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Stolen IMEI Checker

Stolen IMEI Checker, Universal IMEI Checker, Find IMEI on Android & iOS, IMEI Check Free

Stolen IMEI Checker: IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. So this is a unique number to identify the device on the mobile network. And you can think of this as your phone’s Social Security number. Also, it consists of 15 digits and is assigned to each GSM phone – CDMA devices have one MEID number. This number comes in handy when your handset is lost or stolen. No, it won’t magically bring the phone back to you, but you can be sure that whoever found or stole it won’t be able to use it. Your carrier may refuse to list a device based on its IMEI number and may request other carriers to do the same. This means that the phone will no longer make/receive calls or connect online through the cellular network, even with a new SIM card.

IMEI number also comes in handy while buying an old phone. With the help of a service like Checked, you can check whether the phone you are interested in has been reported lost, or declined, was subject to an insurance claim, and much more. The service is not free, but it is cheap, all you have to do is return a dollar. The number also reveals other details about the phone. These include the brand and model, year of release, and specifications. You can try it by going to and typing in your phone’s IMEI number – it’s free.

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  • Check if the phone has been reported lost/stolen anywhere in the world. Our IMEI checker has almost 99.9% accuracy.
  • Almost all countries and mobile operators are supported (including the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, EU, Japan, Australia, China, etc.)
  • All manufacturers and phone models are supported. You are able to check any IMEI – iPhone / Samsung / HTC / LG / Nokia / Lenovo / Huawei etc.
  • If you are going to buy a used phone, make sure that it has not been reported lost/stolen to the police and that the IMEI number is not blacklisted. Phones with banned IMEI numbers may be blocked by your mobile carrier.

Note that if your mobile device is lost or stolen, you can file a lost phone claim. Use our free online IMEI reporting feature to enter IMEI numbers into IMEIpro’s worldwide blacklist database and increase your chances of a missing device being identified and returned. Simply complete the online form and make your lost phone traceable worldwide.

Stolen IMEI Checker

How to check IMEI on your Android phone?

Now that you know what IMEI is, let’s see how to find it. The easiest way to find it on an Android phone is to dial *#06#, after which the number should appear on your screen. If you have a dual-SIM phone, you’ll see two numbers – one for each SIM slot. You can also check the IMEI in your device’s settings by going to Settings > About phone > IMEI.

How to find your IMEI using the dialing code:

  • Open your Phone app.
  • Pull out the dialer.
  • Dial *#06#.
  • The number will appear along with other information.

How to find your IMEI using Settings:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to About phone.
  • Scroll down to IMEI, where you’ll see the number listed.

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Other ways

Some phones have the number printed on the back, while if you have an older device you may also find it printed under the removable battery cover. It is also written on the SIM card tray of some phones.

The last option is to check the packaging of the phone if you still have it. The manufacturer may print this on a sticker located somewhere on the retail box. Whatever method you use, be sure to write down the number and keep it safe. That way, if you lose your device, you can give it to your carrier. Also, make sure that you do not share it with other people. Thieves can often apply clean numbers to stolen equipment.

Stolen IMEI Checker

What Is an IMEI Number Used For?

The primary purpose of IMEI is to equip your device with a unique ID number. Therefore, in practice, the IMEI is similar to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) used in the automotive industry. Although sometimes confusing, the IMEI number is completely separate from your SIM number and cannot be changed.

When you connect to a cell network, the provider captures both numbers to enable their service. The SIM number identifies your customer account, while the IMEI only identifies the device. If your device is lost or stolen, you can contact your provider who may be able to block the IMEI number, preventing it from being used to connect to networks. Your provider may also be able to contact other networks, asking them to block the device as well. Once you’ve done that, you can use the built-in tools to find your phone’s location.

Law enforcement often keeps records of lost and recovered phones identified by their IMEI. Since there is no good reason to change a device’s IMEI, the practice is illegal in many regions. Although it may be illegal to change the IMEI of a device, it does happen. Thieves, in particular, will try to take non-blacklisted numbers and apply them to their stolen devices to make them usable again. For this reason, we recommend that you never share or post your IMEI number online, otherwise, you may end up cloning your device.

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Finding Your IMEI on iOS Device

There are a few ways you can try to find out the IMEI of your device. The most universal approach is to go to your device’s dialer app. Tap in *#06# and the IMEI will be displayed on the screen.

If you have an Android or iOS device, the IMEI can also be found under Settings. On iOS go to Settings > General > About and the IMEI will be displayed. Copying the IMEI is as easy as tapping and holding the number. Android devices can vary, but generally going to Settings > About phone should display the IMEI.

If you can’t access your device, there are other ways to find your IMEI. The retail packaging should have a label displaying the IMEI. If your device has a removable battery, the IMEI is often listed under the battery. The IMEI is printed on the back of many devices. Others, including the iPhone 6s and above, have the IMEI imprinted on the SIM tray.

However, if you’re about to buy a new device, especially an older one, you might want to verify its status using the IMEI as well. To do this go to and enter the IMEI number of the smartphone. This free tool will tell you a bit about the device, as well as provide you with additional services like a basic blacklist check. If you want to get even more clarity, has premium services like a separate blacklist check for each major US carrier and a SIM-locked status tool. If you’re after information and don’t mind paying for it, premium service CheckMEND offers a device history check for less than a dollar.

Stolen IMEI Checker

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FAQs on Stolen IMEI Checker

Can You Check If The IMEI Has Been Stolen?
Every mobile phone has a unique IMEI number that can be used to identify it. If you run this IMEI number through a phone checking service like MobiCHECK, you’ll be able to find out the phone’s history, whether it’s been reported or lost and stolen and whether it’s blacklisted or blacklisted. have been blocked.

Can I track my stolen phone by IMEI?
An online IMEI phone tracking service is quick. IMEI phone tracking service will use the GSM network to track the stolen phone and block it from reaching any other network in a particular country.

Is IMEI Tracking Possible?
However, finding your lost phone without GPS location, SIM card or internet access is not an impossible task nowadays. You can definitely trace and block your lost mobile using the IMEI number to prevent any further loss

Can Thieves Change IMEI Number?
Tampering with the IMEI number is illegal according to the authorities. On the other hand, thieves use ‘flashers’ to modify the IMEI number of stolen phones. Flasher is a simple tool that allows the user to change the IMEI number by connecting the handset to the computer

How do police trace a stolen phone?
The government has developed a new website in collaboration with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Center for Development Telematics (CDOT), and Delhi Police. You can trace your lost or stolen mobile through this CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) database

Can you Unblacklist a stolen phone?
Only the owner who reported the phone lost or stolen can request to remove the IMEI block. If the seller was not responsible for blacklisting the phone, contact your mobile phone service provider

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