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Trace Phone Location

Trace Phone Location: Track Someone’s location By Phone Number

Trace Phone Location:- When we cannot find our phone, we skip a beat. Using a free mobile phone tracker could be helpful if you misplaced your phone. Others feel that finding someone’s phone does violate their privacy. There are instances where this invasion of privacy is acceptable, especially in an emergency where safety comes before privacy. This post will discuss the best apps for tracking someone’s position using their phone number as well as how to locate someone using their phone number.

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How to Track Someone’s Location with a Phone Number

Trace Phone Location

There are legitimate justifications for tracking someone’s movements that go beyond personal privacy restrictions, such as:

  • Keeping an eye on kids’ activities to make sure they go to the right areas and stay away from inappropriate places, like bars.
  • ensuring senior family members’ whereabouts and safety.
  • keeping a friend who is battling addiction from being with dangerous people.

In these situations, phone tracking is a justified intervention because security and well-being requirements trump privacy concerns. To locate a location using a phone number, all you need is a useful free mobile phone tracker.

10 Top Apps to Track Someone’s Location With Phone Number

You can follow someone’s whereabouts using simply their phone number by using the list of the top 10 location tracker applications that we’ve included below. So go through the list and select the app that works best for you.

1. mSpy

For employee and parental control, as well as location tracking utilizing phone numbers, mSpy is a well-known phone tracker and monitoring tool. It enables users to view call logs, messages, and social media activity on a target device in addition to tracking its position. With its array of options for remote surveillance, mSpy assists users in monitoring device activity.


  • Get phone locations instantly.
  • This software has a screen recorder.
  • Simple remote monitoring of online activity.


Regardless of the user’s operating system, provides a worldwide phone tracking service that lets you locate anyone by utilizing their phone number. It gives you the ability to locate someone anywhere in the world by utilizing their phone number. Note that you need to install the app on the device you want to pinpoint the target for accurate tracking.


  • Do a 14-day free cellphone trace.
  • Utilize it to locate an infinite number of phones.
  • Breaking the law is not necessary
  • Compatible with all types of phones
  • It is possible to create personalized messages.

3. SpyX

Despite being a relatively young brand that only started to gain popularity in 2023, SpyX’s monitoring solutions are already highly developed, with several of their features surpassing those of other more established brands. They let users examine many data kinds, including text messages, phone records, social media chats, and images, remotely in addition to supporting geolocation tracking of iOS and Android devices. The parents love this tool because of its user-friendly interface. It also works with both iOS and Android devices, and setting up your monitoring only takes two minutes!


  • Find out where watches, headphones, cell phones, and other gadgets are at all times.
  • Keep track of conversations and past web pages on social media platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc.
  • Permit remote access to text messages, call records, contacts, browser history, and other frequently used mobile phone features. Monitor sent, received, and deleted communications from a distance.
  • Examine the location data from the past.
  • Obtain alerts for geofencing.
  • able to keep an eye on phone activity when online.
  • Get regular location updates from the phones you have targeted.
  • protects your family and private information
  • Allows you to monitor without being noticed

4. EyeZy

The best app for tracking location in real time is EyeZy. It uses GPS technology, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, to locate the target device precisely on a map. This application is incredibly easy to install, and once installed, it will walk you through every step of the process. It is the most widely used program because of its excellent security and round-the-clock customer assistance.

5. Hoverwatch

Designed for employee surveillance and parental supervision, Hoverwatch is a feature-rich phone tracking and monitoring application. It logs messages, phone conversations, social media interactions, and more. It assists in locating the target device using GPS tracking. Hoverwatch offers several insights along with a covert method of monitoring gadget usage.


  • permits regulating internet behaviour on specific phones
  • Easily track a phone’s location; examine a target phone’s call history and message history

6. uMobix

For employee monitoring and parental management, uMobix is a free mobile tracing software platform. Users can monitor calls, messages, social network posts, and the target device’s location with it. Concerning privacy and ethical considerations, uMobix ensures safety and security through insights into device usage.

Trace Phone Location

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  • includes a real-time control panel for tracking phone usage.
  • It is possible to track phone calls.
  • View the picture gallery and your browsing history.

7. Phonsee

With Phonsee, you may use a phone number to identify a flexible place. It is quite good at using GPS to pinpoint the exact location of a target device. It notifies you when a device enters or leaves the area via geofencing. With capabilities like email reading, call tracking, and contact list access, it’s perfect for simple phone spying or parental monitoring. It discreetly provides precise data and timestamps.


  • Set up virtual walls and get alerts from the phone of interest.
  • Mark the GPS position of the phone accurately.
  • Look over a thorough itinerary and particular places visited.

8. Spynger

Spynger is a phone tracking and monitoring app that comes with a tonne of features for device security and parental management. Users can monitor calls, messages, and social media activities on the device in question. It also offers geofencing warnings and real-time GPS tracking, as well as location tracking by phone number. Springer provides a complete solution for monitoring device usage and location.


  • GPS alert in real-time while tracking a phone
  • alerts from geofencing when boundaries are established
  • Monitoring of location, calls, and messages

9. Spokeo

Spokeo is an online people search engine that lets users enter a person’s name, email address, phone number, or address to find out more about them. It compiles information from multiple sources, such as social media and public records, and provides insights such as social media profiles and contact information. This application makes your search easier by allowing you to detect a location by phone number or locate a location using a phone number.


  • Track the device using a phone number
  • Keep an eye on social media activities
  • Examine and keep an eye on messages.

10. Cocospy

Reputable phone tracking and monitoring service Cocospy is excellent in employee and parental monitoring. It offers comprehensive information about calls, messages, social media posts, and GPS locations made on a target device. Cocospy is renowned for its stealthy operation and user-friendly interface, which guarantee thorough monitoring while upholding private limits.


  • Use GPS to find the position of your phone.
  • Provides a basic user interface for covert actions
  • a thorough observation of online behaviour
  • Examine calls, messages, social media, etc.
Trace Phone Location

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Wrapping up

Now that we have an in-depth listing of both paid and loose cellular smartphone trackers that can help you find a location for the use of a phone variety anywhere in the world, let’s study the way to pick the pleasant one for your wishes. is a list of factors you should remember before deciding on.


Q. How can I track a phone number for free?
Select a phone tracking app and take advantage of the free trial time. To find the location of a phone number, create an account.

Q. Is it possible to covertly locate a phone number?
Indeed. The majority of applications allow you to look for a phone number’s location in secret. Without causing any alarm, you will be able to determine that number’s position with clarity.


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