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Find Mobile Number Current Location

Find Mobile Number Current Location: 3 Solutions to Find Current Location of a Mobile Number

Find Mobile Number Current Location: Using a Google map, there are several ways to locate and track down a mobile number. You can select a plan of action that is ideal for your needs. There is a special platform that allows you to track the location of any mobile number in addition to Google Maps.


Is it possible to find the current mobile number on Google Maps?

Indeed, you can use Google Maps to locate and track a mobile number. Finding a mobile number’s location on Google Maps can be done in a number of ways.

Method 1: When the target phone has Google account

To pinpoint the exact location using this method, there needs to be prior communication with the target phone. In this case, you have to link your Google account to the Google account of the intended device. The target phone’s manual settings are required for this strategy. You can give this a try to monitor your children’s whereabouts in real time. Once the Google account connection between your phone and the target device has been established successfully, open the Google map on the target phone and select the “Location Sharing” option. Continue adding users to this platform, then select your Google account by clicking “Select People.” Lastly, select the time that the designated phone will be watched by clicking the “Share” option.

Now, tap the Google Maps icon on your device to precisely pinpoint the target phone’s location on the map.

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Find Mobile Number Current Location

Method 2: Location sharing request on Google Map

When your phone opens the Google map, select “Location Sharing” from the list under the “Menu” option. Next, choose the individual for whom you wish to keep track of their location, and then click the “Request” button to send the request. You can pinpoint the exact location on your device’s Google map as soon as the owner of the targeted device responds to your request.

Solution 1: Use URL clicks to track the location of a mobile number

If the target device does not have access to a Google account, you can use the link to find out where its mobile number is located.

1: Show the Google Maps on the intended phone.

2. Select the “Location Sharing” option from the “Menu.”

3. In order to move on to the next step, you must select the individuals by selecting the ‘Add People’ option. Next, share the link on your device by selecting ‘Copy to Clipboard’.

With the aid of the link, you can track the target phone for longer than 72 hours from your device.

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Solution 2: Track location of a mobile number using a number checker

With the help of the mobile number, the Mobile Number Tracker software helps you quickly determine the target phone’s current location. This tool’s basic function is to use the network connection on the intended phone. The application pinpoints the precise location on a map view by using connectivity. The following were the efficient methods for locating a mobile number on a map:

1: Go to the “” website and select “Track a mobile number” from the menu on the main page.

2: Type in the necessary information, such as the phone number that needs to be tracked, your email address, your address, or your phone number, and click “Track it.”

3. To see the target phone’s location on a localised map, open the phone tracking panel.

You don’t have to pay for this service in order to track down the desired phone number’s location. Use this service to get accurate results that aren’t overstated.

Solution 3: Track location and another identity of someone using Facebook

Thanks to the global spread of social media, you can now pinpoint the exact location of your friends and family members across borders. For accurate location tracking, it is sufficient to adhere to the instructions provided below.

1: Launch Facebook on your mobile device.

2. Select ‘Nearby Friends’ from the ‘menu’.

3: If your friends have allowed location sharing on this app, you will be able to see their precise location information. On this platform, you can discover where they were when they last logged in.

This works only if your friends’ location data is accessible to the Facebook app. It is not possible to track the location using this method if any members have disabled location sharing on this Facebook account.

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Find Mobile Number Current Location: Conclusion

Find Mobile Number Current Location: So you knew how to use Google Maps to find a mobile number’s current location? The content above provides a brief overview of several distinct methods for determining a mobile number’s current location. Every technique is unique and has advantages and disadvantages. Certain techniques work best when the target phone is linked to the internet platform. Some solutions only work with precise results if location services are enabled on the target phone. As a result, each strategy has limitations, and you must choose the best strategy to suit your needs. Make use of these tools to monitor your child’s current whereabouts and protect them from unwarranted social media threats.

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