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Mobile Number Locator Free: 15+ Best Free Mobile Number Trackers in 2024

Mobile Number Locator Free:- Receiving repeated calls from unknown cell phone numbers is bothersome. This could occur at weird times and from unfamiliar or foreign devices, which could be very bothersome. Here’s the good news, though! In the current digital era, typing in a phone number and finding its location online for free has become straightforward. Numerous free mobile phone tracker apps and websites are available to assist in tracking the position as well as the caller’s details. However, the consequences of this accessibility give rise to serious worries about security and privacy.

We’ll be sharing the top 15+ mobile number tracking websites and apps for iOS and Android in this post. Let us introduce you to the Findmykids app first. It’s one of the greatest parental control tools for monitoring whereabouts and specific gadget usage. For locations the user has already visited, the tool even offers historical location data. Parents can utilize Findmykids to ensure their children are safe and secure. Despite being in the category of parental control apps, its incredible features make it suitable for use as a cell phone tracker. Both iPhone and Android smartphones can use it. It has since introduced smartwatches as well. It lets you keep an eye on what your loved one is doing and record the sounds around them.


How to Trace Phone Number Location for Free with Online Websites

The specific procedure is contingent upon the mobile location website that you intend to utilize. But generally speaking, it involves these steps:

  • Use your computer, laptop, or portable device’s internet browser to access the required website.
  • Put your number in the designated space.
  • After pressing Enter, a little delay will occur. Soon, you need to view the location details.
  • Not every platform is user-friendly. We looked for the most well-liked and frequently utilized ones because of this. Here are more details about utilizing the best mobile phone location services!

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Mobile Number Locator Free

Truecaller is a great tool to increase the trustworthiness of your communications with people, and it’s accessible anywhere.


  • accessible on both iOS and Android
  • More than 330 million users made use of this location-tracking service.
  • Great for finding out who owns the phone and other details

NumberGuru — Free Phone Number Tracker

The software claims to be the greatest caller ID solution available, particularly for owners from the USA and Canada who are looking for specific details. Reputable periodicals and websites like Mashable published features on the platform.


  • The database has more than 115 million numbers.
  • Name, carrier, spam score, caller type, and device location are among the details supplied.
  • On the homepage, it displays the most recent and well-commented content.


Mobile Number Locator Free

YoTracker claims to provide GPS tracking services that are anonymous. To achieve optimal anonymity, it makes use of several nodes spread across numerous nations.


  • Outstanding uptime and a round-the-clock support staff
  • Global access to the GPS location tracking service
  • exclusive to the webpage


With Detectico, you can track a location using a phone number. It’s a premium and trustworthy tool. You get details about the carrier, nation, city, and street after inputting valid numbers. You can message the owner to request that they provide their precise location.


  • A website that focuses on using phone numbers to determine location
  • Additionally, it can offer more details about the phone’s user and work globally.

Number Tracker Pro

Mobile Number Locator Free

Number Tracker Pro is a premium service that shows you the exact position of the desired mobile device in real-time. You can pay ten or fifty credits, depending on your option, for each search. Each search costs a credit.


  • Comprehensive data based on the given number
  • Real-time tracking tool that doesn’t require downloads or apps
  • ability to do an email or name search

Free Phone Tracer

Because it operates on a private, secure network, our free mobile number tracker guarantees that all user data is safe. Using your phone or a website, you may easily trace the target cellphone number.


  • McAfee is the security provider.
  • There are free tools for tracing mobile and landline numbers available.
  • There are straightforward ways to trace the position.
  • gives the destination phone’s device type, service provider, and line type information.


Mobile Number Locator Free

LocatePhone provides global coverage to verify a phone number’s localization. Since the platform is accessible 24/7, it may be helpful if you misplaced a device and need to locate it.


  • free of installation requirements because it is website-based
  • Simple to use even for novices
  • tracks devices using geolocation services
  • Quick and dependable

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5 Best Mobile Number Tracker Android Applications

You have more choices and features for mobile tracking if you use an Android device. You can access everything using phone tracker apps, so you don’t need to use tracking websites. There are numerous apps available for this use, and we will go over the top 5 Android apps in this area.

Phone Tracker By Number for Android

The developer of this program, Family Locator, has downloaded it more than 50 million times. Even though it only uses 8 MB on your device, it offers a lot. In addition to the free version, you can get rid of ads by purchasing the premium edition of Phone Tracker By Number.


  • Together with your kids, spouses, and/or friends, create a private network.
  • A precise phone tracker for you and other network-connected devices is helpful. Location history data is also helpful.

Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator Free

This free mobile tracker app for Android offers several functions for tracking cyphers. Google Maps allows you to extract the location.


  • It shows you the target mobile’s position using 3D Google Maps so you can see it.
  • This GPS location-tracking program has access to all global codes.
  • Before answering the call, it shows the name of the unknown caller as part of an authenticating feature.

Mobile Number Tracker

Local device tracing is possible with the free Mobile Number Tracker app. In addition, it is a free service.


  • straightforward and simple to use. It only takes a few steps to track numbers.
  • Supported state service providers, GSM, and CDMA
  • Its built-in GPS capability facilitates and clarifies the cell phone tracking process.

Caller ID & Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator Free

Choose Caller ID & Number Locator if you’re looking for a caller ID and location tracker in one package. It offers free mobile phone location services just like other apps. With just one app, you can find out the caller’s name and device location. You don’t need to download two distinct apps.


  • Its database contains roughly 12,982 cities.
  • A database of contacts facilitates the search procedure.
  • It also has a function that lets you stop unsolicited calls.
  • The caller’s name appears on the screen.

Truecaller Phone Tracer

Among third-party apps, Truecaller is the most often used one for tracking mobile devices. Track the name and mobile location of the caller globally.


  • You can use it to prevent unknown callers from calling you back.
  • In addition to the name, it displays the caller’s photo.
  • Its database facilitates quick and precise searches.

Top 5 IOS Mobile Number Tracker Apps

Similar to Android users, iOS users can choose from a variety of mobile tracking apps. Similarly, you will be able to follow the precise whereabouts and particulars of the mystery caller. The top iOS applications for tracking mobile numbers are included in this area.

Phone Tracker By Number for iOS

iPadOS, macOS, and iOS are compatible with Phone Tracker by Number. These systems must be running version 11.0 or higher. The app comes in fifteen languages and is free to use. This program makes it simple to find the location of a misplaced gadget. Through an invitation system, you can stay in touch with friends and family. You may view the location of that phone and receive movement notifications after connecting to another device. This makes keeping an eye on your kids’ whereabouts using Phone Tracker By Number easier.


  • employs GPS technology to find the position of the phone
  • compatible with all major cellular providers
  • a map displaying your family members’ precise whereabouts

Number Finder: Caller ID Book

This app was made by Digitalis Interactive Agency and offers a three-day free trial. It is a premium service, though, and it costs $7.99 per week or $14.99 per month. Since access to your contacts is still optional, it is non-intrusive.


  • Find out the person’s name and location via caller ID
  • Determine whether the caller has a history of scams.
  • Make the type of scam and threat level clear.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

The following app lets you retrieve the device owner’s details: Mobile Number Tracker Pro.


  • supports more than 200 countries in its database to deliver precise results.
  • You can alter the interface’s colour scheme to make it more visually appealing.
  • It provides notification upon finding the requested number.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro – SIM

Mobile Number Tracker Pro is the upcoming mobile tracking app. In just two or three steps, you may also use it to find out where your loved ones are.


  • Similar to other phone monitoring apps, it offers the best service throughout several nations and their cities.
  • The most effective and user-friendly way to locate friends or family
  • Just launch the AppStore, install it, and begin utilizing it.
  • It also offers its subscribers free service.

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Reverse Lookup

Orave Technologies is the developer of the iPad app, which is available for free. The database includes data for both the US and Canada, and the style is straightforward but user-friendly.


  • Look up phone numbers in the US from any carrier.
  • simple user interface
  • Report shady callers and possible con artists.


Q. Does a Phone Need an App to Track It?
Some suppliers offer phone tracker services via their websites if you prefer not to utilize an app. To use the website, you’ll need a web browser and a functional internet connection, but there shouldn’t be any fees.

Q. Can I Use Just a Number to Track a Cell Phone?
There is nothing more you need to trace a cell phone than the GPS mobile number tracker tools! Please select one of the recommended services from this page to determine the targeted device’s current location.


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