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Mobile Tracker In India

Mobile Tracker In India: 9 Best Mobile Apps To Track Your Expenses In India

Mobile Tracker In India:- Since I started a serious, full-time work in 2012 and made the decision to track my spending so I could stop being broke by the 20th of every month, one of my most active searches on the Google Play Store has been for a monthly expense tracking app. Only a few of the spending trackers had user-friendly features back then, and there weren’t as many apps as there are now.2024 sees a change in the circumstances. In reality, within the previous five years, the whole spectrum of cost-monitoring software has experienced radical transformations.


Who Needs An Expense Tracker?

  • Numerous applications to monitor your spending have emerged in tandem with the increasing convenience of using mobile wallets for transactions.
  • You should start tracking your costs immediately if you are a millennial or often transact with money and are not currently doing so.
  • Installing a cost-monitoring program from the iOS program Store or Google Play Store is also one of the best options.
  • Thus, which program ought you to download? Without a doubt, we do not want you to use any of the thousands of apps out there. I’ve noticed that occasionally the highest-rated apps don’t match the requirements we’re looking for.
  • For iOS and Android users, we have therefore provided you with our in-depth reviews of the top 8 spending trackers. The best features and the not-so-great features are included in our comprehensive analysis.
  • Select your preferred app, stop spending money you don’t need to, and begin saving. It works best if you get started early. It’s said by a wise man that maintaining wealth is more artistic than generating it.
  • Examining our resources for thriftiness, let’s.
Mobile Tracker In India

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1. Wallet 

  • Wallet by BudgetBakers is the best money management and cost-tracking tool, in my opinion. It is unlike anything other.
  • Wallet’s most important feature is Automatic Rules and Labels. You can design a unique rule for recording revenue and expenses, including several custom categories, name the items, and systematically keep track of everything. Just the way you desire.
  • It’s a completely different experience once you start using Wallet. To find out how much money you will be spending, you can set up planned payments and then include them in your budget. You can see on a graph if you will overspend and how much.
  • You could view your final credit score restriction, coins glide, merge numerous money owed (including credit score cards) straight away, and use the keyword search to type through transaction records.
  • Even extra options are to be had for mechanically assigning labels and categories based totally on transaction key phrases. similar to labeling purchases made from the Apple app shop as “amusing” cash.
  • For laugh cash, you may make finances and then program a rule to observe the phrase “amusing.”
  • You may effortlessly import your announcement using aCsv record in case your bank isn’t supported.
  • A 4.7 rating and an editor’s preference rating within the play shop suffice to signify budgetbakers’ first-rate programme, pockets. wallet integrates financial making plans and budgeting with profit tracking and protection functions like a pin and login.
  • Many amazing things are possible with Wallet, such as bank and family account syncing. When you use the app for the first time, it should provide you with a thorough overview of your money.

Some Other Features Of Wallet Expense Tracking App

  • Automatic cloud syncing on devices.
  • Theme and expense category customization.
  • Export to CSV, PDF, and Excel available.
  • Financial overviews through charts and diagrams.
  • Manual updating is offered.


  • Since bank sync is a required function, some users may find it undesirable.
  • There is no receipt scanning feature in the app.
  • Additionally, logging in is required.

2. Walnut

This app has practically all the necessary features one would look for in an expense tracker, and it has more than 1 crore downloads (10 million+ if you understand the American Numbering System better). It has a rating of 4.3.

Some Other Features Of the Walnut Expense Tracking App

  • Add expenses manually.
  • Create custom categories of expenses.
  • Find nearby ATMs with cash available.
  • Track travel and movie bookings.
  • Enables Data Backup.


  • The ability to scan bills is absent.
  • SMS tracking is an essential function.
  • It is not possible to sync across devices using Walnut.

3. Monefy

I’ve been using Monefy as my cost tracker for a time now. Its straightforward but engaging user interface, simplicity of usage, and—above all—the lack of an email login require me to adore it. All you have to do is download the app and begin entering your expenditure information.
How awesome is that! It makes sense why the Play Store awarded it the “Editor’s Choice” designation. In the middle of the dashboard of Monefy is a visual tracker in the shape of a round pie chart. Throughout the pie chart, there are expenditure categories. To begin recording your expenses, simply tap on one of the categories.

Some Other Features Of the Monefy Expense Tracking App

  • built-in calculator along with several useful widgets.
  • One-click export capability for data.
  • Make unique expense categories.
  • Reminder for recurring payments
  • list and graphic description of the income-expenditure monitoring system.


  • There is no bill scanner on Monefy.
  • Manual recording of every detail is required.
  • Upgrade required to access some of the best features.
Mobile Tracker In India

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4. Spendee

  • Spendee is yet another fantastic app on this list.
  • Spendee is a rather well-known budget planner and expense tracker. You would enjoy using it mostly because of its user-friendly smartphone layout and astute financial advice.
  • Spendee is the only app on this list that analyses your income and expenses. All the other applications don’t. Spendee periodically provides you with wise financial advice via AI.
  • For example, how much you’re spending compared to what you should be spending, or whether you’re saving enough money. In my instance, they calculated my average monthly income and recommended precise amounts for savings, investments, and consumption.
  • Additionally, Spendee indicated how much I ought to have in my emergency fund. You will receive monthly projections detailing your cash flow situation and potential savings over the next few months. If you continually battle with EMIs and strike a balance between bill payments and savings, these tips may be useful.
  • You can link your bank accounts to Spendee. You have the option to manually renew all of your daily transactions in addition to the automatic refresh.
  • It intelligently divides each transaction into the appropriate groups. You have the option to change these records.

Some Of The Key Features Of Spendee Are:

  • Connect to several e-wallets, cryptocurrency wallets, and bank accounts.
  • Label exchanges
  • Automated classification of documents
  • One-click will export all of the data.
  • Change between different currencies
  • AI financial advice
  • Make budgets and receive alerts if you go over or anticipate going over budget.
  • transaction input by hand
  • Receive a reminder to pay your bills.

If you prefer spending graphs and charts on large screens, you can use the Spendee web app or give their smartphone app a try. Additionally, you can share it with friends and family via your account.

5. Money Manager

  • Money Manager is an additional expense tracker that doesn’t require a complicated login.
  • This expenditure monitoring app’s advantages include a comprehensive interface, a built-in calendar tool for tracking monthly expenses at a glance, and a camera for capturing receipts.
  • Money Manager stands out for providing a thorough overview of daily, weekly, and monthly spending tracking via multiple tabs at the dashboard’s top.
  • This is a really useful tool for those who prefer to track their expenses in greater detail.
  • Additionally, Money Manager has sections for accounts and statistics.
  • It’s amazing how many tools, including an Accounts area, that make it a full-featured money manager are available for free. Although there is a pro section as well, the free version is quite effective. Bravo to the Korean business RealByte, the originator.
  • You may get Money Manager from the iOS App Store as well.

Some Other Features Of Money Manager Expense Tracking App

  • The app can be locked with a passcode.
  • Bookmark frequently recurring expenses.
  • Create custom transaction filters.
  • Backup and restoring through Excel file.


  • For first-time users, it could be a little challenging at first and require some adjustment time.
  • Neither the auto-save feature nor the camera feature scan receipts.
  • includes advertisements.

6. FinArt

Another fantastic “Made in India” product that is straightforward, user-friendly, and simple. The feature that allows you to track the areas where you are spending the most at a glance is what I enjoy best about FinArt. It generates a round pie chart.

FinArt presently offers a 45-day free trial during which you can use all of its premium features without charge. The annual charge is Rs. 499 after the trial, and the lifetime fee is Rs. 1999. For such a fantastic app, I would say it’s rather reasonable.

Some Other Features Of FinArt Expense Tracking App

  • Remind me to pay bills for more effective cost control.
  • distinct profiles for monitoring corporate and personal spending.
  • Spends are represented graphically.


  • FinArt does not scan invoices.
  • The iOS App Store does not have this app available.

7. Expense Manager

Since its 2010 release, Expense Manager has received a 4.4 Play Store rating, indicating that it is a reliable app. It was also the first app I had ever used to keep track of my spending. The cost manager is free and does not require a login. All features are available to you without requiring an upgrade payment. With its abundance of features, this program is nearly capable of managing a sole proprietorship!

Some Other Features Of Expense Manager Monthly Expense Tracking App

  • Reports are accessible in PDF, Excel, CSV, and HTML formats.
  • Backups automatically to Dropbox, Google Drive, and phone memory.
  • uses a network to connect to a PC.
  • includes some useful utilities, such as a tip calculator and a GST calculator.
  • Customize the background of the app.
  • supports many languages.
  • accepts a variety of currencies.
  • protected by a PIN
  • doesn’t require logging in.
  • uses Dropbox to sync data between Android devices.


  • Compared to Monefy or Walnut, Expense Manager may appear to be more complicated.
  • The bottom of the app has advertisements (they have to make money somewhere!).
Mobile Tracker In India

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8. Spending Tracker 

If you’re looking for a hassle-free spending monitoring tool, Spending Tracker is a straightforward and user-friendly program with a pleasing UI. Additionally, Spending Tracker is easily accessible on your PC through the Microsoft shop. Spending Tracker is also available through the iOS App Store. The software features a lighthearted appearance with humorous typefaces, departing from the typical “serious-looking” UI. Most likely, the developer wants us to unwind and enjoy ourselves while keeping track of our spending.


  • Maintain monthly, weekly, and annual spending diaries.
  • Modifiable categories for expenses.
  • Set transactions to recur every day, every week, or every month.


  • An upgrade is required for the feature that scans receipts while syncing with other devices.


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