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Live Mobile Location Tracker Online India

Live Mobile Location Tracker Online India: Top 8 Online & Free Live Mobile Location Tracker Tools

Live Mobile Location Tracker Online India:- Hello, are you trying to use your phone to monitor the whereabouts of your loved ones? If so, we’ll include some of the top live mobile location trackers in this article. They are simple to use, accurate, and free for online use.  Now that we have said that, let’s begin.


8 Free & Online Live Mobile Location Tracker

  • Find My Device: Best for Locating Lost Android Phone
  • AirDroid Location Tracker: Best for GPS Tracking Android Phone
  • iCloud Find Devices: Best for Locating Lost iPhone
  • Glympse – Share GPS Location: Best for Real-time Location Sharing
  • Qustodio Parental Control: Best for Tracking iPhone
  • TrackoField GPS Location Tracker: Best for Tracking Enterprise Devices
  • Phone Tracker by Number: Best for Tracking Location by Mobile Number
  • Intelius: Best for Checking the Caller’s Current Location
Live Mobile Location Tracker Online India

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Find My Device: Best for Locating Lost Android Phone

There is an internet service and a Google app called Find My Device. You may use your Google account to track your misplaced phone with this service. It is the Android mobile device’s default setting.

  • Aside from finding the misplaced phone, it also offers the following features:
  • Ring: You may force the misplaced gadget to ring for five minutes at maximum volume, even if it is on vibrate or mute.
  • Lock: By logging out of your Google account, you can lock your smartphone. On the lock screen, you can additionally put a message along with a phone number.
  • Erase: You also have the option to remotely erase all of the data if you decide you no longer wish to search for the lost device.

Okay, so you can trace your phone online by following the instructions. If there is an internet connection on the device at that point, you will receive an instant location. If not, it will provide you with the most recent possible position of your device.

Editor’s Verdict

For this to function, the device you use to track the cellphone must have your Google account open. You won’t be able to validate the account for sign-in otherwise. Even while it is not as accurate as many expensive tracking programs like AirDroid, it is still a very helpful free tool. Furthermore, the geofencing feature and route history are not available.

AirDroid Location Tracker: Best for GPS Tracking Child’s Android Phone

The main function of AirDroid Parental Control is parental control. Its accuracy, performance, and—above all—the ability to track events surrounding the mobile device set it apart from the other location trackers we’ve already reviewed. Geofence features allow you to track not only your children’s current location but also their past location, as soon as they enter or exit the designated area.

  • The following are some of the benefits of the reasonably priced paid version:
  • This sophisticated remote control tool lets you capture audio covertly, observe your phone’s surroundings through the camera, and duplicate your kids’ screens.
  • gives you the option to set limits on how much time your children spend using screens and apps.
  • enables you to block dangerous websites and information moreover keep an eye out for any dubious messages.

Free Trial & Price:

For new customers, there is a three-day free trial available. There are three different premium plans available: 9.99 USD per month, 29.99 USD per quarter, and 59.99 USD per year.

Editor’s Verdict:

It is the web’s most reasonably priced live location tracker available. To ensure exceptional safety, AirDroid employs algorithms and encrypted connections. You can use it to monitor your kids’ whereabouts and ensure their safety online without worrying. It will soon be accessible for iOS smartphones, but for now, it can only track Android devices.

Steps to Use AirDroid Parental Control Track Location Online

  • Step 1: Go to to access the online version of AirDroid Parental Control. To bind the device you need to track, follow the steps.
  • Step 2: From the upper-left menu, select the device for which you wish to view its current location.
  • Step 4: To configure safety zones and view location history, you can also click the check Geofence and Route History icon in the right corner.

iCloud Find Devices: Best for Locating Lost iPhone

Google’s Find My Device and iCloud function remarkably identically. It’s best suited to trace the whereabouts of your misplaced iOS devices or assist in finding them precisely. Significant Locations is another feature that tracks the locations you have recently visited, along with how frequently and when you did so. Since it is end-to-end encrypted, Apple is unable to view this data.

In addition, you have the option to make your iPhone ring so that you can locate it quickly. Erasing the data on a misplaced phone and reporting it lost are also simple processes.

Editor’s Verdict:

Because of its user-friendly interface, the program is rather easy to use. It has an accuracy of up to three meters, making it fairly precise. However, it also doesn’t always provide a specific location.

Live Mobile Location Tracker Online India

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Glympse – Share GPS Location: Best for Real-time Location Sharing

Glympse made an alternative decision when it came to live mobile location trackers. Glympse is a versatile geolocation tool that fervently feels that location-sharing ought to be transient. This indicates that they think complete control over one’s location status should belong to the end user, or the individual being tracked.

So, how does this platform function in a nutshell?

To track position, it makes use of rooted data and patent tracking features. However, this only occurs when the other person uses Glympse to disclose their position.

Free Trial & Price:

Viewers and locals can share and follow the whereabouts of events for free. Organizations or companies will have to pay an annual fee of $99, though.

Editor’s Verdict:

This isn’t the best option if you want to follow your child around without them realizing it or locate a misplaced or lost mobile device. But when it comes to location-sharing and delivery services, this is one of the greatest online location-sharing platforms, if not the best one.

Qustodio Parental Control: Best for Tracking Child’s iPhone

If you require a tool with extra functions or if you don’t want to use the iCloud Find Devices. The best live mobile location tracker for tracking iPhones online is Qustodio. The main purpose of this app is parental control, but it also has location tracking tools like current and historical monitoring, as well as a geofence feature with real-time warnings.

Free Trial & Price:

  • Standard: $54.95/year ($4.58 per month) — Includes location tracking along with a few other capabilities.
  • COMPLETE: $99.95 ($8.33 pm) per year Possesses every cutting-edge safety feature, fully customizable.

Editor’s Verdict:

You will gain a lot of advantages beyond location tracking because it is a parental control program. Its annual fee, however, is a bit steep.

TrackoField GPS Location Tracker: Best for Tracking Enterprise Devices

TRACKOBIT is among the greatest live mobile location trackers available online. The main feature of this web monitoring tool is a free GPS location tracker app for mobile devices. Compared to most trackers, it provides findings considerably more quickly and has an intuitive UI.

This tool’s primary characteristics are:

  • Unknown statistics and insights
  • GPS tracking in real-time.
  • seamless interaction with a range of sensors for tracking cars, enabling you to monitor several characteristics.

Free Trial & Price:

  • Track up to 7 devices with a free 7-day trial of Zero investments.

Editor’s Verdict:

Trackobit is a very helpful program that specializes in providing real-time position tracking for various items and gadgets.

Phone Tracker by Number: Best for Tracking Location by Mobile Number

With the addition of a phone number, this GPS tracker is even more potent and precise, enabling you to locate your friends, family, and phones. It notifies the person you are trying to include. You will be notified immediately when someone leaves a designated location as soon as permission is given.

It will also assist with navigation by giving a path to their precise position. The ability to track and locate your lost or stolen mobile device is a crucial function of this routing tool.

Users of iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store) can download this app.

Free Trial & Price

There is no limit to how many people can use this software for free. All of its features are also free, which only serves to improve it.

Editors Verdict

Although this software is precise and user-friendly, it may be lacking in a few areas and does not have a web version for tracking locations.

Intelius: Best for Checking the Caller’s Current Location

  • With the help of a reverse phone number lookup service such as Intelius, users can find the person or company associated with a particular phone number. This software has several important features, like:
  • Location History, which is a record of addresses associated with the phone number, whether they are the present owners or previous owners.
  • Owner Information: The owner’s full name, any known aliases, and potentially pictures of the person linked to the phone number.
  • Owner History: You may find the names and addresses of both the current and past owners.
  • Extra Contact Details: The report may provide additional ways to get in touch with the owner, like alternate phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Social Media Profiles: offers profiles on social media sites linked to the phone number, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
Live Mobile Location Tracker Online India

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Free Trial & Price

You can receive a $5.95 5-day trial of Reverse Phone Lookup and a $34.95 monthly membership.

Editors Verdict

This smartphone location tracker is not the best in real-time. However, it can be helpful in situations where you only require the address linked to that number and not the exact location, such as the device’s current live location.

What Makes the Best Mobile Location Tracker Tool?

The following characteristics make up the top mobile location tracking service:

  • Real-time location tracking: Verify that the app provides accurate and current location information. It might also save location history and establish geofencing zones.
  • Privacy and Security: Give top priority to technologies that safeguard user data with strong security safeguards.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Whether for personal or professional use, choose software with an intuitive interface.
  • Check if the tool is compatible with the operating system (iOS, Android, etc.) of the intended device. Some even provide an easy-to-use online version that doesn’t require installation for usage anywhere.
  • Reputation: To evaluate the tool’s dependability and effectiveness, look up user evaluations and its reputation.


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