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Best Mobile Tracker: 10 Best Mobile Phone Tracker Apps To Use In 2024

The Best Mobile Tracker: Since a large portion of our daily lives depend on these platforms, phone tracking apps have become essential in this day and age.

These phone tracker apps have several uses, from protecting your children’s safety to assisting in the recovery of stolen or lost devices. You can share your location in an emergency or use mobile tracker apps to keep tabs on valuables like luggage while travelling. For employee monitoring, even companies are now depending on these apps.


Best Mobile Tracker: Apps For Android and iPhone In 2024

1. mSpy: Overall Best Phone Tracking App

  • Simple social media chat tracking is available on practically all networks.
  • monitoring of internet behaviour, including past browser sessions.
  • permits screen recording, call recording, and ambient recording.
  • able to remotely block contacts, websites, and apps.
  • gives users access to the apps, pictures, and videos stored on their phone.
  • GPS tracking and geofencing enable simple location monitoring.
Key Specs
  • Compatible Phones: Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 11 or later
  • GPS Tracking Device: Yes
  • Remote Monitoring: Yes
  • Policy for Refunds: 14-day money-back guarantee

Three different pricing options are available for the mSpy phone tracker app: a monthly plan, a three-month plan, and a 12-month plan. The three-month option will cost you $27.99, while the monthly plan costs $48.99. Lastly, the cost of the 12-month plan is $11.66.

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Best Mobile Tracker

2. Eyezy: A Rich Parental Control App

  • The pinpoint feature makes precise location tracking possible.
  • can use the Social Spotlight feature to record conversations on social media.
  • permits the reading of deleted text messages.
  • Geofenced GPS location tracker app in real time.
  • allows for keystroke tracking and logging.
  • permits full access to all files kept on the intended device.
  • has the ability to block websites, apps, and WiFi networks.
Key Specs
  • Supported Phones: iOS 7 and above and Android versions 4 and later
  • GPS Tracking Device:  Yes
  • Remote Monitoring: No
  • Policy for Refunds: 14-day money-back promise

Unlike competing options that offer multiple options, the Eyezy phone tracker app only offers one pricing plan. Users may, however, choose to pay on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The monthly cost of the app will be $47.99, $27.99 for three months, and $9.99 for a full year.

3. FlexiSPY: Best For GPS Location Tracking

  • enables the taking of pictures, videos, and audio.
  • It is possible to record ambient audio using the Spy Call feature.
  • allows users to access live calls by using the Intercept Call function.
  • able to use programmes such as notes, bookmarks, and calendars.
  • Rules that the user sets can flag specific events and cause alerts.
  • GPS tracker that the owner of the device is unaware of.
  • can use remote commands to operate the device.
Key Specs
  • Compatible Phones: Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 6 and later
  • GPS Tracking Device: Yes
  • Remote Monitoring: Yes
  • Policy for Refunds: If the app installation fails, refunds are available.

Three subscription tiers are available for the FlexiSpy phone tracker app. While the Premium Plan costs $79 per month and includes all features, the Lite Plan costs $29.95 per month and only gives access to a few features. The programme can also operate on rooted devices with the $119/month Extreme Plan.

4. Hoverwatch: Ideal For Anonymous Phone Monitoring

  • Hidden trackers have the ability to monitor GPS, calls, and messages.
  • can use a phone history tracker to monitor browsing history.
  • Snapshots taken automatically on the intended device.
  • enables rooted devices to track the camera and take remote photos.
  • Keylogger is capable of tracking text and other typed messages.
  • When the phone is unlocked, the front camera can take images.
  • Remote settings control.
Key Specs
  • Compatible Phones: Android smartphones, both rooted and unrooted
  • GPS Tracking Device: Yes
  • Remote Monitoring: Yes
  • Refund Policy: Hoverwatch does not offer refunds

You can track one device with the Personal plan, which starts at $29.95 per month. In contrast, the business plan costs $6.00 per month per device, while the professional plan starts at $9.99 per month per device.

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5. XNSPY: Best Mobile Tracker App To Get Instantly Notified

  • able to capture online activity across several instant chat platforms.
  • permits location tracking and targeted location monitoring.
  • provides incredibly thorough call reports.
  • able to keep an eye on browsing history, emails, and WiFi network logs.
  • permits the recording of conversations and the environment.
  • gives access to the contents kept on the gadget.
  • makes it possible to remotely lock and wipe the device.
Key Specs
  • Compatible Phones: iOS 6, 7, 8, and up to 16.5 for Android and Android versions 4 and later
  • GPS Tracking Device:  Yes
  • Remote Monitoring: Yes
  • Refund Policy: Money-back guarantee of ten days

The XNSPY phone tracker app offers monthly, quarterly, and annual payments for both its Basic and Premium plans. The basic plan is $29.99 per month; the quarterly plan is $13.99 per month; and the annual option is $4.99 per month. The Premium plan costs $35.99 per month, $19.99 per month (quarterly), and $7.49 per month (annually) in comparison to these.

Best Mobile Tracker

6. uMobix: Best For Real-Time Phone Tracking

  • Timestamped live call tracking is available.
  • tracking a location in real time and storing location history.
  • Message tracking, including deleted messages.
  • Password and keystroke logging.
  • permits remote access to the intended object.
  • Using a camera and microphone, the device streams audio and video.
  • allows you to view renamed contacts, messages, and deleted calls.
Key Specs
  • Compatible Phones: All iOS versions and Android version 4.
  • GPS Tracking Device: Yes
  • Remote Monitoring: Yes
  • Policy for Refunds: 14-day money-back promise

There are three price tiers for the YouMobix mobile phone tracker app. For iOS devices, a basic package costs $29.99 per month; a full subscription, at $49.99, unlocks additional features.

The basic plan is the same for Android devices, but the full subscription is $59.99. For both platforms, there are additionally three- and twelve-month plans available.

7. Spyic: Best Phone Tracking App For Android and iOS

  • Track calls, messages, and contacts with a phone tracker.
  • able to highlight and display deleted messages.
  • Permits using Google Maps to find the target device’s location.
  • able to keep an eye on nearly all instant messaging and social media platforms.
  • possesses a quick keystroke recorder that is capable of recording keystrokes on calculator apps.
  • gives users access to all types of media files, such as movies, images, and more.
  • able to capture browsing history while using incognito or private mode.

Key Specs

  • Compatible Phones: All iOS versions and Android version 4.
  • GPS Tracking Device: Indeed
  • Remote Monitoring: Yes
  • Refund Policy: sixty days for refunds

For iOS and Android smartphones, this phone tracker app offers a Basic, Premium, and Family Plan. For the former, monthly plans are $39.99, $49.99, and $69.99, respectively; for Apple devices, the monthly plans are $99.99, $49.99, and $399.99.

8. Spy Bubble: Best For Monitoring Cell Phones Remotely

  • gives access to calls, both in and out, along with the length of the call.
  • lets you view hidden chats and erased messages.
  • gives comprehensive information about browser history.
  • includes a strong keylogger that is capable of recording passwords.
  • allows for the tracking of activity on Facebook and Instagram, among other social media platforms.
  • The app makes it simple to access any type of media.
  • GPS tracking along with a history of locations.
Key Specs
  • Compatible Phones: All iOS versions and Android version 4.
  • GPS Tracking Device:Yes
  • Remote Monitoring: Yes
  • 14-day refund policy is in place.

Surveillant Like many other phone tracking apps, the Bubble app only offers three different pricing tiers. The price of the three-month plan is $89.99, and the one-month plan is $49.49. Additionally, a $149.99 12-month plan is available.

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9. GEO Finder: Best Cell Phone Tracker App

  • All mobile networks and phone brands are compatible with GEO Finder.
  • With its geolocation technology, it offers global coverage.
  • Completely in line with the Office of the Information Commissioner’s recommendations.
  • enables the sending of a customised SMS message.
  • allows for infinite requests for geolocation.
  • able to give a thorough location history.
  • can also use an image URL to track a device.
Key Specs
  • Compatible Phones: Every Android and iOS handset
  • GPS Location Tracker: Yes
  • Absence of remote monitoring
  • Refund Policy: There isn’t one.

For $29.99, you can purchase the Geo Finder GPS location tracking app once and get full access to all of its features. The account has a ten-year validity period and supports an unlimited number of locations. Payment is only required once.

10. Spyzzz: Best For Keeping Track Of Cheating Partners

  • gives users access to their device’s entire web history.
  • permits access to all media files kept on the gadget.
  • able to provide the precise location in real time.
  • sends notifications when a SIM card is changed or a message is removed.
  • The app has the ability to automatically update with the newest features.
  • gives you remote control over settings.
  • able to offer users video and audio streams.
Key Specs
  • Compatible Phones: iOS 9 or later and Android 6 or later
  • GPS Tracking Device: Indeed
  • Remote Monitoring: Yes
  • Refund Policy: 100% money-back guarantee and a 30-day refund policy

For both iOS and Android smartphones, the Spyzzz phone tracker app offers the same basic plan. A monthly subscription costs $49.99 per month, a quarterly subscription costs $29.99 per month, and an annual option costs $12.49.

Best Mobile Tracker: FAQs

Q.) How precise are location-finding features in phone tracking apps?

Ans: When it comes to location detection and location history, the top mobile phone tracking applications are incredibly precise. They rely on the device’s GPS system to keep track of the places visited and to deliver updates in real time about those locations. The majority of GPS-enabled phone monitoring apps can locate objects up to 15 metres away.

Q.) How can I pick the top monitoring app for my phone?

Ans: The best cell phone tracker app should take a number of factors into account. These consist of the features that are offered, platforms that are compatible, price ranges, and refund policies. To obtain a more accurate impression of different apps, it is also a good idea to read user reviews that have been published across a variety of platforms.

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