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India Mobile Trace: How to track current location online, Complete Information

India Mobile Trace:- For the modern generation, a mobile device is essential to daily life. Additionally, everyone has a smartphone these days. And while it is a wonderful tool that allows us to complete our tasks more quickly, everything has drawbacks as well. The drawbacks frequently outweigh the benefits. Receiving pranks and missed calls is a big issue that is becoming worse every day. Messages from unknown mobile numbers, especially for girls, are a real pain. It is possible to track out additional information and locate a cell number without making another call.


How to track mobile numbers in India?

There are two types of software that you must utilize in order to monitor your cell phone number in India.

  • The first kind is phone trackers, which track the location of your phone without even requiring you to install any software on the target’s phone.
  • Spyware is the second category. Installing the program on your victim’s phone is necessary to track the location of your phone; it will remain fully concealed and operate without him noticing. As a result, you will have complete access to all of the phone owner’s data and be able to monitor calls, social media activity, location, and a lot more.

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Trace the mobile number’s current location online

The most popular methods for finding out a mobile number’s current location online are phone trackers, GPS tracking, IP tracking, and mobile operator services.

The best services for tracking a phone’s location

We have compiled a list of the top applications for tracking a phone’s location. There is a trial version available for each service so you can try it out. Do you need to know the whereabouts of your spouse, child, or both? Check it out now with these cutting-edge services.

Identify mobile number

The top apps that track the position of the desired phone have been hand-picked by us. There is a trial version available for each service so you may experience it yourself. Do you need to know where your spouse, child, or daughter is? With the assistance of these cutting-edge services, find out immediately.

Mobile Number Tracker:


With Localise, you may use any kind of phone and network to geolocate your mobile device anywhere in India. Get the best solution for tracking a mobile device remotely with just a phone number; no physical access is necessary.

India Mobile Trace

Scanner is an adaptable information search and phone tracking solution with several capabilities.

  • Phone Number Tracking: Enter the phone number to find out where a cell phone is. The scanner will give you the device’s precise location in no time.
  • Anonymous Localization: Users can register, send a text message requesting a location, receive an email containing the phone’s precise location, and view the location on their dashboard to locate a phone number anonymously.

Scanner Functions:

  • Location sharing: In your Scannero account, create a shareable link that you can send by email, SMS, or messenger apps. You may see the recipient’s precise position once they click the link.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: This service helps you prevent unsolicited calls and messages by identifying unknown callers by providing the identity behind unknown phone numbers.
  • Reverse Username Lookup: Use the nicknames of people you’ve met online to perform background checks and find any connected social media and dating app accounts.
  • Send Message to Lost Phone: Use Scannero to message your lost phone to encourage someone to return it if you’ve misplaced it and are unable to find it using the built-in tracking tools.
  • Email & Phone Leak Checker: Use Scannero to safeguard your private data by searching many databases for possible online leaks of your email address or phone number.
  • Voice Message Sending: When exchanging intimate information, write down your ideas and Scanner will turn them into anonymous audio messages, protecting your identity.
  • Scanner offers an extensive toolkit for monitoring, locating, and protecting your private data while maintaining anonymity and privacy.

Location Tracker

You may quickly locate someone’s GPS coordinates in India via any messenger by using the Location Tracker app. To begin, simply register and enter some basic information; there is no need to download or install the app. The Location Tracker service provides a complete solution for monitoring family members’ or workers’ whereabouts. It offers a range of instruments for tracking and obtaining data on the intended devices:

  • GPS Tracker: With real-time location updates, this tool makes it simple to follow the precise whereabouts of your loved ones or coworkers on Google Maps.
  • IP Logger: This tool lets you connect to a target device by capturing its IP address, even if location services are off.
  • WiFi Tracker: By using WiFi router connectivity, you may precisely determine geolocation and keep an eye on your loved ones’ whereabouts.
  • VPN Checker: Find out whether the target device accesses particular websites and personalizes their online experience by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Cell Phone Carrier Lookup: Determine vital characteristics of the monitored device, such as the phone carrier, model, and operating system.

You may easily and effectively stay updated about the whereabouts of your family members or employees using Location Tracker, which offers a user-friendly interface.


Regardless of the mobile network, GEOfinder is a dependable phone number tracker that lets you locate any phone number precisely on a map in India. Any phone number, regardless of the mobile network that it uses, may be precisely located on a map with the help of GEOfinder, a robust phone number tracking tool.

India Mobile Trace

Here are some key features of GEOfinder:

  • Compatibility: Regardless of brand, GEOfinder works with all cell phone models. It can track almost any mobile device’s position.
  • Network Support: It is compatible with all mobile network providers, enabling location tracking with any cell carrier.
  • Complete Anonymity: GEOfinder guarantees the anonymity of geolocation requests, preventing any identification or association with the tracking activity.
  • Not Needed for Installation: There’s no need to install any apps or download any software. Just inputting the target phone number will allow you to track its whereabouts.

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How it Works:

  • You Pick the SMS: GEOfinder gives you the option to choose the SMS that was sent out while the tracking was underway.
  • Message Sent to Device Owner: A link and the selected SMS message are delivered to the owner of the targeted device.
  • Device Owner Shares Location: By clicking on the link, the SMS message recipient has the option to disclose the location of their phone.
  • View Location in User Space: When the owner of the device discloses their location, you can access and see exactly where they are on a map in the User Space that GEOfinder has made available.

GEOfinder is a useful tool for tracking loved ones or finding misplaced gadgets because it provides an easy-to-use method for tracking the whereabouts of phone numbers.

Spy Apps Phone Trackers:


With mSpy’s sophisticated location service, you can pinpoint a person’s precise location, including latitude and longitude, as well as the date and time. A map that is easy to read will always tell you where they are. You can keep an eye on much more than just geolocation with mSpy! Call logs, contacts, reading SMS, social media hacks, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Tinder, current GPS location, geofencing, keylogger, saved media files, and website blocking are the primary surveillance functions.


Locating your spouse or child, monitoring call logs, text messaging, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Whatsapp, Tinder, and others are just a few of the numerous functions that uMobix provides. With uMobix, you can spy on anyone thanks to its sophisticated GPS tracker and comprehensive interactive map.


This phone monitoring tool is multipurpose; among its numerous features is the ability to track calls, messages, and correspondence on social media and dating websites. It also offers excellent location-tracking features for your phone. You can use Eyezy to find out where you’re going and whether you’re trespassing. You can mark locations on the map that you do not want them to go. If they leave the area, you will be notified. There’s peace of mind when you know where they are.

Search by name, phone number, address, or email

You can search confidentially for information about anyone you choose, including your family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, coworkers, and old classmates, using the Spokeo service to obtain all the specific information you require by name, phone number, address, or email.

India country code

India Dialing Сode: +91

India Mobile Trace

Does an Indian phone number’s area code need to be known? We have provided a list of all major Indian cities’ phone codes.

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STD Codes India

  • Agartala, 381, +91 381
  • Agra, 562, +91 562
  • Ahmedabad, 79, +91 79
  • Aizawl, 389, +91 389
  • Ajmer, 145, +91 145
  • Akbarpur, 5271, +91 5271
  • Akola, 724, +91 724
  • Alappuzha, 477, +91 477
  • Aligarh, 571, +91 571
  • Alipore, 33, +91 33
  • Alwar, 144, +91 144
  • Amravati, 721, +91 721
  • Amritsar, 183, +91 183
  • Amroha, 5922, +91 5922
  • Anand, 2692, +91 2692

Trace Mobile Number India

  • The purpose of our website,, is to assist you in tracking the whereabouts of any cell phone in India and worldwide.
  • The majority of people prefer to find out their loved ones’ whereabouts in a covert manner.
  • To obtain location data, you must utilize a specialized tracking program like Localise or Geofinder. With the help of this robust phone number tracker, you can locate any phone number on a map, regardless of whether it is linked to a mobile network or not.
India Mobile Trace
  • How can one obtain subscriber details using their mobile number? Were you the recipient of a prank call or a missed call? Maybe there’s a threat against you, or you want to know where your spouse or child is. Are you curious about how to find out where this cellphone number is? To find out where your cell phone number is in India, use the tracking option above.
  • To combat spam, use the best mobile number tracing software to locate missed calls and location data.
  • If you enter your cell phone number, we will use information from Google Maps, including telecom circle and mobile provider, to help you find it.
  • Cell phone number trace is the greatest website for tracking a mobile number.


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