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Sim Card Number Tracker

Sim Card Number Tracker: Top 6 Reviewed

Sim Card Number Tracker:- In several situations, tracking the position of a SIM card might be quite important. While some people prefer to know where their spouse or partner goes when they leave the house, parents may need to do this to watch over their kids. For whatever reason, tracking a SIM card has become commonplace everywhere. While several web applications claim to be able to track one, most are untrustworthy and not worth the money. But we’ve put the greatest products to the test and compiled a list of five that you can consider without any hesitation. This article will discuss their features, benefits, and drawbacks and help you decide which is most appropriate for your requirements.


Can You Track the Location of a SIM Card?

A SIM card’s location can be tracked, however it’s not always precise. The network provider of the phone provides the data needed to track a SIM card’s position. They maintain track of which cell towers the phone connects to. They can determine the phone’s approximate location by triangulating the signals from those towers. Nevertheless, this approach is not particularly precise and can only provide an approximate location for the phone. You would have to employ an alternative technique if you required greater accuracy than that.

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Scanner: Track SIM Card Location

Sim Card Number Tracker

You can track the position of your SIM card easily and effectively with With this app, you can use the target phone to remotely track the SIM card’s location in real-time, ensuring you always know where it is. Even more, you can program alerts to sound when the phone approaches a specific spot. Finding a SIM card’s precise location is an easy process:

  • Go to the webpage.
  • Choose a subscription that interests you, then use your login information to log in.
  • Put the phone number you wish to follow in here.
  • Select an existing text message from the list or compose a new one, then send it to the recipient.
  • You will see the target’s precise SIM card number as soon as they click on the attachment to the text.


  • doesn’t need you to set up an application on the intended device
  • Simple to employ
  • Suitable with both iOS and Android smartphones


  • Possibly a little pricey
  • provides a single location tracking feature.

mSpy: SIM Card Tracker

The greatest SIM card location tracker we’ve found so far is mSpy. It is simple to use and has a tonne of incredible features. iOS and Android devices are the target audience for this software. Its compatibility with both rooted and jailbroken devices as well as non-rooted and non-jailbroken devices sets it apart.

  • With mSpy’s SIM location tracker, you may trace a phone number in the following ways:
  • View each location’s GPS coordinates with accuracy;
  • Obtain the timestamps and dates for every place;
  • Examine every place on the map.

Its geofencing functionality is also beneficial. On an interactive map, you can specify the geographic regions that the mobile phone can roam about. You will receive alerts on your mSpy control panel if it goes beyond that threshold.

Apart from serving as a SIM card tracker, mSpy provides other additional functionalities, such as:

  • Phone call monitoring;
  • Text message monitoring;
  • Keylogging and keyword tracking;
  • WiFi monitoring;
  • Blocking installed apps;
  • Social media monitoring;
  • Monitoring media files such as images, videos, and audio.


  • Simple to use and register for an account
  • doesn’t call for rooting or jailbreaking
  • Accurate GPS tracking and SIM card number
  • Completely undetectable


  • Rooting is necessary for some sophisticated functions.
  • Going through records is a difficult task.

Features of a SIM Card Location Tracker

The SpyBubble SIM monitoring program is a great tool for tracing SIM cards because it makes use of GPS and network information. To follow the target device’s position in real time, the program can provide its IMEI number and carrier details to your dashboard. In addition to providing the online location based on the network, it also provides information on SIM card removals and changes. You may keep an eye on the target device and find out the new mobile number. When tracking the location of a SIM card, SpyBubble provides the following essential information:

  • Address details for each location;
  • Coordinates for each location;
  • Dates and timestamps;
  • Map view to track each location.

But SpyBubble doesn’t have geofencing as mSpy does. But some of this app’s other standout features are as follows:

  • monitoring text messages and phone calls;
  • keeping an eye on app activities;
  • Keylogger
  • tracking of browser history;
  • observing social networking apps for iOS with complete access to Facebook and Instagram.


  • Rooting and jailbreaking aren’t needed
  • Relatively affordable
  • Undetectable
  • Offers location data in real-time


  • not providing geofencing
  • Several capabilities are exclusive to iOS monitoring.

Yeezy SIM Card Tracker

Because everyone is 100% undetectable, it is an excellent SIM card location tracker that uses SIM card data to track location online. You can view the current and historical mobile network-based location of the target device. Additionally, you can obtain SIM card details such as the carrier and IMEI.

If you misplace your smartphone or find it turned off, you can use its IMEI number to locate it. The following is a sample of the location data that eyeZy provides:

  • Obtain coordinates and addresses for a site;
  • Obtain a glimpse of the map at each place;
  • Check out their past locations;
  • To create virtual limits and get warnings, use geofencing.
Sim Card Number Tracker

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Other important aspects of this software include:

  • monitoring SMS and phone calls;
  • Keylogging
  • social media observation
  • keeping an eye on installed programs;
  • observing the target device’s media files;
  • blocking WiFi networks, apps, and webpages.


  • provides several sophisticated monitoring features.
  • Reasonable prices
  • Precise GPS position monitoring
  • Completely covert in stealth mode


  • not providing a free trial
  • For Android smartphones, physical installation is necessary.

Mobi SIM Tracker

For iOS and Android smartphones, uMobix is a special SIM tracker tool. It keeps track of the target device’s current position even if the user changes the SIM card or phone number. You can also receive an alert from this app when your SIM card changes. Mobi provides the following information while tracking the whereabouts of SIM cards:

  • Dates and timestamps for each location;
  • Address information;
  • Map view to track the device location.

Unfortunately, unlike programs like Eyezy and mSpy, uMobix does not support geofencing. But this software also has other features, such as the following:

  • monitoring of calls and texts;
  • social media observation
  • tracking the history of web browsers;
  • app use;
  • recording keystrokes.


  • Interface that is easy to use
  • provides precise GPS position information
  • Comparatively inexpensive to other web-based SIM card monitors
  • It’s not necessary to root the Android version.
  • Jailbreaking the target device is not required.
  • Imperceptible


  • not providing geofencing
  • iOS devices require iCloud passwords.

KidsGuard Pro SIM Card Tracker

KidsGuard comes in last on our list of the top applications for tracking a SIM card number. You can use this programme without the target’s knowledge and it works with both iOS and Android devices. To track a cell phone, all you need to do is set up an account using an already-existing email address and pay for the subscription of your choosing. When tracking SIM cards, this program offers some important details, such as:

  • the timestamps and dates of every previous SIM card position;
  • Details about addresses;
  • map view for every tracked place;
  • Fences around an area.

Additionally, the app offers SIM card details, allowing you to track the replacement of an old SIM card with a new one. tracing a lost or stolen cellphone is also possible with SIM card tracing. This app’s additional features include:

  • Social media monitoring;
  • Media files tracking;
  • SMS and call logs tracking;
  • Web browser history monitoring;
  • Keylogging;
  • Live recording and remote tools;
  • Export data for future reference.


  • Rooting or jailbreaking is not necessary.
  • provides extensive features and device information.
  • The software is in stealth mode.
  • Simple to install and establish an account for


  • Possibly have problems syncing with previous Android iterations
  • Some aspects of UI could want improvement.

How to Choose the Best SIM Card Location Tracker

So, how can one track a phone without the owner’s knowledge? Selecting the finest SIM tracker can be a difficult undertaking in the absence of sufficient and reliable information. Because of this, we’ve given you a list of things to consider when selecting the best app for your requirements. These are mentioned in the list below.

Track Your Target’s SIM Card

The purpose of a decent tracker should be to provide you with the SIM’s current position in real time. A network provider is not required to inform you.

Monitor SIM Card Details

To make tracing your misplaced phone easier, it’s good to select a tracker that can provide you with the device’s model, IMEI number, and identifying information. In the event of a new SIM card, whether it be on an iOS or Android handset, the tracker must also provide information about the new SIM card.

Ease of Use

The SIM trackers must be simple and quick to install, as you might need to do it on a mobile device. You might be concerned about your child or employee learning that you are following them.

Sim Card Number Tracker

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Affordable Price

Real tracking applications are subscription-based. Avoid downloading free apps as they might expose your data or infect your phone with malware. Below is a list of most of the reasonably priced apps.


Equipped with knowledge about the various apps, you may select one that works well for your intended device and meets your demands. is a standout app among the others for location and other monitoring functions.


Q. How Can I Get Free SIM Card Tracking?
You can use one of the following techniques to quickly and simply find the current address associated with your SIM card:

1. Let the police know about it and ask them to follow your phone.
2. Speak with your mobile provider.
3. Register for a free trial of a SIM card location tracker.

Q. How Do I Find My Misplaced SIM Card?
Get in touch with your cell network operator if you know the unique number associated with your SIM card. They can utilize geolocation to determine the precise location of the SIM card if they grant your request. In the event that your phone is missing its SIM card, you can also employ phone trackers.

Q. Is It Possible to Track a Phone Without a SIM Card and Battery?
Unfortunately, if your phone is dead, you won’t be able to find it unless you have a physical tracking device, like a bug, implanted in it. You can’t truly use the functions of a dead phone because most location trackers rely on GPS and the internet to track the location of the device.

Nonetheless, you may monitor a phone without a SIM card by activating built-in capabilities like Find My iPhone and Find My Device for Android or by utilizing a SIM card tracking program.


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