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Mobile Tracker on Map

Mobile Tracker on Map, Top 5 Mobile Tracker with Google Maps

Mobile Tracker on Map:- You may use Google Maps to track phone numbers in addition to using it to get directions and discover new locations. You may make your gadget an effective tracking tool by doing the appropriate actions and giving it careful thought.



When your cell phone disappears, do you have no idea what to do? In addition to being costly, the device has irreplaceable valuable memories and critical data. The ability to track the phone’s position becomes crucial in that scenario. You must use phone tracking apps that make use of Google Maps to do it.

Although users may trace the location of a phone number using Google Maps, you will need an additional app to do the process. Understanding more about the top phone trackers is crucial for that. We’ll cover how to track location using Google Maps, the top five phone trackers, and much more in this article!

Mobile Tracker on Map: Top 5 Phone Trackers with Google Maps

Would you like to know where your daughter goes when she’s not at home? What happens if you inadvertently misplace your phone? Having a phone monitoring app will come in very handy in these situations. Applications for tracking location are widely available in the market.

We have compiled a list of the top phone trackers using Google Maps to help you clear up any misconceptions. Look at this:

  • Find360
  • Life360
  •  iSharing
  •  Find My iPhone
  •  Truecaller
Mobile Tracker on Map

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1. Find360

Find360 is among the greatest phone tracking apps available. It is a well-known locator software on Google Play and the Software Store, and it has a tonne of functions. There are three easy steps to follow when using the app. It makes it simple for you to find out where your family members are. When your family members are away, you can relax and find tranquility.

Main features

  • Tracking your family members’ whereabouts in real-time.
  • The option to personalize alerts.
  • Location history accessible (no limitations).
  • Sending messages about check-in with only a single button click.


  • Using the app is free of cost.
  • Interface that is easy to use.
  • Personalization is simple to accomplish.


  • None

2. Life360

Life360 is yet another top-notch phone tracking app to consider. Because of its many features, users who value their family members’ safety find the program to be quite popular. The application is easy to use and requires little effort to set up. Its compatibility with both iOS and Android systems contributes to its increased popularity.

Main features

  • To view family members’ current whereabouts in real-time, use Private Circle.
  • History of location access.
  • Establishing personalized zones.
  • Customized notifications.
  • Assist with alerting in an emergency.


  • It only takes a few minutes to set up.
  • The family driving report is available.
  • Smooth everyday collaboration.


  • You will have to pay the subscription cost to access premium features.

3. iSharing

Selecting iSharing is a great option if you’re seeking a real-time locating app. With a tonne of capabilities, it’s among the best phone tracking applications. Family members can secretly share their current location with this app. In this manner, you may monitor your family members and lessen your concerns. Both the App Store and Google Play have it accessible.

Main features

  • Alerts are sent in real-time when family members arrive at their destination.
  • Transforming the apparatus into a walkie-talkie.
  • Shake the phone to send notifications of an alert.
  • The history of the location can be accessed.


  • Simple to operate.
  • Suitable with both Android and iOS smartphones.
  • The ability to transmit emergency alerts.


  • None

4. Find My iPhone

Apple provides its users with an inbuilt location monitoring tool called Find My iPhone. These days, it works with every iOS and macOS device. To utilize Find My iPhone, though, both the tracking device and the device you are trying to locate must have Find My iPhone enabled. You don’t need to be concerned about data privacy or personal information leaks here. Setting up Find My iPhone on your phone is simple.

Mobile Tracker on Map

Main features

  • The ability to view every device with the Find My app enabled on a map.
  • To find the Apple gadget, use sound.
  • Users can password-lock the gadget when it is in lost mode.
  • Notifies others that you have misplaced the smartphone by sending a lost mode notification.
  • The capability to remotely wipe the gadget.


  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Mac, and other Apple gadgets.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Able to find gadgets even when they are not online.


  • You must have the Find My app active on both smartphones.

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5. Truecaller

Truecaller is arguably the most well-known phone tracking app on the list. All users need to do to utilize the app is register for an account. To find out where they are now, you have to provide their phone number. In addition to tracking location, the software is well-known for preventing spam and recognizing caller IDs. There are three variants available: gold, premium, and free.

Main features

  • Reporting of spam in real-time.
  • Automatic blocking of spam calls and SMS.
  • Recognizing incoming phone calls.
  • Trustworthy and secure texting software.


  • Caller ID.
  • User-friendly navigation.
  • Spam blocking.


  • While using the app, advertisements appear.

Mobile Tracker on Map: How to Use Google Maps to Track Location

It becomes necessary at times to find out where someone is. For instance, fear and anxiety arise if your child isn’t home by five o’clock. It’s easier to keep safety and peace of mind when you keep track of the location. Google Maps provides reliable help for this.

Here are some different ways to find out where someone is on different devices. Take a look at these:

Method 1: Use Google Maps on Your iPhone to Track Location

With an iPhone, it’s easy to find the whereabouts of another individual. Simply adhere to the instructions listed below.

  • Launch the Google Maps app. Press on the picture on your profile. Choose the Location Sharing option from the drop-down menu.
  • To share the location with a contact, tap the New Share icon and choose that person.
  • You have several options for sharing the location URL. If you select Gmail, the target device’s Google Contacts must have your Gmail account linked to it. Third-party messaging apps, iMessage, and other choices are available.

Open the mail by going to Gmail on the chosen device. To view the location on your iPhone using Google Maps, click the “View on Google Maps” button.

Method 2. Track Location Using Google Maps On Android

You may find Google Maps loaded on most, if not all, Android handsets. Now, you may utilize it to find out where another mobile device is. Examine these actions.

  • Open Google Maps on the target device, or the device you wish to track. Choose the profile icon that is located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Click on the sharing location option.
  • To proceed, tap the GET STARTED button. Next, you must select the duration for which you wish to monitor the location. You can adjust the duration by clicking the “+” and “-” symbols next to the time choice.
  • As an alternative, you can also choose the option – Up until you disable this. You now have to select the method for sending the tracking link. It may be Mail, Messages, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Choose the person you wish to send the link to. It’s possible to get a pop-up notification saying, “This Contact isn’t connected to a Google account.” Click “OK.” Press the “Send” button. Now you may see that person’s whereabouts by clicking on the tracking link.
Mobile Tracker on Map

Method 3. Track Location Using Google Maps On Computer

You may even use your computer to use Google Maps to find out where someone is. Users are unable to share their location due to the lack of GPS, but you can still see where other people are.

To do this, you must have the person you wish to locate’s location connection. You can use Google Maps to view the locations on a PC by clicking on the link. You can even receive instructions to that person’s actual location. Pressing the Directions tab on the panel on the left side of the screen is necessary for this.

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Conclusion: Mobile Tracker on Map

Thanks to technology, it’s simple to use Google Maps to find someone’s position. But you must make use of a trustworthy phone tracking program. We’ve put up a list of the top location-sharing applications that work with Google Maps to aid you in this endeavor.

We’ve also talked about tracking your whereabouts without the apps using Google Maps. The methods for PCs, iOS, and Android have all been discussed. You may now simply find your family members and stop worrying about them!

FAQs On Mobile Tracker on Map

Q.) How can I use Google Maps to track the whereabouts of a mobile number?

Ans. Open Google Maps on the phone that you want to follow. Navigate to the User Profile or main menu, then choose “Location Sharing.” From the targeted device, click on your contact. Give your device access to the targeted phone’s location tracking connection.

Q.) How can I use a map to follow a location?

Ans. Find someone’s location

  • Launch the Google Maps app on your tablet or Android phone.
  • Press your initial or profile image. sharing of locations.
  • Select the desired person’s profile by tapping on it. To revise the individual’s location: Click the icon of a friend. Extra. Restart.

Q.) What is the free method for tracking a cell phone number?

Ans. Google Maps offers a free way to monitor a cell phone number. Additionally, free location-tracking apps are an option. You must, however, confirm that they are appropriate for your device.

Q.) Can I use Google to track my phone?

Ans. Yes, you can use Google to track your phone. You can search for “find my phone” on But to do this, you need to confirm that the phone is connected to Google.

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