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IMEI Checker Pro: Every GSM handset has a unique identifier called an IMEI number. The four-letter abbreviation stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. And every smartphone user needs to understand what IMEI is. So, if you have a GSM handset, it comes with an IMEI number. This is a unique 15-digit number that identifies your gadget. Interestingly, phones that do not have a SIM card slot also do not have an IMEI number. And CDMA gadgets have a different identifier, the MEID code. We can compare IMEI with human fingerprints. No two devices have the same 15-digit code, just as no two people have the same fingerprint. The GSM Association organization defines the first 14 digits, while the last digit is a check number. As per the IMEI allocation and approval instructions, the last digit is calculated via the Luhn formula.

The first eight digits of the 15-digit code define the smartphone model and source information. This 8-digit part of the IMEI number is called TAC, which stands for Type Allocation Code.

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How do you check IMEI?

The fastest way to check the IMEI code of your device is by following the code. *#06#, type in your mobile and select the call option, wait for a moment and this code will appear on the screen of your device, no matter the type of phone, country, brand, model, or operating system, it The code gives you the mentioned information.

If for any reason you have problems with your device and you can’t access it, make calls or even see the screen, there are other ways to check the IMEI code, one of them is checking the inside of your mobile when you remove the battery of your device you will get a lot of data including IMEI code.

Another way to check IMEI although not everyone can choose it is through the box where the team came from, they not only have the main data on the characteristics of the team, but on the side, you will also find the IMEI code.

I’m going to buy a used mobile phone – How to check if it’s stolen?

If you are thinking of buying a used device, we recommend checking its IMEI code before making a purchase, some websites offer some paid and some free, so you should ask the seller for the IMEI code, Verify that this is indeed your device by going to Buy. You can check the IMEI and if it hasn’t been reported stolen, you should have no problem making the purchase.

It is very important that you perform this verification because if you make a purchase and it turns out that it has been reported, you will not be able to make calls, receive messages or use internet service from the device, you Only able to use Wi-Fi

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What is it and how do you check IMEI on your mobile phone?

Nowadays it has become important to have the IMEI code of our devices at hand. This is because when a problem occurs with our mobiles, the service centers you visit request this information to verify the status of your devices and ensure that the devices are not stolen, IMEI code can be obtained easily. If you want to know what is its function on your device and how to check the IMEI of your mobile, here we tell you how to do it.

What is IMEI?

According to its abbreviation, IMEI refers to International Mobile Equipment Identity, IMEI code is a number that is printed on each GSM mobile device and serves to distinguish each mobile device, IMEI code is unrecognizable. This code is sent by the device when it connects to the network.

It is characterized by 15 points. If your device’s IMEI code is greater than 15, only the first 15 digits will be relevant. They are regularly found in a specific area of the device, but if you don’t have this information, there are ways to get this number from your device, by dialing a simple code.

The IMEI code is composed as follows, the first six digits refer to the assignment code of each device, digits seven and eight identify the manufacturer of the device, the subsequent six numbers represent the serial number and the last one acts as a verifier. This type of license plate makes your equipment distinctive, unique, and easy to identify.

IMEI Checker Pro

IMEI and GSM Network

GSM networks around the world rely on the IMEI code to identify the gadget. From this number, a network knows whether the device is valid, locked or unlocked, reported as lost or stolen, etc. In addition, IMEI helps carriers block phones and prevent smartphones from accessing their networks.

Let us show you an example. If the original handset owner reports his smartphone stolen, the mobile operator can remotely block the device. In this situation, a thief is unable to use the mobile connection and ends up with a useless gadget. Switching SIM cards won’t help, as in many cases, the device is blocked by multiple networks at once.

Many carriers take further steps to prevent thieves from using stolen or lost phones. Some network providers may suspend such IMEI devices and make it impossible to change the SIM card. IMEI is also valuable to law enforcement services. The 15-digit IMEI number makes it possible to track a device and locate its location with an accuracy of a few meters.

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IMEI Checker Pro

IMEI and Serial Number

The IMEI number is not the same as the serial number of the phone. Manufacturing companies list serial codes to use internally. But IMEI is standard all over the world. Once you understand what IMEI is, you should learn how to find your IMEI number and use it for your convenience.

FAQs of IMEI Checker Pro

Can IMEI track the location?
The IMEI number is linked to the mobile phone hardware and does not change even if the SIM card is removed or replaced. IMEI number is commonly used to trace phone location even if the SIM card has been changed

Can you find the owner with IMEI?
For locked phones, there are a few ways to return them to their owners. The best way is to get the Internet Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI, number. The IMEI number can uniquely identify the owner of a phone.

Is IMEI linked to SIM or phone?
Is IMEI the same as SIM? No, IMEI is not the same as a SIM card but it is associated with the device. Each device has a SIM and an IMEI. SIM is associated with the network, whereas IMEI is associated with the device.

Can IMEI be tracked without a SIM card?
As soon as your phone establishes a network connection with the carrier, its location will be triangulated using the nearest cell tower. Even if the SIM card of your phone is changed, it can still be tracked using its IMEI number.

Can police track phones without a sim?
If we are talking about “wiretap”, the tracking is being done in telco and as long as you maintain the same phone number regardless of sim or phone, it will be captured

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