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Phone Location Trace

Phone Location Trace: How to know the location with the help of Google Maps?

Phone Location Trace:- Did you know that you may now use a person’s phone number to find out where they are at any given time? Well, there are a lot of ways to find out where someone is, so read this article from beginning to end to learn about them all. Are you aware that by utilizing a person’s phone number, you may now ascertain their current or live location? You should study this article from beginning to end to learn about all the different ways that you can find out where someone is.

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How to know your location with the help of Google Maps?

The simplest and most cost-effective way is to use Google Maps, even if there are numerous location monitoring applications available online. Android users can find out where any of their acquaintances are located by following a few simple steps.

Phone Location Trace
  • Use the following instructions to make use of this special Google feature:
  • On your Android phone, launch the Google Maps application.
  • Select the image of your profile.
  • Turn on the “Location Sharing” feature.
  • Select the individual whose whereabouts you wish to monitor by clicking on their profile.
  • For the record, we would like to inform you that using a Google Map to monitor location requires authorization. This implies that you are unable to track your acquaintances unless they provide you with their whereabouts.
  • In addition to this, WhatsApp allows you to share location-related information. Simply adhere to these steps:
  • In the message box, click the “Clip” button.
  • Click on location now.
  • With their assistance, precisely pinpoint your location on the map.
  • Select “Live Location” or “Current Location” based on what’s most convenient, then send.

Army and government use ‘spyware’

As the name implies, “spyware” is software that is used to spy on other people. Without authorization, this program infiltrates any computer or mobile device and tries to share all of the system’s information with other people. The general public is not able to use these apps. To gather intelligence from other nations, the militaries and governments of numerous nations frequently engage in this activity. For the record, let us advise you that the majority of countries still view the usage of “spyware” as improper and have outright prohibited it.

Phone Location Trace

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The “Pegasus” app had generated conversation among users a while back. In actuality, this is also a type of spyware that allows for covert eavesdropping on targets. These programs not only take information from a user’s computer or phone, but they can also provide false information to deceive. Most of these espionage programs install themselves when you download another app.

How does the police track location?

You must have realized that the reach of the law is extensive from watching several criminal dramas on TV or Bollywood movies. Modern technology also makes these hands stronger. You have probably heard a lot about how the criminal’s whereabouts have been traced. And for this, people utilize their mobile number or IMEI (International Mobile Equipment ID) number in place of any app. The telecom firm assists the authorities in determining the distance and cell tower that the number was last active near. This provides the police squad with a rough idea of where the culprits are located.

Well, all coins have two sides, no question about it. If tracking phone numbers has benefits, there are drawbacks as well. For the sake of the public’s welfare, these facilities must be used responsibly.

What document proof is required to change the mobile number of the Aadhar Card?

I would like to inform you that changing the mobile number on your Aadhar card does not require any documentation. Carrying your appointment slip and Aadhar card is all that is required. The Aadhaar centre provides the necessary Aadhaar correction form(s) and there is no additional cost. Simply said, all you need to change your cellphone number is your Aadhar card and new number; no other documentation is required.

This brings this post to a close. I’m hoping that you won’t experience any issues with changing your Aadhar card’s mobile number going forward. Please leave a comment below if you experience any difficulties updating your Aadhar Card mobile number (see How to Change Aadhar Mobile Number).

how to track someone’s mobile

  • You can do this if you have got a call from an unknown number and would like to know details about it, such as its name, address, etc.
  • But keep in mind that this is only an estimate, so you may not learn everything there is to know about that phone.
  • Initially, you can look for the phone number on Facebook from which you got the call. You will obtain a great deal of information if that number is used to create a Facebook ID.
  • Truecaller is another tool for tracking mobile numbers. Truecaller typically provides you with fairly accurate information.
Phone Location Trace

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Final Words

In this article, we’ve covered every tracking mechanism possible. You do not need to believe any fraudulent software or website that makes the promise to be able to track your precise location.  Get solid information on any app or website before using it. I hope this information was helpful to you and that you now know everything there is to know about tracking a mobile device. Please use the comments section to ask us questions or make suggestions. Be the first to read posts with related content by sharing this article and subscribing to our social media accounts.


Q. Is it possible to locate someone using their phone’s location?
With the assistance of the blogger website, you may generate a tracking URL and give it to someone in order to monitor their phone’s whereabouts. You will be able to locate someone whenever they click on the link.

Q. How can I use a Google Map to track a cellphone number?
Install the Find My Device app on the phone and register to access the location of the device via Google Maps. You may now use this email to track the phone at any time using a Google Map.

Q. How can I use the number to find out where the phone is?
Install the Bharat Caller or True Caller app on your phone to find out the whereabouts of any number and whose it is.


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