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Track Location Using a Mobile Number

Track Location Using a Mobile Number: Track Someone’s Location Easily by Mobile Number

Track location using a mobile number: Concerned parents frequently wonder where their child has been and where they have been at all times. Thankfully, GPS and mobile technology make it possible to track their location to an exacting degree.

In fact, these days, these technologies have developed to such an extent that one can determine the precise location of an individual.

You can track the history of every location the person you are tracking has visited, in addition to finding out where they are right now.
To track someone, you no longer need to get in contact with a mobile network provider. Alternatively, you can use a mobile phone tracking application to locate a phone by its number.

Best Apps to Track Someone’s Location With Phone Number

Here’s a list of some well-liked applications for finding someone’s location by phone:

2. Phonsee
3. Spynger
4. eyeZy
5. Cocospy
6. uMobix
7. Mobilespy
8. Minspy

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Comparing the Best Apps to Track Mobile Phone Location

App NameBest ForPrice
mSpyDetailed GPS Location Tracking1 month: $48.99/month; 3 months: $27.99/month; 12 months: $11.66/month.
PhonseeGeofencingAnnual: $8.85 per month, 3 Months: $24.79 per month; Monthly: $42.51
SpyngerAccurate GPS trackingAnnual: $10.83/month, Quarterly: $26/month, Monthly: $45.49/month
eyeZyGPS Location tracking and Geofencing$9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for 3 months, and $47.99 for 1 month.
CocospyGPS and SIM Location TrackingAndroid: Basic starts at $39.99/month
iOS: Basic starts at $99.99/month.
uMobixGeo-Fencing1 month: $48.99/month; 3 months: $27.99/month; 12 months: $11.66/month.

Detailed reviews of the location tracker apps:

1) mSpy

Track location using a mobile number: No list of the top phone spy apps would be complete without mSpy, our personal favourite. We enjoy how simple it is to install and operate the app. It works flawlessly with gadgets running iOS and Android. The application uses a thorough map to show you the precise location of the phone you are tracking.
Additionally, you can use the app to view their route history over a specified period of time. mSpy’s extensive dashboard provides you with information such as coordinates, address, accuracy, and location time.

Pricing: 1 month: $48.99/month; 3 months: $27.99/month; 12 months: $11.66/month.

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2) Phonsee

Track location using a mobile number: Another app that helps you precisely locate the real location of your target device is Phonsee. The GPS location of a cell phone can be precisely determined with this tool. In addition, the tool facilitates the establishment of virtual boundaries on the map. When a target device enters or exits these boundaries, you get alerts—a feature known as geofencing

Along with the data, you will receive precise coordinates and timestamps. The tool functions with extreme delicacy. Parents who wish to monitor their child’s mobile phone usage at all times can use this tool. Basic phone spying is another use for this tool. This tool lets you do a lot of things, like read emails, keep track of calls, and access contact lists.

3) Spynger

Track location using a mobile number: With the help of the phone Spynger, you can find out someone’s precise location at any time. The tool uses your target device without causing any detection at all. You are accustomed to using an elegant and user-friendly interface to locate someone remotely.

With coordinates and timestamps, you can obtain a person’s nearly precise real-time GPS location. You can use the application for a number of additional advantages, in addition to location tracking. This covers social media spying, call tracking, and SMS.

Track Location Using a Mobile Number

4) eyeZy

If you want to know where someone is all the time, EyeZy is the app for you. With eyeZy installed on a target iOS or Android device, you can use the GPS location tracking features of the app to find out its exact location in real time. When it comes to precisely locating a target device on a map, the app performs admirably.

In addition to providing you with the device’s current location, eyeZy goes one step further and displays all of the locations the device has been. Setting geofence alerts is another feature that makes EyeZy an excellent location tracker, particularly for parents. You can designate a zone on the map using this feature. If the device leaves or enters this area, you will receive an instant notification.

Price: $9.99 for a full year, $27.99 for three months, and $47.99 for one month

5) Cocospy

One of the greatest phone tracking applications available is Cocospy, which tracks locations. You can track the current and previous locations of a target device using the app’s user-friendly location tracking feature. GPS, WiFi, and SIM cards are all capable of tracking the locations.

Additionally, you can see the entry and exit times of the target device from a specific location. With Cocospy, locating a phone based on its network is also a breeze because it provides remote access to the SIM card details of the phone. Notifications about SIM card changes, carrier information, and IMEI viewing are all available to you.

Price:  for Android: $9.99/month for Premium, $39.99/month for Basic, and $69.99 for Family (when purchased annually)
iOS: 10.83/month for Premium, 99.99/month for Basic, and 399.98 for Family (when purchased annually)

6) uMobix

When parents want to use a mobile device to track their child’s location, uMobix is frequently their first choice. The application is able to track a phone’s location in real time without being noticeable on the intended device. It has a sophisticated GPS tracker with an interactive map that enables parents to more easily monitor their child’s whereabouts in real time.

Pricing: $48.99/month for one month, $27.99/month for three months, and $11.66/month for twelve months.

7) MobileSpy

Like all good phone spy apps, Mobilespy tracks your phone’s activities in real time, including call logs, SMSs, and social media posts. It makes our list because it can track a device’s location with great precision. To determine the precise location of a target device, Mobilespy makes use of a variety of technologies.

Its GPS tracker provides exact location information at any given time, with no details omitted. Moreover, its Wi-Fi tracker offers more details about every nearby Wi-Fi network in the cell phone’s area.

Pricing: The plan is $19 for one month, $16 for three, and $13 for six.

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8) Minspy

A discreet way to obtain information about a target device is to install the user-friendly phone spy app Minspy on it. Because of its amazing geo-fencing feature, which lets users set a geographical parameter, Minspy works incredibly well as a location tracker. Any time a target device enters or exits this predetermined geographic zone, you will receive an instant notification.

Additionally, Minspy has the ability to track and remotely monitor SIM cards. This feature allows you to check the network-based location of a phone or tablet.

For Android, the Premium Plan costs $9.99, the Basic Plan is $39.99, and the Family Plan is $69.99.

For iOS, pricing is as follows: $10.83 for the Premium Plan, $99.99 for Family, and $399.99 for Business.

Track location using a mobile number: FAQs

1. Is it free to track the location of a phone number?

Ans: Sure, you can use a free phone spy app to find out exactly where a phone number is. Nevertheless, since the majority of free tools aren’t very reliable, I would advise against using them.

2. What is the best way to locate someone?

Ans: When technology wasn’t as developed as it is now, you had to ask the cell network provider for assistance and permission in order to locate a phone number. Thankfully, things are looking better now.

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