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Mobile Location Tracker Software or Apps

Mobile Location Tracker Software or Apps: 10 Best Free Apps or Software to Track a Mobile Location

Mobile Location Tracker Software or Apps: Installing a programme on a smartphone, tablet, or other device is known as mobile location tracker software or mobile tracker application. Through GSM and WiFi modules, the software communicates with the server and gains access to the GPS receiver. With the same basic functionality as hardware-based trackers, GPS phone trackers are less expensive and work well for tracking children, managing mobile workforces, and other purposes.


When selecting mobile location tracking software, some factors to take into account are:
  • Purpose: The intended use of the software
  • Budget: Your desired amount to spend
  • Display: The way the map appears
  • Geofencing: Check to see if the programme has this feature.
  • Compatibility: Does the software work with the devices you own?

10 Best Free Mobile Location Tracker Software or Apps

1: FamiSafe Phone Tracker [Android and iOS]
2: Google Maps [Android and iOS]
3: Where’s My Droid? [Android]
4: Geo-Tracker [Android]
5: Find My Device [Android]
6: Glympse [Android and iOS]
7: Phone Tracker for iPhones (tracking people with GPS) [iOS]
8: Find My Friends [iOS]
9: Find My Phone [Android]
10: Family locator: GPS tracker [Android and iOS]

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Mobile Location Tracker Software or Apps

1. FamiSafe: Track Location of Phone Calls

FamiSafe is a feature-rich monitoring app for children’s devices created especially for parents. It can not only track the child’s whereabouts but also log the usage of the device, create an intelligent schedule, and assist the child in controlling their screen time. Furthermore, you can stop children from purchasing in-app on iOS devices.

2. Google Maps

One of the best online navigation services for finding phone locations is Google Maps, which is free to use. This app is fantastic, particularly when riding a bike or automobile. This application has many built-in features that make it simple for the user to discover new locations. The fact that this app is free to download is its main selling point.


  • The target device’s location sharing feature makes it simple to find its location.
  • More than one device can be easily located at once.
  • Because location tracking is based on GPS, Wi-Fi, or GPRS, its accuracy is high.

OS Compatibility: It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

3. Where’s My Droid

Alienman Technologies LLC is the source of Where’s My Droid. The primary platform for this app is Android. By using the app, you can track a phone for nothing. Comparing location tracking to many navigation services, it is far simpler and more convenient.


  • Without knowing who the target user is, you can quickly locate the device by taking a picture with the target device’s camera using the Where’s My Droid Pro version.
  • Compared to other apps, this one uses less system resources due to its small size.

Compatible OS: Android devices can use it with complete compatibility.

4. Geo-Tracker

We may also track a cell phone’s location for free with the Android app Geo-Tracker. You can start tracking your child or spouse by downloading this app for free from the Google Play Store.


  • You can share the trip with your loved ones by using this app.
  • By using Geo-Tracker, you can keep an eye on your bike’s or car’s speed while you’re navigating.

OS compatibility: suitable for Android-powered gadgets.

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5. Find My Device

Google created the Find My Device app for Android smartphones. The primary purpose of this app is to find misplaced or stolen devices. However, you can use this as a tracking app for your phone. Just install this app to begin monitoring your child’s Android device. This application is free to use, and there is no cost associated with using this service.


  • Follow the current location with a few easy steps.
  • It can do a lot of things, like remotely ringing, wiping, and locating the device. When you misplace the device, this is useful.

Compatible OS: It is limited to Android.

Mobile Location Tracker Software or Apps

6. Glympse-Cell Phone Tracker

One of the greatest location tracking apps on the internet is Glympse. Glympse is compatible with both iOS and Android-powered devices. With the help of this app, you can quickly locate your device and find out its location history. You can use the Glympse online dashboard to view the location tracking activity.


  • Glympse makes tracking kids’ whereabouts incredibly simple.
  • Glympse allows location sharing as well; all you need to do is enter the target’s ID.

Compatible OS: Glympse works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

7. Phone Tracker for iPhones (tracking people with GPS)

Cell Phone Solution, LLC codes the Phone Tracker for iPhones in order to track the location. Almost three million users are content worldwide. Millions of users have recommended this app if you want to monitor your child’s iPhone location.


  • This application uses very few system resources and is much smaller in size.
  • Phone Tracker for iPhone registration is a quick and easy process.
  • This application is available for free download on the intended iPhone device.

Compatible OS: It is limited to iOS-based devices.

8. Find My Friends

Apple Inc. provides the location service Find My Friends for iOS devices. With the help of this app, you can follow your loved ones’ whereabouts in real time. If you want to track a cell phone for free, this is an excellent app for you.


  • Using the Find My Friends app, tracking a cell phone is quick and safe.
  • It is available for free download from the Apple App Store.
  • It is possible for the user to track multiple iOS devices with Find My Friends.

Compatible OS: iOS devices can use Find My Friends.

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9. Find My Phone: Phone Locator

The popular app Find My Phone is another tool that helps parents find their children’s gadgets. Additionally, you can track a lost or stolen device with the help of this application.


  • This app makes it simple to find the target’s current location.
  • Give frequent updates on the device’s location.

OS compatibility: suitable for Android-powered gadgets.

10. Family locator (GPS tracker)

Life360 created and developed the location-tracking app known as the family locator. This app tracks the target device’s real-time location using GPS. This location tracking service offers a plethora of features. Here are a few features:.


  • This app is a must-try if you’re a worried parent who wants to know about your child’s activities.
  • It is available for free download.

OS compatibility: Both iOS and Android smartphones can use it.

Mobile Location Tracker Software or Apps: FAQs

Q.) What are apps or software that track a mobile location?

Ans: The Phone Tracker app is a powerful and precise GPS tracking tool that assists you in finding your friends, family, and phones. When a member of your family is in the vicinity, you will receive notifications via GPS. To maximize battery life and location accuracy, this app tracks using both GPS and cell phone data.

Q.) How do apps or software for mobile location tracking operate?

Ans: By turning on the GPS tracking system, phone tracker apps are able to pinpoint the precise location of the targeted device. The Global Positioning System, or GPS.

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