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Find Location Of Mobile Number: The 8 Best Phone Tracker Apps of 2024

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The 8 Best Phone Tracker Apps of 2024

Let Your Partner Know You’re Safe: Life360

With Life360, you can stay in touch with your loved ones and they can stay in touch with you. If someone permits you to follow them, you can view their whereabouts in real time (it’s illegal to track someone without their consent). Recognize the departure and arrival times of your partner and other family members at places like work, home, and school. Additionally, there is a chat feature that allows you to discuss issues related to safety or transportation.

The monthly costs for the Free, Gold, and Platinum membership plans offered by Life360 are $0.00, $14.99, and $24.99, respectively.

Find Location Of Mobile Number

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Share Your Location: Glympse

Glympse is a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to exchange location information with contacts and reveals who is where. Send out an update using it to let people know when to anticipate you at a family get-together. To discover out how much longer you have to wait for your coworker at the restaurant, ask for an update. Alternatively, on movie night, organize a group to view a map of your friends’ locations relative to the theatre. In an emergency, you can also use it to receive help faster.

Glympse is available for free download on iOS and Android.

Keep Track of Your Kids: Families

Families and other organizations who wish to be aware of one another’s whereabouts in real time might use this app. Every member of your group has real-time location visibility, and you receive alerts when they arrive or depart from locations (including home, work, or school). Additionally, you get quick access to all group members. Additionally, the program can find stolen or missing phones.

Note: You need permission from each contact you wish to follow.

With the opportunity to upgrade to a Premium version starting at $9.49, Familonet is available for free.

Stay Connected With Family Members on iOS: Find My

For iOS 13 and later, Apple’s Find My app integrates the functionality of its former Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into a single app. You can share your locations with your family members at any time using it. You can program location-based alerts to receive notifications when family members return home safely. Are you done sharing? It’s simple to stop at any moment.

On iOS devices, it comes pre-installed and is free to use. Additionally, you can use it with Family Sharing or on You need the app on others to share your whereabouts with them.

Find a Misplaced Phone: Find My Phone Whistle

This app is for you if you frequently misplace your Android tablet or phone. Configure it so that, even in silent mode, it emits a loud noise when you whistle. To use as the answer when you whistle, you can even upload your own song. Remember that the app reacts to any high-pitched sounds in the surrounding area, including whistling from other individuals.

Locate My Phone Whistle is available for free, or for $0.99 you may upgrade to Premium to get more features.

Find Location Of Mobile Number

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Locate a Seriously Lost Phone: Find Lost Phone

To simply locate your Android phone if it is lost or stolen, install this software on it. By issuing a command from another mobile phone, you can obtain an exact map location by using GPS tracking to locate your device. Additionally, if a thief swaps your phone’s SIM card, you can designate a buddy as a trusted contact who will get a message. In addition, the app has reminder features and favorite destinations so you can receive notifications when it’s time to work out or travel somewhere else.

It costs nothing to locate a lost phone. You might need to call the police for assistance in getting your phone back.

A Phone Tracker That Doubles as a Walkie Talkie: sharing

The walkie-talkie is iSharing’s best feature compared to other apps on this list. With family members, you can use this to send and receive free audio messages. Along with many of the features found in other family tracking applications, it also offers real-time alerts, GPS tracking for lost or stolen phones, and the ability to see the whereabouts of family members and close friends.

It offers a free version as well as a subscription one that costs $3.99 a month, just like other apps on the list.

The Granddaddy of Android Phone Trackers: Where’s My Droid

One of the earliest phone monitoring apps available for Android is Where’s My Droid, which is still a good choice if you want to protect your gadgets. It can vibrate or ring your phone to help you find it. Even with a low battery, it utilizes GPS to assist you in finding a misplaced or pilfered gadget. Passcode protection to stop unwanted software updates, the ability to remotely lock your device, remotely wipe the SD card and phone data, and more are further noteworthy features.

There is a free version of Where’s My Droid as well as a paid one that costs $0.99 a month.

Find Location Of Mobile Number

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Q. What is Phone Number Lookup or Reverse Phone Lookup?

Ans- Simply put, a reverse phone number lookup, also known as a phone number lookup, is a tool that lets users enter a phone number and retrieve the owner’s identity! The term comes from the fact that this is the opposite of the conventional, physical phone books where you look up a person’s phone number!

Q. How does the phone number search function on Truecaller?

Ans- The 374 million members of the Truecaller community worldwide actively recommend phone numbers they get calls from. For instance, when a user searches for the phone number of a caller, our reverse phone lookup will display that name if a specific percentage of our users rate the caller as “Insurance spam.”

Q. How should I use this phone number lookup tool to its fullest potential?

Ans- It’s really simple to look up phone numbers on Truecaller; all you have to do is type the number into the search bar and log in to see the results. The caller’s identity (as provided by the Truecaller community), location, most-called countries, user-generated comments about them on our app, and much more will be visible to you!


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