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IMEI Checker Cricket

IMEI Checker Cricket, Check IMEI Cricket, BYOD, Why to Check IMEI? Check Compatibility

IMEI Checker Cricket: It is a wireless telecommunication subsidiary company established 21 years ago in Chicago, USA. And it provides wireless services to millions of people in the US. It boasts a very efficient 5G service. This is a wireless service provider. Although its foundation, it has been a subsidiary until its eventual acquisition by AT&T. Also, the company slowly started growing in customer satisfaction.

It provides 5G services to its customers and offers the best deals that you can find on its website. So, they also have a fast and secure online service that includes free same-day or next-day shipping. However positive marketing tactic is that Cricket Wireless will not charge extra if your bundle expires, they throttle your speeds until you renew your bundle. And Cricket Wireless also gives credit when you refer a friend.

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How to Bring Your Device to Cricket (BYOD)?

  • Verify that your phone is unlocked.
  • Also, check to see if your phone is compatible (use our IMEI checker). Using a data-only device? Check compatibility.
  • Buy a Cricket SIM card and one month of service. So you can also bring your current wireless number.
  • And when your package arrives, insert your SIM card into your phone.
  • Visit to activate your service, and enjoy Cricket’s great, big network!

What should I know before signing up for Cricket Wireless?

Cricket Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) owned by AT&T; The cellular network of T. And it’s a trusted service provider and was named one of the Best Full-Service MVNOs by the American Customer Satisfaction Index earlier this year. We at AT&T; Highlight t’s best MVNO and its unlimited plan as one of the best multiline phone plans.

And plans start at $30 per month per line for 5GB of high-speed data. Also, activating the service is easy and free by purchasing a SIM card online, but be aware that there is a $25 activation fee if you visit a Cricket Wireless store in person. So for this reason, I recommend activating your service online. That’s what I did when I tested Cricket Wireless’ 5GB plan for 30 days to find out about its coverage, call and text performance, customer service, and more.

Check Cricket IMEI: Bring Your Own Phone

Cricket Wireless is a service provider in the United States that provides Internet and phone services. Apart from offering such services to its users, Cricket Wireless has to Bring Your Own Phone program which allows you to bring your own device and use its services efficiently. However, your phone must be compatible before you can cast it to Cricket Wireless. Every mobile phone has a unique IMEI number which helps in checking its compatibility with Cricket Wireless. IMEI number is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

Please note that the IMEI number should not be shared with anyone other than the manufacturer’s company. With that said, let us elaborate on the reasons why you should check your IMEI number.

IMEI Checker Cricket

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Why should I check IMEI?

IMEI number plays a very important role when it comes to phone identification. In other words, it is a unique identifier of each cell phone in any network carrier. This brings us to a question, why should we check our IMEI number? Checking your IMEI number is very important, as it will help you in many situations, including;

  • Let’s say you want to unlock your phone from another carrier and use its services. For example, Cricket Wireless will need your IMEI number to check your phone’s compatibility with its network.
  • If you are an iPhone user then you will need IMEI if your phone is damaged and needs repair. So, before you request a repair, the iPhone technician will ask you to provide the IMEI of the phone for faster identification.
  • You need the IMEI to lock the phone in case it is lost or stolen. The instant your phone is stolen, you will need to report the incident to the nearest police. Additionally, you can request your carrier or phone manufacturer to block it. For them to block the phone, they will ask you to provide the IMEI code to facilitate the process.
  • Therefore, you will need to check the IMEI code of your phone if you find yourself in any of the above situations; you will be ready Do you know where you can get the IMEI number? If not, then below is the step-by-step procedure on how you can check your phone IMEI with Cricket Checker.

How to check the IMEI of the phone with Cricket Wireless Checker?

As seen above, the IMEI of any phone does not match with the other. This makes the IMEI code very useful for Cricket Wireless and all other carriers that use GSM technology. You can check the IMEI of your Cricket Wireless phone through the national IMEI checker. You can do this by dialing *#06#, a universal code for all GSM phones. Here’s the process;

  • Open the Phone app on your phone, which usually has a green icon on most phones. However, it may be different in some phones with blue icons.
  • Click on the dial pad to open the keyboard to type in the code.
  • How to check phone IMEI with Cricket Wireless Checker
  • Dial the universal code *#06# to retrieve the IMEI of your Cricket Wireless phone. The IMEI number will appear after you type the code, so you don’t need to press the call button.
  • If possible write down the IMEI on paper or long press on the number to copy it to the clipboard and paste it on the phone’s display. Please note that IMEI consists of 15 digits. Also, you can take a screenshot of the IMEI and use the shot to provide the IMEI if needed.
  • Other Alternatives to Check IMEI for Cricket phone
  • Apart from dialing the *#06# code on your phone, here are other alternative methods that you can use to check your IMEI code. If you have an iPhone or Android phone to receive your phone, please follow the step-by-step process.
IMEI Checker Cricket

Checking IMEI on an iPhone or iPad

You can get your IMEI number for your iPhone from the Settings app by following this procedure;

  • Locate the Settings app on your iPhone’s home screen. You can swipe down on your phone and tap on the Settings icon.
  • Tap on the Settings app to open and scroll down to find the “General” option in the listed items and tap on it.
  • Scroll down to locate the “About” option and tap on it. A list of information about your iPhone will be displayed, including the IMEI number.
  • Type the IMEI number or tap and hold to copy the number to the clipboard.

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Checking IMEI on Android Phone

The process to get the IMEI number from your Android phone is as follows

  • Open the Settings app found on your Home screen. Alternatively, you can swipe down from the top of the phone’s screen to locate the Settings icon.
  • Scroll down to find the “About” or “About phone” option, depending on the model of phone you’re using. Depending on the phone model, you may have to tap the “System” or “General” options to locate the About or About phone options.
  • As mentioned earlier, scroll down to find the IMEI, the 15-digit number. You may be forced to tap the “Status” option on some phones in order to access the IMEI number. Alternatively, you can open the Settings app and search for IMEI, then click on the Search icon.
  • You can’t copy the number to the clipboard with an Android phone, so you have to write it down. Also, you may find the MEID number instead of IMEI on some phones. This automatically means that your phone is incompatible with Cricket Wireless.

Using a Computer and iPhone or iPad

This method only applies to Apple users and not Android. How can I get the IMEI of my iPhone using this process? Here’s a step-by-step process.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to a Mac or Windows computer using the original charging cable. Please note that your phone must be powered on.
  • If you have macOS Catalina version 10.15 and up, open the Finder app from your computer. Alternatively, you can open iTunes if your computer is running Windows or macOS Mojave or an earlier version.
  • If you’re using the Finder, click your device listed as iPhone or iPad on the left side of the Computer panel. In the case of iTunes, you’ll click an icon in the upper-right corner that resembles a phone or tablet.
  • Click the General or Summary tab, which is the first tab at the top of the new page that loads. If you use the Finder, a “General” tab will appear, while if you use iTunes, a “Summary” tab will appear.
  • You’ll see your phone’s IMEI listed at the top of the page, just below the phone’s name.

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Getting IMEI from packaging

In most cases, many manufacturers always have your IMEI number written on the packaging box that came with the phone. Here’s to find out;

  • Refer to the original packaging that came with the phone. If you have lost your booklet then do not panic because IMEI is never written on that booklet.
  • Find the barcode label on the top of your packaging box. Sometimes, the code is stuck on the packaging box or acts as a seal.
  • Find the IMEI listed with the phone’s serial number and barcode
IMEI Checker Cricket

Open the Sim Tray

You can also find the IMEI code on the SIM tray of your phone, either a smartphone or a feature phone. Here’s the process to get the IMEI on the SIM tray

  • If you’re using a feature phone, be sure to power off your phone before removing the battery. The same applies before removing the SIM card tray on a smartphone.
  • If you use a phone with a removable battery, locate the SIM card tray under the battery. Also, if the phone doesn’t have a removable battery, you can find the SIM card tray on the side of the phone. The tray is usually oval in shape and has a pinhole on one side.
  • If the phone has a removable battery, then remove the battery. If your phone doesn’t have a removable battery, use the pin that came with the phone to remove the SIM card tray. In most cases, you can remove the SIM card tray if you have a modern smartphone. This is because many manufacturers are making phones that have in-built batteries. If the removal tool that came with the phone is lost, you can find the paper clip.
  • If your phone has a removable battery, you will find the IMEI number printed on the bottom of the battery. Also, the IMEI number will be printed on the top or sides of the SIM card tray. Please note that the number is printed in small print on the SIM card tray, which may be unfortunate for people with vision problems.
  • After writing down the IMEI number, return the battery or SIM card tray to the phone. Please note that if you fail to put the battery or SIM card tray back in with the SIM card the phone will not work.

How do I check if my IMEI is Cricket compatible or not?

After getting your IMEI, you will now be able to check whether it is compatible with Cricket Wireless or not. Here is the step-by-step procedure to check its compatibility

  • Search on your favorite browser. Many browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari support the Cricket Wireless website.
  • Scroll down until you find the field asking for your IMEI.
  • Click on your phone type, either Android or iPhone, and enter the IMEI number. Please be careful not to interchange the digits when inputting if you have written the number on paper. IMEI consists of 15 digits which can be long, which can lead to confusion when entering them.
  • Click the “Check” button to confirm your phone’s compatibility with Cricket Wireless. After clicking the button, Cricket Wireless will process your IMEI and inform you if the phone is compatible.

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