving Activity Tracker.
  • Volitional notifications for speed limits.


An excellent app for monitoring a loved one’s smartphone is Life360. It displays a tonne of statistics on the connected phone once you’ve paid for a subscription to utilize it. In addition to many other statistics, it displays battery life, charging status, location, and average speed limitations.

Best Features:

  • Crash Recognition.
  • Reports on Transit every week.
  • Device hardware reposts and location.
  • Tracking of tiles by third parties.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance.
How Track Mobile Location

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How Track Mobile Location:


The parental control app FamiSafe uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide you with the necessary statistics. With features like web protection, location history, real-time location tracking, screen time management, and much more, Famisafe enables you to secure the device. While certain additional functions require a subscription, FamiSafe is primarily free to use.

Best Features:

  • Control Your Screen Time.
  • Banning apps.
  • AI is the basis of FamiBot.
  • History of browsers.
  • Activity Summaries.


A one-stop shop for all of your tracking requirements is Spyic. It operates without a jailbreak or root. Before committing to a membership, you can alternatively choose to try out the service for free with a demo. You can monitor a lot of things with it, including phone records, SMS reading, social media tracking, and much more. For Spyic to function, you don’t even need to download any apps.

Best Features:

  • Find out where your children, staff members, or other targets are in real-time.
  • Check social media, read SMS, and see call logs.
  • Within a few minutes, set up. anonymously and remotely observe.
  • No jailbreak, root, or app downloads are required.
  • Compatible with all Android and Apple devices running Android 10 or iOS 7 or later.

Google Maps

Yes, Google Maps allows you to track other devices as well. All you need to do is use Google Maps’ integrated location-sharing tool and set the duration to permanent to share the location of that device. While it won’t be as sophisticated as other tools, it will nevertheless provide essential information like your current position and battery life.

Best Features:

  • No need to download any further programs.
  • An additional account is not required.
  • Uses less battery.
  • Dependable and simple to use.


The Family360 app is cross-platform compatible, meaning it supports all the wonderful features on different devices. You can easily monitor your child’s location and other statistics even if they are using a different operating system or platform by keeping track of their apps across platforms.

Best Features:

  • Accessible across platforms
  • Tracking in real-time.
  • Available device statistics.
  • Detailed location history in steps.

Google Family Link

The Google Family Link app does exactly what its name says—it unites all of your family’s gadgets into a single center. All of the family’s linked devices are visible and trackable from here. Additionally, you may sync your Google subscriptions amongst the devices in your household.

Best Features:

  • Control and oversee age-appropriate applications.
  • Control your screen time.
  • App permissions are manageable by it.
  • Monitor the status of your gadget and its location.

Find My Kids

The Find My Kids app fulfils its promise. It enables you to monitor your child’s usage of their gadget. It has an emergency SOS button on the other end that allows you to summon them right away with a single button press. In addition, the Find My Kids app allows you to hear background noise in case your children don’t answer the phone.

Best Features:

  • Keep tabs on Kid’s Day events.
  • Click to listen to the surrounding audio.
  • Ring the phone loudly.
  • Mechanism for emergency safety lock.
  • Alerts for Low Battery.
How Track Mobile Location

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FAQs On How Track Mobile Location

Q.) Is using a smartphone tracker app allowed?

Ans. Yes, using mobile tracker apps on your own or your kids’ devices is entirely legal. You must obtain permission before using it with any adult.

Q.) Can I trust free software to track my phone correctly?

Ans. Indeed, testers and reviews indicate that the aforementioned apps are reasonably accurate and available for free download.

Q.) Is location tracking possible on a mobile device?

Ans. The short answer is that tracking a mobile phone is feasible even when location services are disabled.

Q.) Is it possible to locate us even when the phone is off?

Ans. Use your web browser to go to if you’re looking for a missing phone that is off. Using the Google account linked to the misplaced device, log in. At the top of the screen will be an image of the gadget.

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