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Mobile Tracker Online with Map

Mobile Tracker Online with Map, Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map for Free

Mobile Tracker Online with Map:- One of the most widely used navigation apps is Google Maps, which gives users precise real-time GPS tracking, traffic updates, and estimated travel times. Maps have become an essential tool for our everyday commute, with over 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store alone.

However, did you know that you can track a mobile device or phone location remotely for free using Google Maps? Google Maps offers a free and simple way to find Android and iOS devices from your PC or smartphone, whether you want to monitor your children’s whereabouts or keep an eye on company phones supplied to staff.

We will go over all you need to know in this in-depth guide to monitor phones using Google Maps in 2024:


An Overview of Using Google Maps to Track Phones

Google Maps locates a device using GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks. The phone’s position will keep updating in real-time as long as it is turned on and location access is enabled.

Someone’s smartphone must first share their location with you for you to track them.

This enables users to always have access to the most recent coordinates stored on their device via Google Maps. Then, on any device with an internet connection, you can view their whereabouts on a map by logging into your Google account.

Important details regarding Google Maps phone tracking include:

  • Free to use (no subscription fees or advertisements)
  • Simple to configure and keep an eye on from a distance
  • For accuracy, the location is updated every few minutes.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Obtainable using any mobile application or web browser

Let’s now have a look at how to use Google Maps for cell phone tracking, step-by-step.

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Is It Possible to Use Google Maps to Find the Location of a Mobile Number?

In certain restricted circumstances, it is feasible to use Google Maps to locate a phone number:

  • If the phone number is associated with a business and appears publicly as the point of contact on Google Maps, looking up this number will provide the address of the store.
  • On purpose, some people update their phone numbers on open profiles connected to their residences on Google Maps. Sharing an approximate region that represents coordinates is possible with the Plus Codes function.
  • Contacting the cell provider that provided the SIM card can assist in obtaining the addresses for registered lines as well as user registration details. formally request this subscriber data from law enforcement.
  • There are searchable listings for phone numbers that correspond to names and last known addresses on several internet white page directories. These might offer hints on where to find a number.
  • Reverse phone search services use crowdsourced information from social media, public records, and other sources to locate addresses; nonetheless, the accuracy of paid and free websites varies significantly.
  • The context may show a related location within the material if the phone number is visible in Google search results, openly posted information or local reviews.

However, the definitive geolocation of mobile numbers is frequently hampered by technological obstacles related to data privacy. For precise tracking, explicit permission processes through formal channels are preferable. Most of the time, random searches yield few or inaccurate location results.

Mobile Tracker Online with Map: The Best Google Map-Based Mobile Number Tracker

You may wish to find out the location of a mobile number for a variety of reasons.

Your child, spouse, family member, or acquaintance may be on your mind when it comes to their protection.

You can’t phone them every time to find out where they are, right? We have no idea what circumstances they are facing. He/she may be driving or preoccupied at work.

You wish to track down their precise position without upsetting them. Do I have this right?

Numerous webpages will up when you search for “Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map” on Google.

All of these websites, however, can only provide you with a few pieces of basic information, like the mobile network operator, the state, etc.; they are unable to supply you with the precise location of the mobile device.

In addition, no website or service can tell you where a mobile number or device is exactly at any given moment.

Your phone is the sole tool available to you for tracking your loved ones’ precise whereabouts right now.

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Mobile Tracker Online with Map

Mobile Tracker Online with Map: The Best Google Map-Based Mobile Number Tracker

Here are a few easy steps to locate the current location of a phone number or mobile device on an online Google map.

For instance, you must adhere to the easy procedures listed below if you need to track your spouse’s LIVE location on Google Maps.

  • Open the Google Maps app on your mobile device.
  • Press the account icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Add another account.”
  • Select Google and log in using your spouse’s email address and password.
  • After adding the account, launch the Google Maps application.
  • Select your spouse’s account by tapping on the icon for your account.
  • Select “your timeline” from the menu.
  • You may now see your spouse’s LIVE location on a Google Map.

Please be aware that to track the location, your spouse’s mobile phone needs to have location services enabled.

By doing the same, you may also track the LIVE locations of your parents, kids, and close family members.

There are a few programs that can assist you in tracking down a mobile number in addition to the one described above.

But since those apps are unreliable and could steal data from your phone, I wouldn’t suggest using them.

Here are some pointers on how to look for any mobile number’s details online.

  • All you want to know about a mobile number is its name, location, and mobile network. Details are available on the Truecaller website or mobile app.
  • You can also use the cellphone number to conduct a Google search. If the mobile number is linked to a business that is listed on Google, you will be able to get the details immediately through the search results.
  • In a similar vein, you may look up the person’s details on Facebook and LinkedIn by providing their phone number.

How to Use Google Maps to Track the Location of a Cell Phone Number for Free

Here are two ways to use Google Maps to locate a cell phone number for free:

Method 1: Send a Request and Allow Location Sharing

The target phone number user must willingly provide location access and provide you with their current location for this method to work.

  • The target user’s phone has to have Google Maps and location services enabled.
  • They have the option to post their real-time coordinates in Google Maps.
  • The recipient receives a notification to view the shared location in Maps, and they can
  • Choose who to share with and for how long.


  • After opening Google Maps, the intended user taps the profile icon.
  • They choose “Share location” under “Location sharing.”
  • They choose how long to share and look up contacts to share with.
  • You get a notification about access to a shared place.
  • Use your phone’s Google Maps app to see their current location.

Method 2: Utilise Google Maps’ Search Function

To see whether there are any location matches, you can also try searching for a phone number straight in the Google Maps search field.

  • Google Maps indexes local data including certain public business listings.
  • If a phone number is publicly linked to a location, it can be searched.
  • Findings may show an address with a corresponding phone number.


  • Launch the Google Maps mobile application.
  • Insert the 10-digit phone number in the search bar.
  • Look for any matches in the name, address, or location searches.
  • If it locates the address associated with that phone number, a pin will appear.
  • However, because of privacy restrictions, direct searching is not as effective. For precise real-time tracking, it is best to enable explicit location sharing.
Mobile Tracker Online with Map

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FAQs On Mobile Tracker Online with Map

Q.) How can I use maps to monitor my mobile device?

Ans. Make sure the phone’s GPS is active before attempting to use Google Maps to track a number. Next, include the phone number in your Google contacts and ask to see their location using Google Maps’ ‘Share Location’ function. You may keep an eye on their whereabouts on your device once they’ve granted your request.

Q.) How can I use Google Maps to track the whereabouts of a mobile number?

Ans. Quick Guide

  • Open Google Maps on the phone that you want to follow.
  • Navigate to the User Profile or main menu, then choose “Location Sharing.”
  • From the targeted device, click on your contact.
  • Give your device access to the targeted phone’s location tracking connection.
  • To track the designated device, click the link and launch it.

Q.) In a Google map, how can I locate a different mobile number?

Ans. You cannot track any other mobile number on Google Maps except your own. The mobile number of another person cannot be located.

Q.) Can I use Google to track my phone?

Ans. Yes, you can use Google to track your phone. You can search for “find my phone” on But to do this, you need to confirm that the phone is connected to Google.

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