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Mobile Map Location

Mobile Map Location: Top 10 Best Maps and Navigation Mobile Apps in India in 2024

Mobile Map Location:- We are bound to arrive anywhere whenever we consider reaching a specific location. The first thing we do when we need a location is open Google Maps. Nobody installs any other navigation apps since everyone utilizes the built-in one. It comes highly suggested. The navigation app receives updates the most frequently. Over the past few years, the Google navigation app has gotten better. Google Maps makes travelling by car, train, bicycle, or even foot easier.

Google Maps is one of the most widely used alternative navigation programs available for iOS and Android devices. For a variety of reasons, some people dislike Google Maps, and they might not be pleased with its limited feature set. You may discover the Best Navigation Apps for Android listed below. There will be a brief paragraph describing each application. You can learn about the features and functions in this method, which will facilitate your decision-making.

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Top 10 Best Maps and Navigation Mobile Apps 2024

Mobile Map Location

1. Google Maps

If you believe you need an alternative to Google Maps, it’s time to go because it does not allow offline navigation. It now offers navigational downloads in addition to Google Maps offline use.
For frequent users, a noteworthy and welcome feature to Google Maps. The online version has the same features, however it does not provide traffic data. Before you leave your house, download your preferred area from the internet.

This GPS navigation feature can be useful for almost any type of transportation.


  • offers a range of transit modalities with transport services
  • There is talk of traffic problems.
  • Your arrival and departure hours determine how long it will take to drive.
  • Real-time ETAs dependent on traffic
  • provide rerouting for traffic, accidents, and road conditions.
  • Available in the offline version

2. HERE Maps

You can download country-specific maps HERE, which function nearly identically to online maps. You must register in order to get maps, but once you have, you are free to download as many as you like. HERE Maps was created by Nokia. With an understated, sophisticated UI, it offers global mapping choices. You can use offline maps instead of relying on local mobile data.

3. MapFactor

For those searching for an alternative to Google Maps, MapFactor is a reliable turn-by-turn navigation app for Android. You can use the map files offline if needed by downloading and installing them to your SD card. This app provides voice advice and turn-by-turn directions in multiple languages. You can also modify your path according to whether you’re walking, driving a truck, or driving a car. There are also auditory alerts when speed cameras are nearby. While there are maps available for use offline, this one is specific to cities, regions, and nations.


  • The maps are current and the points of interest database is large because of OpenStreetMap data.
  • It has maps for most nations in the world thanks to OSM data.

4. Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

Waze is the second navigation app that Google owns for Android devices. In the Waze community, you may report traffic accidents, police traps, and road closures. People who drive in traffic provide the source of traffic information. It also offers a visually appealing UI. In addition, the app can tell you how distant the cops are from you and whether you’re speeding.

The route that Waze recommends may vary depending on several things. It also allows you to find cheaper petrol along the way and share your position with others. The app is special since it is crowdsourced.


  • updates on traffic conditions in real-time, including construction, accidents, police activity, and road closures, so you may adjust your itinerary as necessary.
  • Community editors update the maps often to keep them current.
  • Users can share gas costs.
  • Sharing your location on Facebook through your timeline is possible thanks to an integration function.
  • You can save time by using traffic conditions to find the most effective route.
  • Even when you often commute, the app gradually learns your favoured routes and locations.

5. Maps. Me

Maps. It was worth its $4.99 Play Store price tag back then. Imagine how happy we will be to learn that it is now free. If you haven’t already, you ought to download this map app. It is among the greatest Android map apps available, featuring an easy-to-use layout, offline functionality, and a list of all the nearby attractions, including ATMs, petrol stations, metro stations, and more. Travellers will adore this software because it provides offline access to top-notch maps all across the world.

Mobile Map Location

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  • equipped with functions like traffic information, turn-by-turn guidance, auto-following, and more.
  • It can perform offline tasks including navigating, searching, and finding eateries and ATMs.
  • Your buddies can see your location when you’re online.
  • Because it runs in the background, this app consumes less battery power than others.

6. CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS comes with offline maps that are available for much of the world. With CoPilot, you may receive turn-by-turn instructions for events you’re attending by connecting an account with your social network accounts, including Facebook or Twitter. Following the initial map’s free release, CoPilot operates as a license-based service. You can obtain traffic data for a whole year for a nominal cost. Arrange routes for heavy trucks and recreational vehicles in addition to autos.


  • You may customize any kind of car, even ones with limited clearance or ones that drive on tiny roads.
  • This app allows you to find locations offline, such as restaurants.
  • The premium version includes 3D maps, traffic data, and audio navigation.
  • It is global in operation with a subscription.

7. Sygic

With good reason, Sygic is one of the most widely used offline navigation apps for Android users. The TomTom-powered app allows for the mapping of the majority of countries worldwide. Up till now, more than 100 million people have downloaded Sygic’s navigation app. It shows you the speed limit in addition to turn-by-turn directions, voice guidance, and alternative routes.

8. OsmAnd 

You may effortlessly navigate offline with this OsmAnd version which is free of cost. The software updates its data with new roads, traffic lights, and other information regularly. With the commercial edition of Wikipedia, you can use it to find interesting points of view along the way. Bicyclists and hikers will find the program useful as it displays cycling routes, walking paths, and steepness contours in a specific display mode.

A map application based on OpenStreetMap.


  • Either online or offline use is possible.
  • It is possible to upload and use GPX files as routes.
  • There is voice, lane, ETA, and even bicycle route guidance available.
  • It has a plug-in for routes to ski resorts in some countries.

9. TomTom

All settings allow for offline navigation. With the most recent edition, users can now get camera alerts, 3D buildings and landmarks, and real-time traffic data. Android Lollipop is now compatible with it. The well-known manufacturer of GPS devices has released a smartphone app.


  • The program has voice navigation, offline capabilities, 3-D maps, and real-time traffic statistics.
  • When permitted, speed cameras display a warning.
  • If you are travelling abroad, there are maps for various nations available.
  • You can choose to let loved ones know when you expect to arrive.
Mobile Map Location

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10. MapQuest

MapQuest was one of the most widely used websites for instructions many years ago. Surprisingly, the Android app is still available. With the app, you may locate closer petrol stations, receive real-time traffic updates, and have traffic automatically rerouted. It also gives directions for driving and walking. A desktop version of one of the initial navigation services is also available for mobile.


  • It provides turn-by-turn navigation and traffic information, but its primary concentration is on maps and driving directions.
  • Depending on your preferences, select from a variety of paths.
  • The webcams and map both display traffic problems.
  • The live traffic webcam allows you to observe how many cars are on the road.
  • A coloured “traffic bar” at the top of the website shows the flow of traffic and the status of the routes.
  • Find out where the most affordable petrol prices are.
  • uses the app to find and assist with reservations for hotels and restaurants.


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