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Track a Number Location

Track a Number Location: How to Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number?

Track a Number Location: The process of locating a mobile or landline phone number’s location and other pertinent information is known as phone number tracking. The service has garnered a lot of attention because of its numerous uses for both personal and professional purposes.

Using only their phone number, it is possible to locate someone in real time. These will be helpful if you’re receiving calls from unknown individuals, if you simply want to know where a device—including your own—is, or if you have a list of phone numbers that you’d like to find.

The simplest way to enter stealth mode is to use reputable phone tracking and monitoring services to look up the target phone number. While there are specific apps you could download covertly, the easiest way is to browse their phone number.

There are also completely legal and cost-free GPS location tracking services available, but installing the app on the target device usually requires permission from the owner of the device. You can also use the phone’s IMEI number as an additional option.

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Track a Number Location


Method 1:

Once you have the phone number ready, follow these instructions to track a cell phone number in order to identify the owner of the device, locate the caller’s location, and, in certain situations, determine their precise location.

  1. On, click.
  2. To access the phone tracker service, select Reverse Phone.
  3. After entering the mobile number, hit Enter. (In actuality, it is compatible with landlines and mobile phones.)
  4. Search the list for any details you believe to be true about that mobile number, then click View Details to see additional information about the owner.

With the TruePeopleSearch location tracker, you can discover the following details about someone without ever having to put a phone monitoring app on their device:

  1. The individual’s location, provided that the location tracking data is up-to-date.
  2. Information about addresses from the past and present
  3. Details about the owner’s home
  4. Potential family members and friends
  5. Possible electronic mail addresses

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Method 2: is another covert mobile phone location finder, as the name would imply. With just their phone number, you can remotely track someone’s location with this free mobile phone location tracker website. It’s very useful if you want to track down the phone number’s mobile network provider or locate someone without installing a spy app.

Here’s how to use an Android phone or any other device to track someone’s location using their phone number:

  1. To find a location by phone number, go to
  2. After entering the desired phone number in the designated field, click Search.
  3. Verify the Name Lookup option on the subsequent screen, then hit Search once more.
  4. It will show the owner of the targeted device’s current location as well as the owner of the cell phone number.

Method 3:

BeenVerified is not free, in contrast to the two mobile location tracking services mentioned above. It does, however, provide far more location-related information than most websites, particularly the free cell phone trackers, making it incredibly helpful for finding someone’s location by phone number.

  1. Navigate to the BeenVerified Reverse Phone Lookup webpage.
  2. Enter the target’s phone number in the designated field, hit Search, and you will be able to track that number.
  3. Watch as additional progress bars and the “detecting location” one appear and disappear. BeenVerified is identifying the carrier and type of phone during this process, as well as looking up background data to assist you in locating someone.
  4. On the subsequent screen, type in your email address and click Submit.
  5. You will see a portion of the target phone’s owner’s name right away, but you will have to wait for it to look up the phone number on social media and search for the owner’s online photo.
  6. Press Continue after checking the box next to I Agree on the results prompt.
  7. Lastly, decide on a course of action. For just $1, you can get a full week of cell phone tracking with BeenVerified.

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Method 4: Look Up the IMEI Number

Similar to a fingerprint, each Android and iOS device has a unique IMEI number that allows for device identification. Since a phone’s IMEI is typically only used to track a stolen phone, this method of location tracking has the lowest chance of success. Try this approach if that describes your circumstances. Although you can’t set up real-time location alerts with it, you could be able to locate someone.

To view your IMEI number, enter *#06#. You can also view it on an Android device by going to Settings > About Phone.


In the current digital era, phone number tracking has evolved into a useful tool with a wide range of uses. The ability to track a phone number can be very helpful in managing a business, assisting with criminal investigations, or assuring the safety of loved ones. But it’s crucial to use this technology sensibly, to respect people’s privacy and the law.

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