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IMEI Checker Blocked

IMEI Checker Blocked, Phone Track when it Switch Off, How to Unlock? IMEI Blacklist Removal, What is IMEI?

IMEI Checker Blocked: The blacklist database also contains IMEI numbers of phones that were bought under a contract and the owner stopped paying for them. And most operators share their databases, so if your phone is blacklisted, it is quite possible that you will not be able to use your phone with any local operator or even all operators. Also, blacklisting works by blocking your phone’s unique identifier (IMEI number). And, when a phone is blacklisted because it is lost or stolen, it cannot make or receive calls or use data.

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What is IMEI and how to blacklist IMEI numbers?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) commonly referred to as the serial number of a mobile phone, is used to identify each individual mobile phone and other mobile communication equipment in a mobile phone network. It is equivalent to the ID card of a mobile phone. The IMEI number of each phone is unique.

The most common reason behind IMEI blacklisting is that the phone was reported lost or stolen by the original owner of the phone. But sometimes unpaid bills also get your phone blacklisted by the carrier. Plus, there’s another rare reason: phone insurance fraud.

If your phone was blacklisted, your phone may not be able to access the network in your country, which means you may be able to access the network in other countries. And don’t wonder if you can access another carrier’s network, blacklisted IMEI numbers are shared between carriers and can’t be easily unblocked. But we will give some tips on IMEI blacklist removal and iPhone blacklist removal.

Check whether your phone was blacklisted or not

First of all, you have to know your IMEI number. For most Android phones and iPhones, you can type *#06# into the dialer and your IMEI number will be displayed automatically. You can also find your IMEI number on the back of your phone, in your phone’s settings, or in your phone’s packaging box.

After you get your IMEI number, you can call the phone’s carrier and explain your status, then you can verify whether it’s blacklisted or not. This is the official way to check.

IMEI Blacklist Removal – 2 Free Ways for You

In this part, 2 free methods will be offered for blacklist removal services. If you want to find a solution for your blacklisted phone, read on.

Ask the wireless carrier to unblock

Before you contact the carrier, you need to make sure that your phone was not purchased from a third-party reseller and that you are the owner of your phone. The carrier may offer assistance to you for valid reasons. For example, you reported your phone stolen or lost, but now you’ve got it back.

Hardware Hacking

We only recommend users unblock call carriers, as this is the only official way to remove the IMEI blacklist. But there certainly exist some IMEI blacklist removal tools, which of course may or may not be legal. Any illegal behaviour is prohibited.

You can change your IMEI by changing your phone’s home country, which is challenging because phone components are so small. This requires a precise operation. This is the only way to remove the IMEI blacklist that you can do yourself. If you don’t mind spending some money on this, you can skip to Part 3.

What happens if the IMEI number is blocked or blacklisted?

If your device is stolen and you are looking to block its IMEI, then you are in the right place. In this guide, I will tell you why you should block your IMEI. And what happens when the IMEI number is blocked?

IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Number is an identification serial number that can be used to identify a device.
This is a unique number, just like your Social Security Number (SSN), and it is unlikely that two devices will have the same IMEI number.

Why should you block your IMEI number?

IMEI blocking is a very easy way to protect your device from illegal use. It will not block your device, but it will block your device from accessing mobile networks and that will ultimately protect you.

Let me explain Let’s say you’ve lost your device, and now the thief has it. Now there is a possibility that the thief could sell it on the black market, but there is also a possibility that the thief could give it to criminals, and they use it for illegal activity. It could turn into drug trafficking or worse. So, when you block your IMEI, the mobile will not be able to connect to the network.

Hence, blocking the IMEI of your stolen device will save you from any legal trouble, and you can be relieved that it will not be used for any illegal purpose.

IMEI Checker Blocked

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Here is a guide I wrote on How to block stolen iPhones with an IMEI number?

How to Unlock Blacklisted or Blocked IMEI?

Buying a used phone to save your money might not be that useful. The chances of having a mobile with a blacklisted IMEI are good. And with no call, no texting, and no connectivity, your purchases are wasted. However, you can keep in mind the following methods to unlock the features.

Third-party services: IMEI Checker Blocked

There are many online as well as offline third-party services to unlock IMEI. It’s like a universal solution for any kind of phone. You can check premium apps from App Store first. To remove IMEI from the blacklist only ESN (Equipment Serial Number) is required.

Carrier Contacting: IMEI Checker Blocked

Also, you can contact the carrier immediately to whitelist the IMEI of the phone. Carrier service should unlock the phone using the private code. But you may have to give a call to the concerned officer/personnel to justify the action.

Switching Carrier: IMEI Checker Blocked

Another less usable method is related to switching carriers. Changing carriers should unlock the IMEI for things to work. However, this is not exactly legal without the permission of the current carrier. Therefore, you should not look for solutions unless it is absolutely necessary. Connecting to Wi-Fi can enable only Internet-based functions. You can still manage to call, text and do other activities online.

IMEI Checker Blocked

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What happens when the IMEI number is blocked?

In this section, I will explain what happens when an IMEI number is blocked. When you submit your application to the carrier to block the IMEI, they start the blacklisting process. Most carriers have a list of where they can keep this IMEI number, and this list prevents blacklisted devices from accessing the carrier’s services.

When an IMEI is blacklisted, the list is updated and this information is spread across all carriers in the US. Therefore, even if a thief tries to unlock access to the network, he will not be able to do so unless the carrier, who has blacklisted the number, does so.

If you have blacklisted a stolen device in the US, the device will not be able to access networks in the US. However, if the device is taken to other countries like the UK, France or any other country, it will work there. Why? As there is no global directory available at the time of writing this article, it is likely that countries may introduce it in the future.

You can even go ahead and report your smartphone stolen to your local police department. They will also ask you to provide the IMEI or Serial Number, and you can formally initiate your complaint. Some carriers may ask you to file a police complaint with a request to initiate the IMEI blocking process.

What to do if the phone is stolen?

If your smartphone is stolen or lost, you can take the following steps to ensure that your data is safe.

  • Start by filing your complaint with a local law enforcement agency.
  • Then proceed to block your IMEI number so that it is not used for any illegal purpose
  • If your device is lost, instead of filing a report or blocking the IMEI number, you can call that number and see if anyone picks it up.
  • If your device is stolen and then make sure to start a complaint and block the IMEI.
  • On your iPhone, enable “Lost Mode” and try to track your device. If there is no possibility of recovery, then you can proceed to erase your device, which will erase all your data.
  • On Android, you can use the “Find my device” feature. You can use “Secure Device” which allows you to display your custom message and contact number on the lock screen. If you think you won’t find your device, you can use the “Erase Device” feature, which will remove all data from the device.

Can the phone be tracked when it is switched off?

When the device is turned off, it cuts off its communication with nearby cell towers and GPS, which means you can’t track it.

Why is my device’s IMEI blacklisted?

If you have bought a second-hand smartphone and its IMEI number is blacklisted, it means that it was either reported stolen or lost. In this case, your carrier may suspend its services for you if you use your number on this device.

In the worst case, you can report to local law enforcement agencies. Therefore, before purchasing a device, you can check the IMEI of the device at IMEI check services to ensure that it is not reported stolen or lost.

What is blacklisted and how can a device be blacklisted?

There are a few ways your device can get blocked. And for example, it can be reported as lost or stolen, or bills have not been paid for this IMEI number. Also, the network adds such IMEIs to a so-called blacklist. And every signal of the device is being blocked, you cannot receive or make any calls, or send messages.

  • Thanks to, you can check whether your IMEI number is blocked or clear.
  • And the service can only be used in selected countries, for example, it cannot be used in Poland.
  • So it operates in the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela and Canada. All phone models are supported, including the iPhone.
IMEI Checker Blocked

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How can you check if your device is blacklisted?

  • Dial *#06# just like a phone number, the IMEI number will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the IMEI number in the window below.
  • Press “Check IMEI”

FAQs on IMEI Checker Blocked

How will the police know my IMEI number?

A mobile service provider can block the said mobile phone by blacklisting the IMEI number. Once blacklisted, the phone becomes unusable as it can no longer be used. The operator can locate a mobile phone by GPS using its IMEI number, thus helping you to locate your lost or stolen mobile phone.

Who blocks IMEI numbers?

Contact your provider as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours. They can then lock your SIM to prevent calls from being made to your account and block its IMEI to prevent anyone else from using your phone.

Can Thieves Change IMEI Number?

Tampering with the IMEI number is illegal according to the authorities. On the other hand, thieves use ‘flashers’ to modify the IMEI number of stolen phones. Flasher is a simple tool that allows the user to change the IMEI number by connecting the handset to the computer.

What happens when the phone is blocked?

When you call a number that has blocked your number, you may hear a ring or half ring or no ring at all and then the call goes to voicemail. If it goes straight to voicemail, their phone may also be off or out of range, or they may have temporarily turned on Do Not Disturb to work, drive, or sleep.

Why is my phone blacklisted?

When a device is blacklisted, it is either because the phone has been reported lost or stolen or has an outstanding balance on its account. It works through a numerical identifier most phones have called an International Mobile Equipment Identity number or IMEI.

How long does the phone remain blacklisted?

Stolen phones can be blacklisted for 30 days after the incident. Phones used in fraudulent activity can be blacklisted up to 120 days after the incident as it may take longer to detect the activity.

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