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Google Satellite Phone Tracker, Trace the mobile number’s current location through satellite

Google Satellite Phone Tracker: Google Satellite Phone Tracker: Google Satellite or Google Earth, is the same. So in this fast-paced computerized world, there are amazing GPS tracking tools available that will help you track the location of your spouse or child without them knowing. Here we are going to talk about Google’s cell phone tracker online for free. Satellite phones can be tracked through their own built-in GPS devices or through weak encryption protocols. “GPS location data is apparently likely to be transmitted by SAT phones,” reports Safe Mobile. google map satellite phone number tracker


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Google Satellite Phone Tracker: गूगल सैटेलाइट या गूगल अर्थ, एक ही है| इस तेज गति वाली कम्प्यूटरीकृत दुनिया में, अद्भुत जीपीएस ट्रैकिंग टूल उपलब्ध हैं जो आपके जीवनसाथी या बच्चे के स्थान को बिना जाने उन्हें ट्रैक करने में आपकी मदद करेंगे। यहां हम गूगल के सेल फोन ट्रैकर ऑनलाइन के बारे में फ्री में बात करने जा रहे हैं। सैटेलाइट फोन को अपने स्वयं के अंतर्निहित जीपीएस उपकरणों या कमजोर एन्क्रिप्शन प्रोटोकॉल के माध्यम से ट्रैक किया जा सकता है। “जीपीएस स्थान डेटा स्पष्ट रूप से सैट फोन द्वारा प्रेषित होने की संभावना है,” सुरक्षित मोबाइल की रिपोर्ट करता है

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What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a program that renders a 3D representation of the Earth based on satellite images. It is a free program developed by Google Inc. So for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux devices that come from the house.

By connecting with Google Maps, you can view aerial views that have been shot using Google satellites. Google Earth is used by millions of mobile as well as computer users around the world to explore the planet. There are tons of functions available in this topographic map service, including experience 360-degree street shots, aerial shots, and more.

Google Sky

Google introduced Google Sky based on augmented reality features that allow users to view stars and other celestial objects. It initiates this program in collaboration with the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).

Google Mars

The Google Mars program can take pictures of Mars supported by Google Earth. It also offered a browser-based version, but maps contain high-resolution images and also include 3D terrain, infrared images, and elevation data.

Images included in Google Mars were taken with the extremely high-resolution Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRISE camera, similar to Google Earth. It provides the same resolution that is used for Street View via satellite.

Various high-resolution panoramic images are available on Google Mars from various Mars landers. For example, the Mars Exploration Rovers, Opportunity and Sentiment which users can view similar to Google Street View.

How does location tracking work on phones

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Google Moon

Here is another great feature of Google Earth named Google Moon which is used to explore the surface of the Moon. Google introduced this feature in mid-2009 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

NASA provides information for the Street View genre including maps, videos and panoramas. It includes several tours, including the Apollo missions.

How Does Google Earth Work?

Google Earth is a geo-mapping and tagging program that compiles a set of satellite images into a single location to produce a comprehensive and interactive Earth map.

The program provides 3D images of Earth taken from satellites and millions of people use this information and images to discover unknown geographic locations and track climate change and various ecological features.

It is free to use through various means such as Windows, iOS, Android and Linux devices. This digital cartography tool is useful for those who want detailed geographic data. It is also helpful for environmentalists to track the movement of flora and fauna around the world.

Google Earth has a wide range of functions associated with Google Map services such as Google satellite phone tracker, 360-degree street shots and aerial shots.

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How to Track a Cell Phone Location using Google Earth?

  • Firstly, you need to open a web browser and type “” and hit on entering button.
  • Enter login details including Google email ID and password of the device you want to track on Google Maps.
  • Then enter your mobile number or visit the same link on your mobile web browser and hit on “Send a link to my phone”.
  • On a mobile phone, you’ll receive a text message with a URL.
  • Then, tap the URL link to open it on your mobile web browser. Receiving the URL link on your mobile phone will incur additional charges depending on your cellular network provider.
  • So after that, allow Google to access your location. Tap “Yes” when the dialogue box pops up, i.e. Then “Allow Google Latitude to see your current location”.
  • You will find the location of the cell phone on Google Earth. Can also extend the latitude request to find the latitude of the cell phone.
Google Satellite Phone Tracker
Google Satellite Phone Tracker

How to Instantly Trace Mobile Number Current Location through Satellite

There are many different reasons why you might want to track a cell phone number. You could have received a creepy phone call from a number you don’t recognize, want to know the source of constant nuisance voicemails, or even track your children’s phones to maintain their safety. Achieving peace of mind can seem impossible, as cell phones become more complex by the day, and it’s hard to figure out what it takes to track a number correctly. Thankfully, with modern satellite technology and constant innovation. You can visit the website, where your all doubts will be cleared

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What is GPS Tracking App?

The Global Positioning System aka GPS is a global navigation satellite system. GPS tracking apps are applications that are primarily designed to locate the location of a cell phone device on a map. Using these apps, you can navigate the route, explore the world and track lost or stolen devices. In addition, GPS tracking apps are used in a wide variety of businesses such as cab services, food delivery services and much more. So these apps use GPS technology to track the current location of the mobile device. On the web, you’ll find a large number of GPS tracking apps designed for Android and iOS devices.

Google Satellite Phone Tracker
Tracking Through Satellite

How to Track IMEI Number Through Google Earth?

The process for tracking IMEI numbers through Google Earth is the same on all your devices. Below is a quick run-through of how to get things done.

  • First, download the application from your respective App Store. Android; iOS
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the app and log in to your Google account.
  • Then, input your cell phone number on the text box, and press Send a link to my phone. Alternatively, you can also copy the link to the phone’s browser and download 6. can press
  • You will receive a notification on your phone with the URL link.
  • Clicking the link opens a dialogue box where you have to choose Enable Google Latitude to see your current location. Yes. Google Earth can now report your exact location.
  • Google can now report your exact location through the app.
  • Lastly, you can follow the same procedure to enable tracking of your family member’s current location
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Why does Google use location information?

The Google Privacy Policy describes how we treat information when you use Google’s products and services, including location information. So this page provides additional information about the location information we collect and how you can control it.

Providing useful, meaningful experiences is at the core of what Google does, and location information plays an important role in doing so. From driving directions to making sure your search results include things near you, to showing you when a restaurant is busy, location can make your experiences more relevant and helpful across Google. Location information also helps with some core product functionality, such as providing websites in the correct language or helping to secure Google’s services.

Google Satellite Phone Tracker
Google Satellite Phone Tracker

How does Google know my location?

Depending on the products you’re using and the setting you choose, you may provide Google with different types of location information that are important to make some services work and others more useful to you. Location can also come from real-time signals, such as your IP address or device location, and your past activity on Google sites and services to create experiences for your reference.

Below are the primary ways we may obtain information about your location.

  • from the IP address of your Internet connection
  • from your previous activity
  • and from your labelled locations
  • from your devices

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How is location saved in my Google Account?

Depending on the Google products and services that you use and your settings, Google may be saving location information to your Google Account.

Two of the most common places where this information may be saved are Location History and Web & App Activity.

  • Google Location History
  • Web & App Activity

How is a location used to show ads?

Ads may be shown based on your general location. This may include the location derived from the device’s IP address. Depending on your ad’s personalization setting, you may also see ads based on your activity in your Google Account. This includes activity stored in your web & App activity, which can be used for more useful ads. Another example is if you have enabled location history and frequent ski resorts on a regular basis, you may see an ad for ski equipment when watching videos on YouTube later. Google also uses location history in an anonymous and aggregated manner for users who have chosen to opt-in to it, to help advertisers measure how often online advertising campaigns drive traffic to physical stores or properties. helps in. We do not share location history or any other identifying information with advertisers.

So you have control over the data stored in your Google Account and you can turn off personalized ads at any time. When ad personalization is turned off, Google doesn’t use the data stored in your Google Account to show you more relevant ads.

How to track a cell phone using google earth for free

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FAQs on Google Satellite Phone Tracker

Can I use Google Earth to track a cell phone’s location?

To track a cell phone using Google Earth, you can follow the steps below. Go to the website Now, log in using the Google login credentials of the target device you want to track. Then enter your mobile number or the number you want to track and click on the “Send Link” button

Can Cell Phones Be Tracked With Satellite?

Finally, satellite phones can be tracked through their own built-in GPS devices or through weak encryption protocols. “It is very likely that GPS location data is transmitted explicitly by SAT phones,” reports Safe Mobile.

Can you track a phone if the location is off?

Smartphone locations can still be tracked even if all location services and GPS are turned off.

Can police ping a phone that is turned off?

In addition, the location of the phone can be tracked using cellular data by a method called triangulation of signals. So, yes, your phone can still be tracked if Location Services is turned off, assuming other things are still on.

Can police tap your cell phone text messages?

Investigators receiving text messages at least 180 days old from a cell provider only need a court order or a subpoena, not a warrant — the same standard as email. So many carriers charge executives to provide text and other information.

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