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Map Location Tracker: What is Google Maps and how to use it?

Map Location Tracker:- It used to be very difficult for someone to travel to a new city without assistance; they would often run into numerous difficulties trying to figure out where they were going. To find an address and to travel to the office, he required assistance. However, today’s improved technology allows anyone to use a Google Map to travel to any city, find all the routes, and arrive at his destination faster. In addition, Google offers access to a wide variety of information. can ascertain with the use of a map. Friends, I’m sure you’ve used Google Maps at some point. Despite its widespread use, a lot of people still don’t know how to utilize it. We have created today’s essay with your difficulties in mind. This article will explain what a Google Map is. How can I utilize a map on Google? What advantages does Google Maps offer, and what are its features? So let’s get this essay started without wasting too much of your time.


What is Google Map

You can view a map of the entire world with Google Map, a web mapping service application that Google released on February 8, 2005. You can view the locations of all highways, cities, and villages worldwide on Google Maps. In addition, Google Maps provides you with instructions so you may travel to your destination without difficulty. For instance, if you want to travel to a location in an unknown city but are unsure of how to get there, you can use Google Maps to see how to get there and how long it will take. You can also see how far something is and how much traffic there is in the area to help you plan your route. Aside from this, Google Maps provides you with information about restaurants in case you ever need to visit one for food and would like to learn more about it. All things considered, Google Maps is a really useful tool.

Map Location Tracker

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Google Map Review in Hindi

Product NameGoogle Map
what worksWeb-Based Mapping Service Application
who launchedGoogle
when was it launched8 February 2005
Supported PlatformsAndroid, IOS, Web

History of Google Map

In 2004, two Danish brothers named Lars and Jens founded Where 2 Technologies in Sydney, Australia, and used the C++ programming language to construct a web mapping service. This is how Google Maps got its start. The original design called for the user to download it individually. However, the business then modified the distribution strategy, submitted the concept to Google management, bought the idea from Google in October 2004, and transformed it into the web application Google Maps. After making the required adjustments, Google released Google Maps on February 8, 2005. To find their way to the correct location, users utilize Google Maps, a widely used mapping tool.

How to use Google Maps?

It is required to have Google Maps on your mobile device to utilize it. Though most Android smartphones come pre-installed with Google Maps, you can still download it from the Play Store if it’s not on your device. To download Google Maps to your device, you must first visit the Google Play Store and conduct a Google Map search. Following this, the official Google Maps program will open in your browser; you must download and install it first.

You will need to use your Gmail ID to log into Google Maps after installation. Following this action, Google Maps will function as intended. With the assistance of satellites, Google Maps displays a map of the entire planet. The search bar allows you to enter any location and display all available information about that site. To get from one point to another, we use Google Maps. Google Maps is now available in Hindi as well.

What are the options in Google Maps?

Let’s take a closer look at the tools designed to assist you that are available on Google Maps.

  • Map: This feature of Google Maps provides you with information about every type of highway, from major thoroughfares to smaller ones.
  • Satellite: It gives you access to Satellite View, which allows you to see every home, town, city, etc.
  • Traffic: After choosing this option, you’ll need to input the location of the destination, and Google Maps will provide you with the current traffic situation.
  • Terrain: Using this, you may determine a location’s geographic boundaries, including whether it is flat or has hills.
Map Location Tracker

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How to see the route in Google Map

Many people struggle to locate their destination because they don’t know how to utilize Google Maps properly. However, using a Google Map to find any route is fairly simple. By following the instructions listed below, you can navigate Google Maps with ease:

Open Google Maps on your mobile device first.

  • Look for the location you like to visit using the search box at the top. For example, if you want to visit a mall in your city, look up the name of the mall.
  • Following the search, Navigation will show up and provide you with vital details like the distance and travel time, among other things.
  • Click the Direction option now, and Google Maps will show you the entire path to the mall as soon as you click it.
  • Lastly, select Start, and then navigate using the map. The distance on the map will get smaller as you move.
  • But bear in mind that Google Maps won’t take you anywhere unless you maintain your location enabled on your phone.
  • Thus, with the aid of Google Maps, you can locate any location with great ease.

Features of Google Map

  • Some of Google Maps’ primary features are as follows:
  • Map Offline: You can utilize a portion of the Google Maps map offline by downloading it. As soon as you establish a connection to the Internet, the downloaded map updates.
  • Share Location: You may make it easier for friends and family to find you by sharing your location with them using Google Maps.
  • Set Your Address: By setting your address in Google Maps, you can benefit from the feature that allows you to receive traffic updates while you’re traveling home.
  • Verify Train and Bus Timing: You can also check the timings of trains and buses using Google Maps.
  • If you are traveling, you can use a Google Map to determine the precise time that your bus or train will arrive.
  • Examine trip History: Since Google Maps stores all of your past trip information, you can use it to check locations you’ve been and can’t recall the names of.
  • Search Local Area: You can use Google Maps to look up any nearby restaurant, coffee shop, shopping center, gas station, etc.
  • List Your Company: By having your local company featured on a Google Map, you might attract more clients. Your business’s popularity in your community will rise if you receive positive evaluations and ratings.
  • Make Money: Becoming a local guide on Google Maps is another way to make money.

Advantages of Google Map

Let’s now discuss the advantages of Google Maps, which are listed below.

  • You don’t need assistance from anyone to travel to any location or find your way around with Google Maps.
  • To get to your destination faster, Google Maps also makes it easier for you to see traffic and offers routes through less congested regions.
  • With Google Maps, we can quickly learn about any location.
  • It also aids in determining a place’s distance from us.
  • With Google Maps, you can also determine how long it will take to get to a certain place.
Map Location Tracker

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Friends, this is all the information you need to know about what a Google Map is. We’ve also included information on how to use it and its capabilities. We make an effort to give Hindi readers accurate and thorough information in all of our posts, and this article is no exception.
With all of our hearts, we hope you found this post interesting. If you did, please spread the word about Google Maps to your friends on social media.


Q. Google Maps was founded by who?
Two Danish brothers, Lars and Jens, started Google Maps in 2004. Google eventually purchased the company.

Q. What does Google Maps aim to achieve?
The goal of Google Maps is to help users get where they’re going faster by giving them reliable information about any location.


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