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Track Number Phone: 10 Best Free Phone Number Trackers Are Here! [Websites + Apps]

Track Number Phone:- How can I find the location of a cell phone by number? Many individuals are interested in answering this question. MiniTool has compiled a list of the top ten free phone number trackers, including websites and third-party apps, in this post. There are various reasons why someone might wish to monitor phone numbers online for free without requiring a location. You might want to follow your partners, locate the source of an enigmatic call, monitor your child’s whereabouts via phone number, and so forth. On the market, there are numerous varieties of phone number trackers. Let’s begin investigating them.

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Can I Track a Cell Phone Location by Number Free

Track Number Phone

Is it permissible for me to look up phone numbers? Yes, of course. It is free to trace a cell phone’s location by number. You may find out the precise location of a phone number using several free internet resources and third-party apps. You can read the section that follows for further information.

How to Track a Phone Number Freely and Legally [Websites + Apps]

Here, we’ve tested several phone number trackers from internet websites and apps to assist you locate a cell phone location by number in a free and legal manner. You can immediately select the one that works best for you, or you can test them all in order.

5 Best Phone Number Trackers Online Websites Free

Phone Location is a free web application that tracks phone numbers on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and BlackBerry devices. This website can look up the target device’s phone number and display the geolocation in real time on a map. This website can locate mobile devices in more than 150 regions and trace phone numbers easily in a matter of minutes. You only need to enter the target phone number’s country or area code, type the number in the international format, and then press LAUNCH to locate the phone number.

 2. GPS Mobile Number Tracker

GPS Mobile Number Tracker offers 100% free internet phone number tracking. It tracks position with phone numbers all across the world using historical location data from sources like GPS, WiFi connections, and cell tower triangulation. Furthermore, this website features an easy-to-use interface that only requires you to choose the county, enter the phone number and country code, and then click on Search. After the area is locked, the phone number’s location will appear on Google Maps shortly.

Track Number Phone

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 3. Spokeo

One of the greatest free phone number trackers is Spokeo, which allows users to track phone numbers and discover locations freely in real time. It can assist you in locating crucial details about the owner of the phone number, like the current address, the name used during registration, and the precise location. Additionally, you can use email, address, and name to find a location in addition to the phone number. The ability of Spokeo to recognize different call types, such as phone numbers, landlines, and VoIP calls, is another benefit. Simply enter the name, phone number, or address on the website, then select Search Now to monitor a specific phone number.

 4. Mobile Number Tracker

A leading free phone number tracker website, Mobile Number Tracker allows users to look for landline numbers, cell phone numbers, and bulk SMS senders. To combat spam, this website can locate missed call information. It is capable of tracking a cell phone number’s GPS location and locating it on Google Maps along with relevant details like the telecom circle and mobile operator/service provider. You must first choose India or the US, type the phone number in the box, and then click Locate to use this tool to look up phone number locations. The website will display all results on Google Maps once they are located.

5. LiveGPS Search Service

You must first choose India or the US, type the phone number in the box, and then click Locate to use this tool to look up phone number locations. The website will display all results on Google Maps once they are located.

5 Best Phone Number Tracker Apps Free

To track the location using your phone number, you may also try the following 5 third-party phone number tracker apps.

1. Phone Tracker By Number

Millions of users have downloaded Phone Tracker By Number, a precise and reliable GPS phone number tracker. The purpose of this software is to enable parents to quickly and correctly locate their child using their phone number. It tracks the GPS locations of parents and kids within a private, secure network.

By looking through the app’s history on their phones, parents can use this app to see every location their children have visited. More significantly, parents may effectively track down their kids by adding an infinite number of their phone numbers to the network.

2. Intelius

For iOS and Android smartphones, Intelius is another free phone number tracker. The app is available for download on the Apple Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android phones. With the aid of this software, you may do strong and accurate phone number location searches. Furthermore, you can follow someone by phone number with Intelius and keep them unaware of it. These searches are all carried out in secret and are private. In other words, nobody will be aware that you looked for them.

3. Mobile Number Locator

The Mobile Number Locator software allows you to effortlessly locate and trace a phone number. Via the phone number, it can track numerous phone location details, including name, state, city, and area. You can use this program to track a phone number from any location in the globe and to view the target mobile number on Google Maps. It is available for download on the Google Play Store.

 4. BeenVerified

Through the use of a reverse phone lookup and access to public record data, BeenVerified can assist you in tracking down phone numbers. Additionally, there are numerous platforms for which this software is compatible, such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watches. Apart from utilizing the phone number, the application permits you to follow the location and maybe examine its social networks, relatives, images, and further details by utilizing a name, address, or email.

Track Number Phone

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5. Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

The Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection software is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a safe mobile phone number tracker. This program can restrict calls from an individual, an area code, or even the entire nation. Moreover, it can assist you in recognizing and preventing fraud, scams, and spam. The software is available for free download from the Google Play Store, but there are paid subscription options available as well—monthly, annual, and lifetime.


How can I freely track a phone number? Here are illustrated lists of the top 10 websites and apps available online. It’s your time to test it now.


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