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iPhone IMEI Blacklist Checker

iPhone IMEI Blacklist Checker, Check Blacklist Status, Report Stolen Device, Benefits, Tools you can use

iPhone IMEI blacklist checker: Blacklist is a database that contains a list of devices that have been reported lost, stolen, or unpaid bills. If the device is blacklisted, wireless carriers will not allow the device to connect to the network even if a valid SIM card is used. Blacklisted devices are verified by their 15-date IMEI number. Blacklists are used in many countries and are shared on an international database through the GSMA. We can be sure that a device blacklisted in the UK will not be able to use in any of the participating countries and vice versa.


How to check the blacklist status?

To find out the blacklist status, you need to know the unique IMEI number of the device you want to check. If you are looking for a used device to buy, the first thing you should definitely do is blacklist its status. The IMEI number is asked for by the seller before purchase, if he is honest, you should have no problem getting it. When you already own this 15-day IMEI number, then you are able to start the process of blacklist checking.

In the first step, open the website and type the IMEI number in the empty box, click on CHECK. APPLE iPhone 6S Plus Blacklist Check
Or simply enter the IMEI number in the brackets below and click Check Blacklist Pro.

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Check Blacklist Status

  • At this time, you are able to find the specification of the APPLE iPhone 6S Plus. Click on Phone Blacklist Check – Pro to get information about blacklist status. APPLE iPhone 6S Plus Blacklist Check
  • It’s time to click on the button Order to successfully complete the purchase. APPLE iPhone 6S Plus Blacklist Check
  • Finally, in the result of checking if your APPLE iPhone 6S Plus is blocked, you will get information like this:
  • Model Name, Model Number, Manufacturer, Blacklist Status, Blacklisted By, Blacklisted Country, Blacklisted On.
  • If APPLE iPhone 6S Plus is clean, you will get information like this:
  • Model Name, Model Number, Manufacturer, Blacklist Status.
  • Use the tutorial below to check how to successfully blacklist:

How to report a device lost or stolen?

If you wish to report your APPLE iPhone 6S Plus as lost or stolen, you need to contact your operator or local police. You can also remove IMEI from the blacklist in the same way by informing your operator with the proper documents.
You can also report this action to our database to warn others before purchasing this device. Let’s follow the instructions we pass to you above and select Report Stolen/Lost Phone

Benefits of using the paid Blacklist Pro Check:

  • If your device is clean, the result includes the model number and manufacturer.
  • If your device is blacklisted then the result contains many details like model, manufacturer, blacklisted by, blacklisted country, and blacklisted on.
  • All results in the PRO service have PDF certificates that you can share.
  • The result is saved in the history of your account – you can download the PDF certificate at any time.
  • The result is fast, accurate, and detailed.

Who decides which phones are blacklisted?

While it seems like Apple would have the autonomy to blacklist the iPhone, it doesn’t. Apple doesn’t blacklist iPhones because of its policy on handling stolen devices. Reporting a stolen or lost phone is up to phone carriers like AT&T or Verizon. The iPhone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number allows phone carriers to identify the phone. If an iPhone is reported stolen, lost, or has an outstanding balance and bill, the phone carrier will blacklist the IMEI number. Only phone carriers can remove IMEI numbers from the blacklist.

iPhone IMEI Blacklist Checker

How does blacklisting affect you?

Blacklisted iPhones cannot be accessed by other phone carriers and therefore will not be activated until a phone carrier removes it from the list. Since blacklist reports are monitored and traced internationally, blacklisted iPhones cannot escape foreign systems of trade. Sometimes the carrier won’t know right away if a phone is blacklisted. Therefore, a consumer may buy a used, blacklisted phone without knowing it. With the right knowledge of blacklisting and tools, the consumer can save time, money, and legal issues.

How to check whether your phone is blacklisted or not?

Find your IMEI number (dial *#06#) Call your carrier with the number or check online to verify: IMEI Pro (free) or IMEI 24 (free) IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or ESN (Electronic Serial Number) Find. You can find these numbers in the About section of your phone’s Settings, on your battery, on the phone box, or on the back of the phone.

Once you find the number, call your carrier to verify whether it is blacklisted. If you don’t want to spend time on the phone with your provider, check out IMEI Pro or IMEI 24, free online services that verify device status. If you choose not to verify your phone with your carrier or online diagnostic, you may find that your iPhone is blacklisted and will not be able to activate your phone. The bottom line is that when you buy a used phone you should always make sure and check if the phone is blacklisted with a bad IMEI ESN – or you’ll have a problem on your hands.

Metro by Mobile IMEI Checker

Can you sell blacklisted phones?

You may be worried about selling blacklisted phones. Is it possible? Yes! You can sell blacklisted phones through local pawn shops or repair shops, most of which use these phones for parts. If you’re having a hard time finding someone to buy it, other online options, such as CellLocked, may be able to buy your blacklisted phone. Although your iPhone won’t be worth the same as an unlocked phone, it is still possible to make money. In addition, there are ways to unlock your iPhone to increase its resale value. Some phone carriers offer to unblock the phone for a fee. The cost of unlocking an iPhone will vary by age, with older models being cheaper to unlock than newer models.

What to do if you find a blacklisted phone?

You bought an iPhone, called the carrier, and found it blacklisted. What should you do now? There are two ways to handle this, depending on how you bought the phone.

You bought the phone from the phone carrier.

If you bought a refurbished or used phone from them, the phone carrier will be responsible for it. Once you let them know the problem, they should work with you to provide a refund or possibly remove the phone from the blacklist.

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You bought the phone from a private seller.

If you buy a blacklisted phone from a private seller, it can be a bit trickier. If you still know their contact information, contact them about the problem and ask for a refund, or they can remove the phone from the blacklist yourself by contacting the phone carrier for you. Also, if they refuse, you can take the issue to small claims court or report it to your local authorities.

Most of the time, if you are the first person to report a blacklisted phone, you can get it removed from the blacklist. If you contact the original owner of the phone and they agree to remove it from the blacklist, it should be easy enough unless they want their property back. And if you’ve found a blacklisted phone, it’s best to hand the phone back to its carrier or original owner. If you bought the device from a phone carrier, you may be able to get a full refund depending on their policy. However, if it’s from an independent seller, you won’t be guaranteed a full refund for your phone.

Tools you can use

CTIA-Accredited IMEI Checker

If you buy a refurbished or used iPhone then using this free IMEI checker will find the IMEI or ESN number for blacklisting. Remember to check the phone’s battery, box, or device settings for the IMEI or ESN number. Once detected, visit a CTIA-accredited IMEI checker to verify the status of your iPhone.

Apple Activation Lock Status:

Using the Find My iPhone app, you can report the device as lost and follow the app’s instructions. For more information on how to verify Activation Lock before purchasing, see Apple’s Activation Lock tips. If your device is lost or stolen, AppleCare+ coverage will help.

Police IMEI Tracker

Phone Carrier:

If you’ve been using online resources and are still confused about your phone’s status, call your phone provider to make sure your iPhone isn’t blacklisted. Only the phone carrier can reverse the blacklist status, not the previous owner or private seller. If your iPhone is blacklisted, talk to your carrier about your options.

Origin of Blacklisting: iPhone IMEI Blacklist Checker

In the early 2000s, the need to locate stolen phones increased as mobile devices became popular. And in 2004, the GSMA, an association for GSM phone services, established efforts to track stolen phones in Europe. Also, in September 2013, Canada launched the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Network) to aid its blacklisting efforts. Later that year, in November, the United States joined the CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industries Association), after being affiliated with only a few operators. This allows internationally blacklisted phones to be included in the database of lost or stolen phones. That same year, Apple incorporated a passcode security feature that was part of iOS 7, after erasing information on its iPhone.

iPhone IMEI Blacklist Checker

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IMEI Checking Services: iPhone IMEI Blacklist Checker

On this website, you can perform an IMEI check to access a wealth of information for your iPhone or other Apple device including its warranty status, Find My iPhone status, model, size, color, serial number, coverage status, SIM lock, and more. Can other details. You can also use this service to check any Apple device, be it MacBook, iMac, iPad, or AirPods. This service is especially useful if you’re buying a used Apple device and want to make sure it’s genuine and in good working condition.

By checking the IMEI or serial number, you can verify that the device hasn’t been reported lost or stolen and that it hasn’t been tampered with or modified. Apart from checking services, this website also provides unlocking services for Apple devices, which include Activation Lock removal and SIM unlocking. These services can help you unlock your device and use it with any carrier or network. Overall, this website is a valuable resource for anyone who has an Apple device or is looking to buy one. With its IMEI checking and unlocking services, you can be sure that your device is genuine, in good condition, and fully functional.

FAQs on iPhone IMEI Blacklist Checker

Can You Track a Blacklisted iPhone?

After blacklisting, the handset becomes inactive on all networks (provided they support blacklisting) and the handset cannot be used again until it is blacklisted by the telecom service provider (or it retrieves the IMEI number ( illegally changed). The blacklisted phone is not traceable.

Can iPhone be used when IMEI is blocked?

Once a network provider blocks the IMEI of your iPhone, you will not be able to use it to its full potential. You cannot activate such an iPhone with a cellular carrier. So, in short, you will not be able to use cellular data to connect to the internet on your iPhone.

Can Apple remove the IMEI blacklist?

If the carrier has blacklisted the device due to an outstanding payment on the account, all you need to do is settle the bill before they remove the device’s IMEI from the blacklist.

How long do iPhones stay blacklisted?

Stolen phones can be blacklisted for 30 days after the incident. Phones used in fraudulent activity can be blacklisted up to 120 days after the incident as it may take longer to detect the activity. If the phone you’re using is blacklisted, contact the seller first.

Did Apple Blacklist Lost iPhone?

Apple doesn’t blacklist phones, carriers do that. If a phone is purchased from a carrier and is reported stolen in transit, the carrier may blacklist it.

Can a stolen iPhone be used?

Even if your iPhone is completely erased, whoever has it can’t use it. Hence the activation Lock is on and there is no way to bypass it. As the iPhone boots up, it asks for an Apple ID and password and won’t go beyond the activation screen without that information.

Can a blocked IMEI be tracked?

Once stolen by you, the IMEI number is blacklisted nationwide. Also, if a blacklisted IMEI device is used to make a call, the police will know about it immediately. There is a possibility that they will track down the phone if it comes in for resale or reset.

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