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Mobile Location Tracker Free: 5 Best FREE Cell Phone Tracker App 2024 (Get GPS Location)

Mobile Location Tracker Free:- Phone tracker applications are powerful and precise GPS tracking solutions that assist you in finding your friends, family, and phones. With the help of these smartphone tracker applications, you may secretly observe someone. These tools maximize battery life and position accuracy by employing GPS and cell tracking. However, in addition to security problems that could lead to identity theft, a faulty cell phone tracker could have legal repercussions. From now on, you have to put in the required time and effort to locate a trustworthy cell phone tracker that guarantees both dependability and safety.

We have spent more than 120 hours reviewing a number of these tools, which include a wide variety of phone trackers. We have carefully chosen a list of the top phone tracker apps with their most useful features, website connections, advantages, and disadvantages after doing a tonne of research. A free trial or money-back guarantee is available for every product.

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Best Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps for Android & iPhone

Mobile Location Tracker Free

1) mSpy

mSpy is a mobile phone tracker that surreptitiously logs a targeted person’s phone usage. This programme allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s online activity.

Along with monitoring messages sent and received on the tracked device, this mobile phone tracker also has this feature. One of the app’s other noteworthy features is the ability to track your kids’ whereabouts in real-time.


  • Call monitoring: With mSpy, you can keep tabs on every call that comes in and goes out from your child’s smartphone. It also enables you to locate the other person’s details over the phone.
  • Real-time location tracking: This app records your child’s past locations and uploads them to your mSpy account. You can also activate the geo-zone limitation, which will notify you immediately when your child exits the zone.
  • Email and message access: Your child’s email, text messages, and MMS are all accessible with this phone tracker. In addition, mSpy allows you to covertly monitor their social media discussions while operating in the background.
  • Ambient recording: You can listen in on their chats by remotely activating the microphone on their phone. Additionally, this feature logs their surroundings so you can see who or where they are meeting.
  • App blocking: mSpy allows you to block apps that you think your children shouldn’t be using. By surreptitiously accessing them from your device, you can also see what kinds of programs they are utilizing.
  • Monitor your browser’s bookmarks: This mobile spy can follow your child’s browser to find the websites they have bookmarked. Additionally, you have the option to block websites that appear unsuitable for your child to visit.


  • It offers multilingual support.
  • This application encrypts and protects your data.
  • Provides activity updates of the targeted phone every 5 minutes.


  • Have limitations to access deleted messages.

2) Spokeo

Spokeo is spyware that uses a reverse phone number lookup method to obtain caller information. With the use of this app, parents may find out who their children are talking to on the phone.

This people search engine retrieves data from open-access websites and other online repositories. Spokeo can also retrieve an individual’s email address, name, or address.


  • Reverse phone lookup: Spokeo looks up the entered phone number and retrieves its information by using information that is available to the public. This process of searching yields the caller’s name, location, address, social media accounts, etc. for the cell phone tracker software.
  • Reverse email lookup: Spokeo can obtain information on a person by using their email address. The process of reverse email lookup looks for information about the person, including name, phone number, address—both current and previous—criminal histories, and other details.
  • Spokeo’s reverse address lookup service facilitates your search for publicly accessible data regarding a property or place. It can include information about who lives there, who owned it before, how big the property is, any legal concerns, etc.
  • Reverse name lookup: Spokeo’s reverse name lookup service allows you to seek up information on a person. It retrieves information that is readily available to the public, such as phone number, current location, criminal history record, etc.
  • Reports: This tool produces a brief report that summarises the findings in a clear and organized manner. The report from Spokeo contains contact information, family and personal details, social media profiles, current and previous locations, and more.


  • Spokeo has access to marital information.
  • records from more than 6 billion customer searches.
  • You can identify a person with the advanced filtering option.


  • Spokeo occasionally provides insufficient information.
Mobile Location Tracker Free

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3) Social Catfish

With the help of the internet tool Social Catfish, you may discover useful information about a phone number, username, email address, picture, etc. Given that this is an entirely anonymous application, you can examine these details in private.

By using Social Catfish’s reverse search capabilities, you can stop fraud from occurring and find the con artists. This user-friendly, free tracker retrieves data about a certain target from reputable sources.


  • Name Search: Social Catfish’s reverse name search tool allows you to look up information about a person. It enables you to locate phone numbers, social media profiles, physical addresses, and other details connected to that identity.
  • Email search: You may look for a person’s location, real name, birthdate, phone number, address, employment information, and more by using their email address. Additionally, Social Catfish can reveal the IP address and server location from where the email was most recently sent.
  • Phone search: By employing a reverse phone search technique, a cell phone tracker can identify an unknown caller. It can disclose the individual’s name, carrier information, and current whereabouts. Additionally, the tool can find their emails, social media accounts, court cases, and VoIP.
  • Username search: With the use of this Social Catfish function, you can look up a person’s details and find out things like their real name, username, email address, and social network sites.
  • Address search: It finds details about an address that is in the public domain. The report will contain information on the deed, the property’s specs, the cost, the names of the tenants, the current and previous owners, and more.
  • Image search: You can confirm the identity of someone you may have met on a dating platform by using a reverse image search mechanism. You can also use this method to look up an old acquaintance or distant relative by using their picture.


  • Copyrighted images used on various websites might be located by it.
  • Duplicate content can be located by Social Catfish to determine its source.
  • Recognize phoney dating site profiles.


  • not able to access private chats or emails.

4) GEOfinder

GEOfinder is an extremely powerful phone number tracker that works with all mobile network types and allows you to pinpoint the exact location of any phone number on a map.

It assists you in using text messages to locate any phone. The active mobile phone monitoring feature of GEOfinder allows you to track your child’s movements.


  • GPS tracking: You may track a person’s GPS coordinates on Google Maps by using their phone number. This function lets you keep tabs on your child’s outdoor activities and gives you real-time information about the places they have been and are going.
  • IP Logger: Sending a message to the intended recipient’s phone will reveal their IP address. The target user’s IP location address will become visible after clicking the message link.
  • Wi-Fi Address Tracker: The Geo Finder Wi-Fi address tracker may reveal the network name and device location that the target device is utilizing, among other Wi-Fi information.
  • VPN Checker: You can use VPN Checker to compare an IP address to several data sets, such as location, risk factors, and past behaviour. Furthermore, by operating in stealth mode, it discloses information about the covert network activity.
  • Cell Phone Carrier Lookup: This function uses the cell phone number and country code to identify the mobile network carrier. Additionally, you may monitor the time zone, phone type, operating system, VPN (if applicable), and Wi-Fi network.


  • suitable with every phone.
  • guarantees total privacy-based tracking.
  • a simple and intuitive user interface.


  • It doesn’t provide services for social media surveillance.

5) Spylix

With 42 different data types supported for tracking, Spylix is the most feature-rich and stealthy cell phone tracking tool available. Because it runs in stealth mode, you can see practically all phone activity without the target device owner noticing.

This spy program can track text messages on phones, keystrokes, geolocation, messages from 19 well-known social media sites, call logs, and additional data. In addition, it has phone control capabilities that make it simple to keep an eye on your loved ones’ phone usage, such as geofencing and website and app banning.


  • Text message spying: All SMS, MMS, and other text messages sent and received by the target user—including those that have been deleted—can be seen anonymously. Along with accessing any files attached to any of these messages, it can also monitor the timestamp of each message.
  • Call history tracking: This application keeps track of all outgoing and incoming calls, as well as missed and canceled calls, made from the device used by your child. Along with other contact information, it displays the caller’s name and email.
  • Keylogger: This tool covertly records all keystrokes made on your child’s device, including passwords, content, applications, messages, URLs, and more. The Android device doesn’t need to be rooted in order to utilize this functionality.
  • Social media tracking: Spylix has the ability to monitor messages from a number of social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It surreptitiously keeps an eye on shared media files and contact lists on social media platforms.
  • Media spying: Spylix surreptitiously records audio, video, and picture content from any media file on your child’s smartphone. Messenger and other conversation windows also allow you to access the downloaded files.
  • SIM card location tracker: This function allows you to see the network information and IMEI number of a SIM card. You can monitor calls and SMS on the SIM card and track a misplaced cellphone with this capability as well.
Mobile Location Tracker Free

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  • successfully monitors Wi-Fi networks.
  • provides keyword notifications for user-inputted keywords.
  • able to follow emails from any source.


  • The basic plan does not include GPS tracking or keylogger functions.


Q. What characteristics do all phone tracking applications have in common?
Some common characteristics of the top monitoring app are as follows:

  • You can track your browsing history and trace phone numbers with its assistance.
  • Provide the target device’s precise GPS location.
  • You can monitor and record phone conversations with it.
  • aids you in limiting your child’s movement.


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