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Trace Mobile Number Location Online for Free

Trace Mobile Number Location Online for Free: Best Free Online Tools to Track a Phone Location by Typing in Number

Trace Mobile Number Location Online for Free: You may be searching for a mobile number tracker with a location for a variety of reasons. You might just want to find a lost phone or obtain comprehensive information about the unknown caller, or you might be a parent who needs to know where your kids are for their own safety. For whatever reason, it will be beneficial to use an efficient tracker. For that reason, this article has a tonne of free mobile number trackers to assist you in finding your phone number.

Is it possible to look up a phone number’s location without paying anything? Discover the most effective way to locate a phone number online for free! We will help you by providing reviews of four internet websites in this article. This post will also teach you how to track a cell phone online for free.

Trace Mobile Number Location Online for Free


Part 1: How to Track a Phone Number Location Online for Free Using Websites?

Some of us look for a free phone tracker by number for a variety of reasons, such as unsolicited spam calls, texts, or fraudulent calls. Sometimes, though, we need to know a cell phone number’s precise location.

Too many websites exist that offer free phone number tracking services. However, some are not user-friendly; we have only included a list of the reliable ones here.

  1. Truecaller
  2. Freephonetracer
  3. Yotracker
  4. Online GPS Phone Tracker

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1. Truecaller

According to Truecaller, 300 million users can identify calls and SMS from all over the world. That implies that in the era of the Internet, this website is a giant yellow page. Simply entering the phone number allows you to track the caller’s ID with a free plan. Truecaller allows you to look up any phone number in the world, not just those in the USA.


  • Caller ID lookup
  • Automatically block spam calls and
  • SMS; report spam using the community

Hands-on Experience:

Completely free—no offers, no fees, and no advertisements. You can look up any phone number by simply using your Google account to log in to the website. If it’s not a private phone number, you’ll probably get more details. Additionally, you can download and use the iOS and Android versions on your mobile device.

2. NumberGuru: A Free Phone Number Tracker

This is an excellent website that offers free online cell phone tracking. Simply enter the phone number that you wish to track in order to get its location.


  • According to McAfee Security, the website is secure.
  • Tracking for landline and mobile phone numbers is available on the website.
  • The way the internet operates is simple to comprehend.
  • Real people leave comments on phone numbers.
  • You will have to pay for the website in order to access a full report with more details.

Hands-on Experience:

It is true that all you have to do to look up the phone number is type it in; there are no fees or advertisements. However, the website frequently returns “unknown” when asked where the phone number is. If you have no other resources, try your luck. The comments section may contain some useful information; it’s free of charge!

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3. Yotracker

The website offers a free phone number-based mobile location tracking service. You can easily locate the target phone number’s location by following a few easy steps.


  • The website is easy to use.
  • To use this service, you do not need to download any third-party apps. Simply use the website to track a phone online for free.
  • It can track any smartphone running Windows, Android, iOS, or Blackberry.This website offers free online cell phone tracking at any time.

Hands-on Experience:

There are no advertisements on the website, and there are no indications of any pricing structures. You must enter the phone number and select the country in order to track the location of a phone. Following processing, the website will ask you to complete an offer—typically a questionnaire or download task—and confirm if you are a robot. You can then obtain the necessary information. If it takes you to a phishing website, proceed with caution.

4. Online GPS Phone Tracker

Online GPS Phone Tracker allows you to track phone number locations for free over the internet. You’ll benefit from many conveniences from it.


  • Both landline and mobile phone tracking are possible with this website.
  • The tracking function of it is global.

Hands-on Experience:

Usually, it will request that you complete a survey in exchange for free usage. And if it takes you to a phishing website, proceed with caution.

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Trace Mobile Number Location Online for Free: Conclusion

It is reasonable to argue that we now have widespread access to mobile phone tracking thanks to rapidly advancing technology. Not only can the police use this, but we can also enter a phone number and get the location for free. We would want to track a cell phone online for free for a variety of reasons. Some of us may simply suffer from nomophobia, which is the fear of misplacing our cell phone. This fear is justified because, in this day and age, we keep almost everything on our phones, including passwords, documents, and pictures.

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