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How To Know Mobile Number Details

How To Know Mobile Number Details: 7 easy methods to look for your mobile number from SIM, SMS, phone settings, and more

How To Know Mobile Number Details:- Are you unsure of how to locate your phone number now that you have a new SIM card? Keeping your mobile number in mind might be difficult. It’s a fact that 10-digit mobile numbers are difficult to remember because you don’t use them very often. It’s also really annoying to forget your cell number if you decide to change phones. Nowadays, half of the services we use depend on one-time passwords (OTPs), thus having our mobile number on hand is crucial. Don’t worry; we’ll teach you seven different methods to locate your phone number today.


How to find your mobile number from SIM, SMS, phone settings, and more

1. Using USSD codes

Here’s the most straightforward way to find your mobile number if your phone has your SIM card in it. Simply dial a unique code, also known as a USSD code, using the phone’s dialer software, and you will quickly receive a message containing your mobile number. The USSD code varies depending on the cell carrier. To find your cellphone number on Airtel, BSNL, Jio, and Vi, use this USSD code:

  • Airtel- *282#
  • BSNL- *222#
  • Jio- *1#
  • Vi- *199#

You can keep this number as Number Check in your contacts and then just dial the code the next time you need to verify your cell number.

How To Know Mobile Number Details

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2. Send an SMS

To verify your number, you can also send an SMS from your smartphone. Nonetheless, it appears that Jio and BSNL customers can currently access the service. This is how using an SMS to get your cellphone number functions:

For Jio users

Jio has introduced an SMS service that allows you to get text messages with your mobile number and subscription details. Type MYPLAN and send it to 199 for this. The telecom will send you a text message with your mobile number and balance information.

For BSNL users

Text “BAL” to 123 in an SMS message. You’ll get a message with your mobile number and further information in it.

3. Contact your family or friend

To find out your mobile number, get in touch with family or friends if you’d rather not use SMS or USSD codes. This approach is decades old. As soon as you call your friend or family, your number will show up on their phone. If your friend or relative is not there, you can still utilize this technique. Simply ask them to reply to your SMS with your number.

4. Call your service provider

In addition to calling your service provider directly, you can also use the methods listed above to find out your cellphone number. The following is a list of customer service numbers for various Indian providers:

  • Airtel: 121
  • BSNL: 1500
  • Jio: 199
  • Vi: 199

5. Check your phone’s settings

Most of the time, your smartphone recognizes your cellphone number automatically. To find out your mobile number, just open the Settings app and do a quick check.

  • Android mobile phones
  • The most common way to find your number is Settings > About phone > SIM status.
  • iPhone
  • On iPhones, you need to go to Settings > Phone > My Number.

6. Look in your contacts

By selecting the application of the contact and navigating to the top of the list, you can locate your cellphone number in your contacts. You can tap “My Card” or “My Number” to see your phone number and any other contact information shown here. This is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones.

To find out your mobile number on an iPhone, go to Phone > Contacts > My Number.

7. Check your SIM card packaging

If none of the aforementioned techniques work for you, you can verify your mobile number by looking through the SIM card packaging—that is, if you haven’t thrown it away yet. Printed on the rear of every SIM card package are the mobile numbers.

What Are Other Ways To Check Mobile Number From SIM?

Here are a few typical methods you can use to find out your cellphone number using your SIM card if none of the previously listed methods work for you.

Speak with a Friend

This method has been around for a while since it is easy to utilize. All you need to email someone is a friend, relative, or someone who is nearby. This person may easily text or call you, and your phone number will appear on their device.

Verify the Settings on Your Phone

The most often used method on Android is to navigate to Settings; About phone/device; Status/phone identification; and Network to find your phone number. On Apple gadgets, this is slightly different. Go to Settings; Phone; My Number.

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How To Know Mobile Number Details

Examine your contacts.

On both Android and Apple phones, you can find your mobile number in your Contacts by clicking on the contact’s application and going to the top of the page. To get My phone number, go to Settings → System→ About phone→ Status on Android, or pick Settings → Phone→ My Number in iOS. This will display your mobile number along with any other contact details. The location of the mobile number varies throughout Android phone menus. You’ll have to look around a little to discover your phone number in this.

Examine the SIM card pack.

Your SIM card number may be on the box the SIM card came in if you need to find it. To verify the number, you will need to remove the SIM card from your phone if the original packaging is missing.

Go to a Store

You should visit the network’s retail location if you haven’t been able to access your mobile phone number using any of the previously stated methods. Despite their busy schedules, retail staff members are customer-focused and happy to help.

Locate a Contract or Bill

This will include your mobile number if you have a mobile phone bill and the supporting paperwork is available. You can find your number on all of your paper bills, update documentation, or the deal you signed.

Enter Your Online Account Information.

Some users have online access to their mobile accounts. You could sign in to the system online if you had previously configured this earlier. To make it simpler to do this in the future, save this tab in your browser.

Making Use of WhatsApp

By visiting the Settings and Profile Tab and checking your cell phone number there, you may also search for your number from WhatsApp.

How to Get the SIM Card Number From Your Phone Settings?

Have you misplaced your SIM card or forgotten your new phone number and need to know its associated number? No network connection is necessary to locate the phone number—all you need to do is pop the SIM card into an iPhone or Android phone.

How To Check SIM Numbers for Android Phones?

You may quickly verify the SIM card number from your Android phone’s settings by following the instructions below:

  • Click “Settings”
  • This appears as a gear symbol on the home screen or in the app drawer.
  • Go to the “About Phone” page.
  • In the Settings menu, scroll down and seek for the “About Phone” or “About Device” option. To continue, tap on it.
  • Choose either “Phone Identity” or “Status”.
  • Locate and pick the “Status” or “Phone Identity” option from the “About Phone” section.
  • Find the SIM Card Details
  • Seek information about your SIM card, such as the SIM card number, sometimes referred to as the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) or the ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier).
How To Know Mobile Number Details

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Q. To find out information about an unknown phone number, how many numbers are required?

Ans- We also provide this service, which allows anyone to look up information online about an unknown mobile number. We will display the details of an unknown mobile number if you ensure that you have a ten-digit phone number and enter it on (website name).

Q. How can I use my name to find a cellphone number?

Ans- It is a laborious procedure to trace a phone number or mobile number; one must search the yellow pages of the book for the information based just on the name. In recent years, tracing a mobile number simply by entering in its name has been possible with the help of programs like Truecaller. These kinds of features are only available to pro users, though, as tracing a cell number using only the owner’s name requires a membership.


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