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Online IMEI Checker

Online IMEI Checker, How to Find IMEI Number? What can I find out from the IMEI number? Find the IMEI Number in any Device

Online IMEI Checker: IMEI number or in other words International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15-digit code that precisely identifies the device with the SIM card input. The first 14 digits are defined by the GSM Association organization. The last digit is generated by an algorithm called the Luhn formula and consists of a control character. This number is an individual number assigned to each phone all over the world. The easiest way to check IMEI on any phone is by using the *#06# sequence. IMEI was created because the SIM card number cannot be a permanent identifier of the device. The SIM card is associated with the user and can be easily transferred from phone to phone, hence IMEI was developed.

The number is useful when you want to send the device in for service to fill out a warranty form. Also, you should use the IMEI number if you want to report the phone as stolen or lost to the police or network operator. After that, you can lock your phone and it will render the device unusable even if the SIM card is changed or removed. In fact, it is also important that IMEI contains some secret information about the product but sometimes it also allows you to trace the smartphone.

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IMEI Number – What can I find out from the IMEI number?

Using this unique IMEI number you can know such data as the network and country your device originally comes from, warranty information of purchase, carrier information, system version, device specification and more details information. You should use an IMEI checker before buying a new or used device. As a result, you will see whether the device is valid and original. What’s more, you can also check whether the specification is in line with the selling proposition. We encourage you to use IMEI information only to get to know your phone better and read important information about the device. also provides some advanced services (it is available for some manufacturers) for example: Find My iPhone Status, iCloud Status, Blacklist Status, Seller Information, Network & Simlock Check, Phone Blacklist, Carrier Check, Unlocking Simlock Warranty check. Check IMEI and make sure your phone is unlocked.

Finding Your IMEI Number on Any Device

  • Dial *#06# from your device.
  • You will see your IMEI number on your screen.

Finding Your IMEI Number on Your Apple Device

You can find it in many places; In Settings, on your original device, in the Finder or iTunes, and on the original packaging.

Here’s how you find your IMEI number in Settings:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Select About.
  • Scroll down to find your IMEI number.
Online IMEI Checker

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Find Your IMEI Number on Your Samsung Device

Here’s how to find your IMEI number on your Samsung device:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select About phone or About device.
  • You will see your IMEI, model number and serial number on the screen.
  • On older devices, you may have to select a status to see your IMEI, model number, and serial number.
  • Your IMEI, serial number and model number are also printed on the back of your Samsung device.

Finding Your IMEI Number on Your Android Device

Here’s how to find your IMEI number in your Android device’s Settings:

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and choose About phone.
  • Scroll down to find your IMEI number.

Free Online IMEI & ESN Checker

Verify the authenticity of the device and its specifications

With every sale of a gadget comes the risk of it being counterfeit or not matching the advertised specifications – this can be either intentional or accidental. Checking the IMEI allows you to determine whether the phone matches the brand and model you purchased and is also registered in the manufacturer’s database. Also, it could indicate if you got the wrong version of the device, such as a different colour or storage capacity.

Devices are subject to Activation Lock and SIM restrictions

Most manufacturers implement security features in their devices, which can protect user data in case of loss or theft and prevent anyone else from accessing it. Many mobile users don’t realize that this feature is enabled by default, or forget to disable it when selling the device. The phone may also have a SIM lock, which prevents the device from working with only one carrier in a specific area. An IMEI check can detect both of these restrictions.

Online IMEI Checker

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Accurately Evaluate a gadget before buying or selling it

You can assess the condition and functionality of the device yourself, but this is only half the picture. There are many other factors that you cannot physically measure that can hugely affect a device’s value, that’s where an IMEI check can help! Taking into account the age of the phone, warranty period, blacklist history, specifications and presence of activation or SIM lock, you will have an idea of ​​what the gadget is worth in the market.

How is the IMEI number used?

The term “IMEI” stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity,” and is a unique 15-digit number that identifies each cellular device. The IMEI number is generated and assigned to the mobile during the manufacturing process and never changes from that point on. That’s why it’s common to find the IMEI number inscribed around the exterior of the device, such as inside the battery compartment, on the back of the phone or on the SIM card tray. A more standardized way is by dialling *#06# on your phone, which most manufacturers have built-in, but you can also usually find a device identifier from the Settings app/menu.

The IMEI number is the way networks identify your phone, but not your SIM card. Each SIM card stores its own unique number in the chip, called an “IMSI” number, which stands for “International Mobile Subscriber Identity”. This number embeds the country and carrier of the intended network, as well as identifies the specific user of that network. Therefore, the network has access to both your subscriber ID (from IMSI) and device ID (from IMEI).

Some devices incorporate a relatively new technology called “eSIM”, which is short for “embedded SIM”. It’s basically a SIM card that’s already installed on the device. Which you can’t view, change, or remove, but can be programmed remotely to switch carriers. This is considered the next generation of SIM cards and is becoming more and more common. Since it is still a type of SIM card, it requires a separate IMEI. Therefore, if a device has both a SIM card slot and an eSIM, it will have two IMEI numbers, referred to as “IMEI” and “IMEI2”.

IMEI Number

The IMEI number has many uses, but one of the most important is the ability. To block lost or stolen phones from accessing the network. If a mobile phone is stolen, the owner can request its network provider to blacklist the device’s IMEI number. Which immediately bans the phone from accessing the network. Since IMEI is a device identifier, the blacklist cannot be avoided by changing the SIM card, as IMEI does not change. While a phone is blacklisted, it cannot make or receive calls or texts, nor can it access the Internet (except over a WiFi connection).

As part of a global initiative to stop mobile theft, carriers often work with each other to share their databases of reported phones. So if one carrier blacklists your device, you’ll be able to track your phone back to your home country. You can expect to block access from your phone to all other networks as well. A blacklist can only be removed by the carrier that issued it. And they will need authorization from the device owner to remove it.

There are many other uses for the IMEI number. Especially by manufacturers, which can provide a great deal of information about the device. Our website provides most of this for free, such as blacklist status, warranty information, model, device specifications, and Find My iPhone status. All you need to do is enter the IMEI number for IMEI Check. And we’ll handle all the lookups with manufacturers and carriers around the world!

Online IMEI Checker

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FAQs on Online IMEI Checker

Is IMEI linked to the phone or SIM?
No, IMEI is not the same as a SIM card but it is associated with the device. Each device has a SIM and an IMEI. SIM is associated with the network, whereas IMEI is associated with the device.

Can I track mobile using IMEI?
The IMEI number is like identity proof for your phone. However, it can also come in super handy for tracking your lost mobile phone. IMEI tracker is used by network providers to uniquely identify a mobile phone on the network and extend its services.

How can I track my mobile offline using the IMEI number?
Start by calling the police and providing your phone’s IMEI so they can trace your phone. You can locate your missing phone by calling your cellular service provider and providing the IMEI of your device. They can then find your phone for you.

Can we track mobile without internet?
Your phone’s mapping apps can track your phone’s location without an Internet connection. GPS works in two ways: When you have a data connection it uses assisted GPS or A-GPS. It uses the locations of cellphone towers and known Wi-Fi networks to figure out where you are.

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